A wall-mounted tv with a hideout 175lhs mount attached

If you are looking for a great way to enhance the entertainment options in your RV, a TV mount installation can be an excellent choice. And one of the best trailers to adorn with this upgrade is the Hideout 175lhs. The Hideout 175lhs is a lightweight RV that is known for its numerous features and facilities. By adding a TV mount, owners can transform their RV into a comfortable home away from home while travelling. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of the Hideout 175lhs and discuss everything you need to know about installing a TV mount in your RV.

Why Choose the Hideout 175lhs for Your RV

The Hideout 175lhs is the perfect travel trailer for people who love to travel in style and comfort. It is lightweight, making it easy to tow, and it has many standard features that make it stand out from other RVs. These features include a full bathroom, a queen-sized bed, a bunk bed, and a kitchenette. Additionally, the Hideout 175lhs is equipped with a 12-Volt TV prepped cable, which means you can easily add entertainment options to your RV by installing a TV mount.

Another great feature of the Hideout 175lhs is its ample storage space. With multiple cabinets and storage compartments throughout the trailer, you can easily bring along all of your necessary belongings without feeling cramped or cluttered. This makes it perfect for longer trips or for those who like to bring along extra gear for outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the Hideout 175lhs is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It features LED lighting throughout the trailer, which not only saves energy but also provides a brighter and more modern look. The trailer also has a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning unit, ensuring that you can stay comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Understanding the Features of the Hideout 175lhs

The Hideout 175lhs is an RV that is designed to provide you with comfort and convenience while travelling. It comes equipped with many features that will make your experience even better. Some of the features include an awning, an exterior shower, and a USB charging station. It also has a large storage area, which is perfect for storing all your essential items while on the go.

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In addition to these features, the Hideout 175lhs also has a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. This means that you can prepare your own meals while on the road, saving you money and allowing you to eat healthier. The RV also has a comfortable sleeping area with a queen-sized bed and plenty of storage space for your clothes and personal belongings. With all these features, the Hideout 175lhs is the perfect RV for anyone who wants to travel in comfort and style.

The Importance of a Proper TV Mount Installation in Your RV

When you are ready to install a TV mount in your RV, it’s important to take the time to ensure it is done correctly. A proper TV mount installation will ensure that your TV is secure during transport, reducing the risk of damage to the TV or other items in your RV. Additionally, a properly installed TV mount will ensure that you and your fellow travellers can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience without worrying about the TV falling or moving around while on the road.

Another important factor to consider when installing a TV mount in your RV is the weight and size of your TV. It’s crucial to choose a mount that can support the weight and size of your TV to prevent any accidents or damage. You should also consider the placement of the TV mount, ensuring that it is installed in a location that provides a comfortable viewing angle for everyone in the RV. Taking the time to properly install your TV mount will not only ensure your safety but also enhance your overall RV experience.

Tools You Need to Install a TV Mount in Your RV

Before you start installing your TV mount, it’s important to get all the necessary tools. You will need a drill, a stud finder, a level, screws, and a mounting bracket. You can find mounting brackets that are specifically designed for RVs, which will be more suitable for your installation. Additionally, you may also need wire cutters, pliers, and other tools depending on the complexity of your installation.

It’s also important to consider the weight and size of your TV when choosing a mounting bracket. Make sure the bracket you choose can support the weight of your TV and fits the size of your TV. You don’t want to risk damaging your TV or the RV walls by using an unsuitable bracket. It’s also a good idea to have a second person to assist you during the installation process, especially if you’re mounting a larger TV.

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How to Measure and Find the Best Location for Your TV Mount in the Hideout 175lhs

To get the best results when installing your TV mount, you need to take accurate measurements and find the best location. Start by finding a wall with as many studs as possible to make it more stable. You can use your stud finder to locate the studs in your wall. Once you have found the studs, use a level to ensure that the TV mount is affixed vertically. This will prevent the TV from tilting while in use.

