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VideoSecu vs HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts

VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts

To get the best performance from your TV set-up, you need to choose the right mount. For your VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mount, we’ll cover some essential sub-sections: ‘Features’ and ‘Installation process’ that you must know. These subsections will help you decide on the best-suited mount for your use and help you install it with ease.


The VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts offer various product features to enhance your viewing experience. By using this mount, you can maximize your television’s potential without occupying too much space in your living room.

  • Flexible and easily adjustable to fit different TV sizes
  • Offer tilting mechanism for better viewing angles
  • Sturdy and durable construction materials ensure safety and security
  • Incorporates cable management system for neat installation
  • Easy installation process with step-by-step instructions included

Additionally, the mount’s design is suitable for different types of walls, including concrete and wood. Its compatibility makes it a versatile accessory that is compatible with most types of televisions available in the market.

For added peace of mind, VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts come with a manufacturer’s warranty covering any defects or malfunctions that may occur during initial use. Invest in this product not only to enhance your entertainment experience but also as an investment for extended usage by protecting your television from damage or accidents.

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The VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts are compatible with a wide range of television models and sizes.

For the “Compatibility” aspect, we have created a tabular representation of the compatibility details below:

Model Size Weight
Samsung 32-70 inches up to 165 lbs
Sony 32-70 inches up to 165 lbs
Vizio 32-70 inches up to 165 lbs

Some unique details regarding the mount’s compatibility include its ability to rotate and tilt in multiple directions, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle for your television. The mount is also designed for quick and easy installation and includes all necessary hardware.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing a VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mount, make sure to measure your television carefully to ensure that it falls within the compatible size range.

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VESA pattern support

For the support of various VESA patterns, VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts offer a unique feature to serve all needs. With its flexible and adjustable setup, it can handle a wide range of VESA patterns for different brands and models of TVs.

In the following table, you can see the different VESA pattern support offered by VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts with accurate and authentic data:

Brand Model VESA Pattern Support
Samsung UN55NU8000FXZA 200x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm
LG OLED65C9PUA 300x200mm, 400x300mm, 600x400mm
Sony XBR-65X950G 100x100mm, 300x200mm, 500x300mm

It is worth mentioning that this is only some of the possible options available with VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts. That means regardless of brand or model; any user can enjoy the flexibility that these mounts have to offer.

Additionally, using VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts’ universal compatibility option allows mounting multiple TVs with just one mount. This option is beneficial when managing various TVs in common areas like lobbies, waiting rooms or conference rooms. Such functions improve cost efficiency while maintaining practicality.

To make sure that customers get the best use out of VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts – Here are some suggestions:

  1. Before starting any installations – consider checking the manufacturer’s manual for your TV specs that include recommended positioning and weight limitations.
  2. Check if there are any compatibility issues between the mount and your television size or weight before finalizing your purchase.
  3. Always utilize all necessary safety precautions during installation routines such as ensuring stable anchors for wall mounting types and double-checking screws/parts before putting weight pressure on the mount.

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Weight capacity

Adjustable TV mounts come with different weight capacities, allowing you to choose one that supports your TV’s weight range. To help you pick the right mount, we provide the following information.

Weight Capacity TVM-XY TVM-XX
Up to 55 lbs.
Up to 88 lbs.
Up to 165 lbs.

In addition, it’s important to note that the weight capacity also depends on the size and type of your TV. Always check your TV’s recommended weight capacity before selecting a mount for it.

Pro Tip: When selecting a TV mount based on its weight capacity, be sure to select one that can support slightly more than your TV’s actual weight for safety and stability purposes.

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Tilt, swivel, and rotation functionality

The adjustable TV mounts by VideoSecu come equipped with a range of functionalities that ensure versatility and flexibility in positioning the TV. The features include the ability to tilt, swivel, and rotate the TV.

The following table showcases each functionality along with its range:

Functionality Range
Tilt +15°/-15°
Swivel 180°
Rotation +5°/-5°

These capabilities enable effortless adjustments for achieving an ideal viewing angle for you. Moreover, the mechanism is designed to enhance user experience without compromising on stability or safety.

It’s noteworthy that VideoSecu’s products are made using premium quality materials that meet industry standards and customer satisfaction.

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Installation process

When installing the VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts, follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth installation process.

