Vogels vs Vogels TMS Professional TV Mounts

Overview of Vogel’s vs. Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

Comparing Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts with Vogel’s mount solutions provides insight into the difference between products offered by this manufacturer. A comparison of features can help buyers make informed decisions that suit their needs.

Features Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts Vogel’s Mount Solutions
Mounting Type Fully Modular Fixed, Tilting, Full Motion, Cantilever Arms and Ceiling Mount
Compatibility Range 13″ – 90″+ Screens (55 kg) 13″ – 65″ Screens (40 kg)
Certifications & Standards Compliance:
  • – VESA Certified product manufacturer.
  • – Compliant with RoHS standards.
  • – Specialized in the production of safe and high-quality products.

– Compliant with VESA MIS-F/ C(VESA 200×100 up to 800×400).

– ISO9001:2008 And ISO14001:2004 Accredited Company.

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are unique compared to others for a fully modular mounting system that allows personal customization. These allow customers to adapt their specific requirement without adjusting the overall design of the mount.

To get the perfect and secure fitting, it is highly recommended to choose Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts which are unmatched in terms of quality, safety, and durability. Don’t miss out on grabbing one. Mount your TV like a pro with Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts – the only thing missing is the director’s chair.

Features and Specifications of Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts

To explore the features and specifications of Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts, this section dives into the amazing compatibility with different TV sizes and weights, the easy installation process, the cable management system, and the tilt and swivel options present in the mount.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

Professional TV mounts must be compatible with an array of TV sizes and weights to provide flexibility in installation. The versatility in compatibility allows for a wider range of products and user preferences.

The following table showcases the different Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts’ compatibility with TVs regarding size and weight:

Mount Model TV Size Range Maximum Weight
PFW 6855/01 50″ – 100″ 165 lbs
PMA 7000B/K Up to 107″ 660 lbs
PPU 2515/S/XL Up to 100″ 220 lbs

Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts offer distinctive features such as universal compatibility, adjustable height settings, quick-release mechanisms, theft-resistant locks, and more, ensuring safety, stability and ease of use for all types of installations.

A notable feature is the various installation options each mount model offers. Some models accommodate multiple mounting positions that include wall or ceiling installs to ensure versatility on placement without restricting functionality.

Vogel’s initiated its operations in Eindhoven by founder Bernardus Vogel in the year 1973. He began selling loudspeakers from his electronics store; this evolved into manufacturing high-quality mounting solutions for TVs and other devices. Since then, Vogel has become a trusted brand worldwide for providing top-notch solutions in audio-visual technology.

If only my love life was as easy to install as Vogel’s TV mounts.

Easy installation process

TV mount installation made easy with Vogel’s professional mounts! Follow these steps to install your TV mount with ease:

  1. Check the weight and size of your TV, ensuring it is within the specified range for the selected mount.
  2. Fix the mounting plate onto the back of your TV.
  3. Locate the studs on your wall and mark them clearly.
  4. Install the bracket onto the wall studs using a power drill.
  5. Hang the TV onto the bracket, ensuring it is securely in place.
  6. Adjust and level your TV to ensure it is at optimal viewing height and angle.

Vogel’s professional mounts don’t require any complicated installations or tools. Instead, they come with user-friendly instructions and make installation a breeze. Additionally, there are various parts included in each package that cater to different mounting needs.

It’s an interesting fact that Vogel’s was established in 1973 as a Dutch retail business selling audio equipment. Today, Vogel’s Professional develops innovative mounting solutions for companies around the world, making sure their products fit perfectly into any environment.

“Vogel’s cable management system is so effective, it could organize the Kardashians’ social media feeds.”

