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Unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount can be a daunting task for someone who has never done it before. It requires a level of skill and proper use of tools to get the job done successfully. In this article, we will be discussing how to unmount your TV from a Best Buy Mount in an easy and safe way.

Introduction to Unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount

Before diving into the process of unmounting, it is essential to understand why you might need to unmount your TV from a Best Buy Mount. Some of the reasons may include moving into a new place, changing room setup, or upgrading your TV to a newer model. Regardless of the reason, unmounting is an inevitable task that must be done properly.

One important thing to keep in mind when unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount is to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment. This may include a screwdriver, a level, and a stud finder. It is also important to have someone to assist you, especially if the TV is large and heavy.

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Another crucial factor to consider is the safety of both yourself and the TV. Make sure to turn off and unplug the TV before starting the unmounting process. Additionally, be careful when handling the TV and the mount to avoid any accidents or damage to the equipment.

Tools Needed for Unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount

For a successful unmounting process, certain tools are needed. You will need a drill, screwdriver, stud finder, and an adjustable wrench. These tools are necessary to loosen and remove the screws holding the TV in place on the Best Buy Mount.

It is important to note that before beginning the unmounting process, you should ensure that the TV is turned off and unplugged. Additionally, it is recommended to have a second person assist you in holding the TV steady while you remove it from the mount. This will prevent any accidents or damage to the TV or mount.

Safety Precautions to Take When Unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount

Before starting the unmounting process, safety should be a top priority. Ensure that the TV is turned off and unplugged from the wall, and if possible, get someone to assist in holding the TV while you work on removing it from the mount. Also, make sure that your tools are all in clean and good condition before use.

It is also important to check the weight capacity of the mount before attempting to unmount the TV. If the TV is too heavy for the mount, it could cause the mount to break and the TV to fall, resulting in serious injury or damage. Additionally, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the appropriate tools for the job. Taking these precautions can help ensure a safe and successful unmounting process.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unmount Your TV from a Best Buy Mount

Step 1: Removing the TV Cables and Accessories Before Unmounting

The first step in the unmounting process is to remove all cables and accessories connected to the TV. Make sure to label the cables to avoid confusion when reconnecting them later. This helps to avoid any damage to the TV and mount.

Step 2: Detaching the TV from the Best Buy Mount Bracket

The next step is to detach the TV from the Best Buy Mount bracket. Locate the screws that hold the TV to the mount and use a screwdriver to loosen and remove them. Be cautious when detaching the TV and avoid using too much force, as it could damage the mount bracket.

Step 3: Tips for Handling Heavy TVs Safely During Unmounting Process

If your TV is heavy, it is advisable to use a second person to hold it while you detach it from the mount bracket. This helps to avoid injuries and damage to the TV. Additionally, you may want to invest in a wall mounted TV bracket to keep the TV safe and secure.

Step 4: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Unmounting Your TV from a Best Buy Mount

Some common mistakes to avoid when unmounting your TV include missing screws, not turning off the power, or not checking the weight of the TV before trying to handle it. Failure to avoid these mistakes could lead to injuries and damage to the TV and mount.

Step 5: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Best Buy Mount After Unmounting Your TV

Once you have successfully removed the TV, it is time to clean and maintain your Best Buy Mount. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the mount and check for any damage or wear and tear. If you notice any damage or issues, it may be time to invest in a new mount.

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Step 6: Troubleshooting Common Issues During the Unmounting Process

If you experience any issues during the process, consult the Best Buy customer service team or reach out to a professional TV mount installer to help troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Step 7: Reinstalling Your TV on a New Mount

If you plan on reinstalling your TV on a new mount, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This includes selecting the appropriate mount for your TV’s size and weight, and ensuring that it is securely attached to the wall. It is also important to properly attach the TV to the mount, using the correct screws and brackets.

Step 8: Upgrading Your TV Mount

If you are considering upgrading your TV mount, there are several options available. You may want to consider a full-motion mount, which allows you to adjust the angle and position of your TV for optimal viewing. Alternatively, a fixed mount may be a better option if you prefer a more streamlined look. Make sure to research and compare different mounts before making a purchase.


In conclusion, unmounting a TV from a Best Buy Mount may seem like a challenging process, but with the right tools and safety precautions in place, it can be done successfully. Follow the steps outlined in this article to avoid any injuries or damage to your TV and mount.

It is important to note that if you are unsure about any step in the unmounting process, it is best to seek professional help. Many TV mounting services offer unmounting services as well, and they have the expertise and tools necessary to safely remove your TV from the mount.

Additionally, once your TV is successfully unmounted, it is a good idea to clean the mount and the back of your TV before remounting or storing it. This will help prevent any dust or debris from accumulating and potentially causing damage to your TV or mount in the future.

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