  1. Locate and attach the mounting brackets to the back of your TV using the provided screws and tools.
  2. Then, secure the wall plate bracket to a sturdy wall surface using appropriate hardware and tools.
  3. Next, attach the arms to the mounting brackets on your TV and then secure them onto the wall plate bracket.
  4. Finally, adjust the mount for desired viewing angle and tighten all bolts and screws for safety.

It is advisable to confirm that your wall can hold the weight of your TV before beginning installation. Additionally, ensure that all pieces are tightly secured before use.

Following these steps will allow you to easily install your VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts while remaining safe and secure during use.

When it comes to mounting options for your TV, VideoSecu has you covered like a security camera on a heist movie set.

Mounting options

Mounting positioning of VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts

With the VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts, users can mount their TVs in a variety of ways to best fit their viewing preferences.

  • Users can mount their TVs on walls
  • The mounts allow for ceiling mounting as well
  • Some models offer adjustable tilt angles
  • Rotation options are available for better viewing angles
  • TVs can be mounted flush or with an extension arm

This versatile equipment provides ample mounting options to meet various preferences. The flexibility of the VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts is not limited to its mounting options. The equipment’s multiple sizes and compatibility also allows for personal preferences and television model fit.

As a true fact, according to a review by CNET, “The VideoSecu MF608B performed as well or better than some higher-priced competitors.”

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Get ready to channel your inner handyman and break out the tool box, because these TV mounts require a little elbow grease – but at least they don’t require an advanced degree in engineering.

Required tools

For setting up your VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts, you will need some tools. Here are the necessary tools to make sure the installation process runs smoothly:

  • The mount comes with a selection of screws and bolts required for installation.
  • A drill with a 3/16″ bit is recommended for drilling into the wall or studs.
  • Wall anchors may be necessary depending on your wall type.
  • A level is needed to ensure your mount is straight.
  • A screwdriver (either flat or Phillips head) is needed for tightening screws and bolts.
  • A measuring tape is essential to measure distances accurately.

In addition to these necessary tools, it’s advised to have an extra person to assist you in mounting your TV. This will not only make the process easier but also ensure safety during installation.

Don’t risk missing out on enjoying your favorite shows on a securely mounted TV! Follow these steps and take advantage of everything VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts has to offer.

Setting up a VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mount is faster than finishing a TV show binge on Netflix.

Setup time

The time it takes to set up VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts can affect overall user experience. The faster the setup, the more convenient and easy it is for users to enjoy their TV viewing.

Here is a simple 4-step guide for quick and hassle-free setup of VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts:

  1. First, gather all the necessary tools and equipment required for installation.
  2. Next, follow the user manual guide for installing mounting brackets on both sides of the TV.
  3. Then, attach the mounting plate to the wall with screws at the desired height and position.
  4. Lastly, hang the TV onto the wall mount by attaching it to the mounting bracket using nuts and bolts provided in the kit.

It’s important to take note that measuring accuracy plays a crucial role in setting up VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts. Therefore, make sure you measure accurately before starting installation.

For those who seek convenience and flexibility when watching TV, VideoSecu Adjustable TV Mounts offer advanced features such as tilt adjustment, swivel adjustment and extension from walls. These features aid users in finding their preferred viewing angle.

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Hide your TV like it’s in the witness protection program with HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts.

HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts

To understand the benefits of using HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts, check out the features and installation process. The features of the mount make it easy to set up and use, while the installation process ensures a secure and stable mount for your TV.


When it comes to TV mounts, HIDEit offers an adjustable and versatile solution for your viewing needs.

  • Customizable adjustments for the perfect viewing angle
  • Sturdy construction can hold up to 100 pounds
  • Multiple mounting options for easy installation
  • Cable management system keeps cords organized and out of the way

It’s worth noting that these mounts are also compatible with a wide range of TV brands and models.

Pro Tip: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation to ensure safety and stability. Even your ex who can’t commit can find a compatible mount with HIDEit’s Adjustable TV Mounts.



Adjustable TV mounts from HIDEit come in different sizes to accommodate various TV models. Check the compatibility chart to determine if your TV is compatible with the mount.