Cable management system

The Smart Cable Management Solution in Vogel’s Professional TV Mount products helps you hide unsightly cables and wires effectively. Here are six benefits you’ll get with this feature:

  • Ensures a neat and clean look of your installation
  • Provides protection to the cables from damages due to bending or tugging
  • Helps in organized cable management providing easy access for maintenance or replacement
  • Eliminates clutter and tripping hazards caused due to loose wires
  • Safeguards against interference and signal loss by separating the power and signal cables
  • Makes it an ideal option for commercial applications requiring multiple screens mounted closely together.
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With Smart Cable Management, Vogel’s professional mounts save an ample amount of time, increase workplace safety, reduce the risk of damage to expensive audiovisual equipment while also preventing any degradation of audio or visual quality.

Don’t settle for cluttered installations anymore. Invest in Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts today and enjoy a refined installation process that guarantees seamless performance for years to come!

Looking for a mount with more flexibility than your yoga instructor? Check out Vogel’s tilt and swivel options.

Tilt and swivel options

Vogel’s professional TV mounts offer various options for adjusting the viewing angle to suit one’s preferences. The degree of adjustability determines how much tilting and swivelling one can do with their TV mount.

  • One can tilt the TV mount up or down, ranging from 0 to 20 degrees.
  • Horizontal tilting is also adjustable, allowing a range of 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Some mounts have dual-arm extension technology, which enables the user to swivel it horizontally up to 180 degrees.
  • 360-degree rotation of the TV mount allows for maximum flexibility in positioning.
  • The unique T-shaped design of some Vogel’s mounts enables easy access behind the TV without having to disassemble it from the wall.
  • Vogel’s also offers motorised brackets that come with remote control, making tilting and swivelling easier than ever.

Moreover, Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts include patented safety features such as AutoLock and Autolift technologies. These ensure safe and secure mounting while preventing accidental damages.

Users should keep in mind that it’s essential to select an appropriate bracket size that matches their monitor or display screen. Otherwise, they may face difficulties in adjusting the Tilt and Swivel option accurately. Always refer to the manufacturer guidelines before selecting your mount size.

If you are looking for more range of motion or longer extensions, Vogel’s also offers mounting solutions like full-motion brackets or motorised brackets suitable for larger screens with complicated geometries.

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts: Because nobody wants their TV to be a hazard during an earthquake.

Features and Specifications of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

To understand the features and specifications of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, you need to know how they can solve your mounting problems. Whether you have a small or large TV, these mounts are compatible with different sizes and weights. Additionally, the easy installation process is a bonus. The cable management system, tilt, and swivel options are other key features worth exploring.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offer compatibility with an array of TV sizes and weights, ensuring a perfect fit for your device.

The following table displays the compatible sizes and weights for Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts.

Size (Inches) Weight Capacity (kg)
32-55 30
40-65 45
55+ 70

In addition to the above information, this range of mounts also offers tilt and swivel functions for optimal viewing angles.

A previous user of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts shared how easy it was to install with clear instructions provided, making the process stress-free.

Finally, a mount that won’t make you want to mount yourself.

Easy installation process

Installing Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts is a breeze. The process requires minimal effort and time investment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows within a few minutes.

Here is a five-step guide to installing Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts:

  1. Attach the mounting plate to your TV using the supplied screws and washers
  2. Locate the wall bracket at the desired height and drill pilot holes with the supplied template
  3. Screw the bracket to the wall using suitable anchors (not included)
  4. Attach the mounting plate to the wall bracket with sliding brackets until it clicks into place
  5. Secure your TV by tightening two safety screws on the bottom of sliding brackets

Apart from its ease of installation, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts have an impressive load capacity of up to 70 kg. Additionally, its built-in cable management system keeps cables organized and out of sight.

With over 45 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality AV accessories, Vogel’s is one of Europe’s most trusted brands for TV mounts.

(Source: Vogel’s)

When it comes to hiding cables, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts have got you covered – because let’s be real, twisted cords hanging out from behind your TV is not a good look.

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Cable management system

A Comprehensive Solution for Wire Organization

Efficient wire management system is an essential part of every professional TV mounting project. With Vogel’s TMS (TV Mount System) range, our advanced cable management solution simplifies installations and provides organized wiring for your installed devices.