It is also important to consider the viewing angle when choosing the location for your TV mount. The ideal height for your TV should be at eye level when you are seated. This will prevent neck strain and provide a comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, make sure that the TV is not placed in direct sunlight or in a location where there is a lot of glare. This can affect the picture quality and make it difficult to see the screen.

Tips for Running Cables and Hiding Wires when Installing a TV Mount in Your RV

One of the challenges of installing a TV mount in an RV is running cables and hiding wires. You can hide the wires behind the TV mount by taping or stapling them to the wall. Alternatively, you can run the wires through the walls to a storage compartment, which is an excellent option to ensure a clean installation. Ensure that the wiring is done correctly to prevent any risk of electric hazards in the RV.

Another tip for running cables and hiding wires when installing a TV mount in your RV is to use cable management solutions. These solutions include cable ties, cable clips, and cable covers that can help organize and conceal the wires. You can also use a cable raceway, which is a plastic or metal channel that can be mounted on the wall to hide the wires. Using cable management solutions not only makes your installation look neater but also helps protect the wires from damage and wear and tear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a TV Mount in the Hideout 175lhs

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you install a TV mount in your Hideout 175lhs:

  1. Locate the studs in the wall where you want to mount the TV.
  2. Mark the location of the studs using a pencil or marker.
  3. Position the mounting bracket on the wall in the desired location and mark the drill holes.
  4. Pre-drill the holes with a drill, using the appropriate drill bit for your screws.
  5. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall using screws and ensure that it is level.
  6. Attach the arm of the TV mount to the bracket using screws and make sure it’s tight.
  7. Attach the TV to the arm of the mount by following the instructions that come with your TV mount.
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It’s important to note that the weight of your TV should be taken into consideration when choosing a TV mount. Make sure to select a mount that can support the weight of your TV to avoid any accidents or damage to your TV or wall.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a second person assist you with the installation process, especially when it comes to attaching the TV to the mount. This will ensure that the TV is properly secured and reduce the risk of any accidents or damage.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with TV Mount Installation in an RV

There are a few common issues that can arise during TV mount installation in an RV. One common issue is that the wall may not be strong enough to hold the TV mount. In such cases, you will need to reinforce the wall by adding a plywood backing. Another issue is that the TV mount may not be level, leading to a tilted screen. Ensure that the TV mount is level, and the screws are tight to prevent this problem.

Another issue that can arise during TV mount installation in an RV is the incorrect placement of the mount. It is important to choose the right location for the TV mount, taking into consideration the weight of the TV and the strength of the wall. Placing the mount in the wrong location can lead to the TV falling off the wall, causing damage to both the TV and the RV.

Additionally, it is important to consider the wiring and cable management during TV mount installation. Poor cable management can lead to a cluttered and unsightly appearance, as well as potential damage to the cables. It is recommended to use cable ties and cable clips to organize and secure the cables, and to ensure that they are not pinched or twisted during installation.

Upgrading Your RV Entertainment System with a TV Mount and Soundbar Integration

Once you have installed your TV mount, you can improve your RV’s entertainment system further by adding a soundbar. A soundbar is a device that connects to your TV’s audio output, providing you with excellent sound quality. This addition makes for a fantastic viewing experience, which will make your RV feel more like home while on the road.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your TV Mount and Entertainment System for Longevity

To ensure that your TV mount and entertainment system lasts for a long time, it’s essential to maintain and clean it regularly. Ensure that you dust the TV, soundbar, and other components regularly. Additionally, ensure that you handle the TV and other components with care when storing them away during transport.

Enhancing Comfort and Convenience with the Hideout 175lhs and a Properly Installed TV Mount

With a TV mount installation, you can give your Hideout 175lhs an excellent upgrade while making your RV feel like home. By installing the TV mount correctly and using quality components like soundbars, you and your fellow travellers can enjoy comfortable and convenient entertainment while on the road. As mentioned, it is essential to take the time to install your TV mount correctly and maintain it to ensure longevity. With that in mind, enjoy your TV mount upgrade and the entertainment it provides while travelling in your RV.

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