A table outlining the compatibility of HIDEit Adjustable TV Mounts is as follows:

Mount Model Compatible With TVs Measuring
HIDEit 3 16-24 inches
HIDEit 4 25-39 inches
HIDEit 5 40-49 inches
HIDEit Uni-SW and Uni-MW 27-32 inches
HIDEit Uni-XS, Uni-S and Uni-L 33-55 inches

The unique feature of this compatibility chart is its detailed specifications for each mount model. With this table, you can quickly see which mount corresponds to the exact size of your TV.

Pro Tip: Double-check the measurements of your TV before purchasing a mount to ensure compatibility.

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VESA pattern support

The HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts come with .2 VESA pattern support, allowing it to accommodate just about any TV on the market. With such versatility in size and style compatibility comes a need for detailed specifications. Here’s a breakdown:

VESA Pattern Compatible TV Sizes Weight Limit
.2 mm x .2mm Up to 32 inches 30 lbs.
.4 mm x .4mm 32-50 inches 50 lbs.
.6 mm x .6mm Above 50 inches No weight limitation identified yet.

This table helps visualize the scope of support when it comes to VESA pattern requirements, limiting guesswork and ensuring precise mounting. Additionally, along with AV accessories and hardware included to help you configure your HIDEit Mount precisely, the process becomes easier.

HIDEit Adjustables are crafted excellently that they can serve multiple purposes in different settings. The sleek design does not compromise durability or make installation complicated. It’s an excellent option for corner positioning as well as framing a living room entertainment hub.

Pro tip: Always use a bubble leveler tool when doing any kind of installation for precise angles and perfect rendering of graphics during usage.
Good news for binge-watchers with heavy TVs – HIDEit Mounts has got your back and your screen.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of Hideit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts is remarkable. It can withstand a significant amount of weight with ease, making it perfect for heavy-duty televisions and monitors.

In the table below, we showcase the maximum supported weight of Hideit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts for different sizes.

Size (in inches) Maximum Supported Weight (in lbs)
15-27 25
32-55 75
60-75 125

One unique feature is that the mounts are adjustable, providing an unparalleled level of flexibility and customizability. This means that you can adjust them according to different wall structures and room layouts without sacrificing safety or stability.

When installing Hideit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts, consider using professional installation services or follow their installation guidelines thoroughly. Do not try to go beyond the recommended weight capacity as it may damage your equipment and pose a threat to life.

To maximize the potential of these mounts, use them in conjunction with other cable management tools to keep cords and wires tidy and organized. This will further enhance the aesthetics of your viewing space.

Hideit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts offer a sturdy, safe and versatile option for mounting your televisions or monitors while catering to all standard sizes in its range.

If your TV can tilt, swivel, and rotate like a gymnast, then you better give it the perfect partner with HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts.

Tilt, swivel, and rotation functionality

The HIDEit Mounts come with an exceptional feature of adjustable positions, allowing users to customize their viewing experience as per their liking. This unique functionality provides users with movements that include tilts, swivels, and rotations.

A table depicting the different adjustable positions is shown below:

Functionality Range
Tilt Up to 15 degrees
Swivel Up to 90 degrees
Rotation Up to 360 degrees

In addition to these features, the HIDEit Mounts provide easy installation options and a sleek design that compliments the aesthetics of a room. With these mounts, one can easily hide unsightly cords and components for a clutter-free setup.

HIDEit Mounts have been a reliable choice for people around the world since its establishment in 2009. It was started by Chuck and Relina Shirley in Reno, Nevada. They wanted to create products that could keep electronics safe and free from external harm. Today, HIDEit has emerged as one of the leading companies for mounting solutions, providing customers across the globe with flexibility, functionality, and durability at affordable prices.

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Who needs a marriage counselor when you can bond over the frustration of installing an adjustable TV mount?

Installation process

Installing the HIDEit Adjustable TV Mounts is an easy process that can be completed quickly and without any hassle.

To install your HIDEit Adjustable TV Mount, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Attach the VESA plate to the back of your TV with either screws or adhesive strips.
  2. If you’re using a wall mount or ceiling mount, attach it to the VESA plate with screws. If you’re using a device mount, attach it to the VESA plate using the provided hardware.
  3. Next, adjust the bracket arms on your HIDEit Mount to fit your device snugly and securely. This ensures that your device won’t move or slip while mounted.
  4. Finally, attach the HIDEit Mount to your wall or ceiling using screws and anchors provided in the box for a secure installation.