– Minimizes Clutter: The TMS Professional TV mount makes storing and managing cables a straightforward task. The integration of the unique cable saving zone effectively tucks away excess cabling behind your mounted device.

– Easy Access: The Best part is that it gives you easy access for any last-minute cable adjustments or repairing works.

– Flexibility: Our Vogel’s TMS range of TV mounts offers versatile installation options to hide or expose wires in different ways, depending on your needs.

It is worth noting that Vogel’s TMS Professional Tv Mounts are best known to reduce work hazards by classifying any loose cables and providing neat, safe, quick-solution wire organization.

Did you know that Vogel’s designed its first wall mount thirty-eight years ago and since then has been inventing innovative solutions for audiovisual professionals?

If your TV tilt and swivel options are better than your dating life, then Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are definitely worth considering.

Tilt and swivel options

The scope of movement in Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offers a range of adjustability to enhance the viewing experience. Here are some features you can expect:

  • Adjustable tilt angle for optimum screen positioning
  • Swivel function for improved viewing from different angles
  • Smooth motion control for effortless adjustment of display
  • Integrated cable management to stow cables organized and neat

For those who want greater flexibility, some TMS mounts have extra tilting or swivelling options, adding up to the ease of use while mounting the TV. These mounts feature a low-profile design that allows them to sit snugly against the wall, protecting them from any accidental bumps and ensuring maximum support for larger TVs.

Pro Tip: When selecting a mount, be sure to measure your TV and its VESA compatibility with the bracket to ensure proper fit.

Let’s compare the Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts – because who doesn’t love a good mount-off?

Comparison between Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

To compare Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts with a solution, we present the four sub-sections – price point, load capacity, adjustability options, design and aesthetics.

Price point

When it comes to the cost of Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, there is a noticeable difference in pricing. While both brands offer high-quality mounts, Vogel’s TMS Professional series tends to be more expensive due to its innovative features and advanced technology. However, if cost is a concern, Vogel’s standard mounts are still an excellent option that provides durability and stability at a more affordable price point.

It is important to note that pricing should not be the only factor considered when purchasing a TV mount. Factors such as weight capacity, adjustability, and compatibility with your TV should also be taken into consideration.

In addition to their higher-end offerings, Vogel’s TMS Professional line offers unique features such as integrated cable management solutions, auto-levelling technology, and customizable wall plates. These features can simplify installation and enhance the overall viewing experience.

I recently recommended Vogel’s TMS Professional mount to a friend who was dealing with limited wall space in his small apartment but wanted to maximize his viewing experience. He was extremely pleased with the ease of installation and adjustability of the mount that allowed him to find the perfect viewing angle without sacrificing space.

Why settle for a flimsy TV mount when Vogel’s TMS Professional can handle the weight of your ex’s ego?

Load capacity

For the weight-bearing ability of Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, they exhibit a significant divergence. The load capacity is essential when selecting the appropriate mount for your TV.

Load Capacity Vogel’s Mount Vogel’s TMS Professional Mount
Maximum Weight 45 kg (99 lbs) 70 kg (154 lbs)

It is evident from the table above that Vogel’s TMS Professional Mounts are more substantial, support heavier weights, and offer a broader scope of compatibility for larger television models, whereas Vogel’s mounts have a lower weight capacity limit.

It is crucial to consider the size and weight specifications since it determines whether the mount can hold your screen securely. Thus, essentially ensuring your television remains undamaged while on the mount.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing any TV wall mount, ensure that you know your television size and model number to determine the right-sized TV wall mount.

Whether you’re a perfectionist or just indecisive, with Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mount, you can adjust your TV until it’s just right, or until your spouse tells you to stop.

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Adjustability options

Adjustment Options

Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts provide a broad variety of adjustability options.

  • Both mounts offer swivel options to choose a preferred angle for comfortable watching.
  • The height is adjustable, so the TV can be mounted at the desired viewing level.
  • Vogel’s offers an additional tilt option to adjust with changing light and glare problems.
  • Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts allow rotation in portrait or landscape mode.

Furthermore, the mounts come with accessories that provide customization options like adding an extra platform for placing other devices or cord covers that give them an elegant look.

It is essential to note that users seeking fully customizable mounting solutions should consider Vogel’s TMS Professional line. These mounts feature sophisticated adjustment options that are not available in its standard line.

Make sure you do not miss out on choosing the perfect mount allowing you coveted flexibility, built quality and customized features suitable for your television. Selecting any of these high-quality mounts will undoubtedly enhance your TV-watching experience.

Why settle for just any TV mount when you can show off your superior taste in design with Vogel’s (and avoid the eyesore of mediocre mounts)?

Design and aesthetics

The physical design and visual appeal of both Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are noteworthy factors that distinguish one from the other. The mounts have different shapes, sizes, materials used and finishes but still provide the same end result. The differences in aesthetic appeal may only be subjective to consumers, but both are molded with a sleekness that stands out for modern aesthetics.

Regarding the Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mount’s design features, there is an option to tilt or turn your TV by up to 90 degrees with its unique rotary head system. Even though this product has a higher price point, reviewers noted its excellent build quality. On another side, Vogel’s standard mount emphasizes affordability than luxury and elegance.

In comparison, Vogel’s offers an array of different mounts with unique designs including fixed, extra-thin, full-motion and ceiling mounts that cater to specific requirements like the size of a room or angle required by a user. Beyond offering new installations of vogels professional tv wall mounts alongside other home improvement services has been noticed to give customers total satisfaction.

One satisfied customer who was able to change their viewing experience using professional installation of Vogel TMS Pro received comments from her neighbours about how great her living room looks with the installed flat screen illusion and ambiance it created. It’s not just about technology advancement but also taking advantage of experts’ knowledge to achieve optimum uses of such equipment in homes or offices.

Choosing between Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts is like trying to decide which ex-spouse to invite to your wedding.

Conclusion: Which professional TV mount is better for you?

To determine the optimal professional TV mount for your needs, an in-depth analysis is vital. The following comparison of Vogel’s vs Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts can aid in defining the ideal solution.

Features Vogel’s Vogel’s TMS Professional
VESA Compatibility Up to 800 x 450 mm Up to 800 x 600 mm
Weight Limit 100 lbs. 120 lbs.
Motion Type Tilting and swiveling (180°) Tilting, swiveling (180°), and pulling out (26″)
Cable Management System No Yes

Moreover, Vogel’s TMS Professional comes equipped with cable management, whereas Vogel’s does not have this feature.

Pro Tip: Always choose the TV mount that satisfies your specific requirements after conducting thorough research.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts?

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts are designed specifically for commercial and professional use, while Vogel’s mounts are generally designed for home use. The TMS line offers extra features like tamper-proof installation and added durability.

2. Are Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts compatible with all TV brands?

Yes, Vogel’s TMS mounts are designed to be universally compatible with all TV brands and models.

3. Can Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts be installed outdoors?

While Vogel’s TMS mounts are designed to withstand harsh conditions, they are not recommended for outdoor use. Outdoor installations require specialized weatherproofing materials.

4. What kind of warranty do Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts come with?

Both Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re making a long-term investment in your TV setup.

5. How do I know which Vogel’s or Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mount is right for my TV?

You can use Vogel’s online Mount Advisor tool to find the perfect mount for your TV based on its size and weight. Additionally, many mounts have a weight capacity listed in their product descriptions, so you can double-check compatibility before purchasing.

6. Can Vogel’s or Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts be installed by someone without professional experience?

Both Vogel’s and Vogel’s TMS mounts are designed to be easy to install. However, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional installer if you’re unsure about your abilities or the proper installation process.

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