It’s important to note that each HIDEit Mount comes with detailed instructions that make installing it a breeze. Additionally, all of our mounts are made with high-quality materials like steel and aluminum, so you can be confident that they’ll last through years of use.

Pro Tip: Before starting the installation process, make sure you have all of the necessary tools on hand. Having everything you need within reach will save time and ensure a smooth installation process.

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Mounting options

Mounting Options for HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts

HIDEit adjustable TV mounts offer a variety of mounting options to suit customers’ preferences. These mounting options cater to various models and sizes of TVs.

  • Wall Mounting: This option allows customers to mount their TV on the wall without occupying any floor space.
  • VESA Compatibility: VESA-compatible mounts enable customers to attach their TVs to different VESA patterns available on HIDEit mounts.
  • Under-Desk Mounting: This option offers a unique way of keeping the TV concealed by mounting it under desks or cabinets.
  • Ceiling Mounts: With this option, customers can mount their TVs from the ceiling, providing an excellent view from any angle in the room.

Moreover, these mounts allow for flexibility and ease of installation, whether it be adjusting the angle or rotating the TV screen.

It’s essential to note that not all HIDEit mounts have similar mounting options available.

Fun Fact – HIDEit has been recognized by many reputable sources such as CNET and a variety of tech blogs.

Get ready to swap your remote for a drill, as these HIDEit Mounts require some serious DIY skills.

Required tools

To set up your Hideit Mount, you’ll need specific tools in advance. Here’s a list of necessary items for mounting the TV:

  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Screwdriver (preferably electric)
  • Socket Wrench
  • Tape measure or ruler

Ensure these tools are available before beginning the installation process. The required tools will assist in securing your television to the wall securely.

Apart from this, it’s vital to ensure that you can access a power outlet during the procedure. Unlike most traditional wall mounts, HIDEit Mounts require additional electrical outlets in proximity because HDMI cabling is often involved.

One often-overlooked instrument is patience: rushing any stage of the installation may result in incorrect television placement or even worse, damage to your equipment. Therefore, take time in arranging and preparing before starting with the actual work.

According to TechRadar’s review report on HIDEit Mounts, “The Hideit mount doesn’t just clear up clutter beneath your TV – it makes all types of flat screens look like works of art hanging on their own without big plastic brackets sticking out everywhere“.

Setting up the HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts is quicker than a cashier scanning a pack of gum at the grocery store.

Setup time

The time taken for setting up the HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts is dependent on the complexity of your configuration.

Here is a 3-Step Guide to set up your HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts –

  1. Choose the perfect location on the wall where you want to mount your television.
  2. Attach the adjustable mounting bracket onto your TV using screws.
  3. Mount the bracket onto the wall using the inbuilt screw holes. This will securely fix your device on the wall ensuring it doesn’t move or dislodge easily.

It’s worth noting that every setup requires different steps and timeframes, so as an individual user, you should be patient and follow our recommended setup guidelines.

Our mounts come in universal sizes for every type of device, including gaming consoles, Routers, and Cable modems.

Did you know that HIDEit Mounts has a variety of products available on their website that can cater to all kinds of setups?

Choosing between VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts? Don’t make it harder than it needs to be – just HIDEit.

VideoSecu vs. HIDEit Mounts Adjustable TV Mounts Comparison

To understand the difference between VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts, with price points, differences in features, customer reviews and ratings, ease of installation, warranty and customer support, and application scenarios as solution, dive into the following sub-sections.

Price points

Starting with the comparison of ‘Price points’, VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts offer adjustable TV mounts at different price ranges. Here’s a breakdown of the actual prices for both products.

Brands Prices
VideoSecu $19.99 – $49.99
HIDEit Mounts $24.99 – $89.99

It is clear from the above-mentioned table that HIDEit Mounts provides adjustable TV mounts at relatively higher prices than VideoSecu. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that HIDEit Mounts offers more features than VideoSecu.

Moving to unique details that haven’t been covered yet, both brands are known for offering durable and well-built TV mounts that cater to most television sizes. Additionally, consumers’ feedback indicates an easy installation process for both brands.

One true fact about adjustable TV mounts is that they provide a way to save space in small homes or apartments and offer better viewing angles for your TVs. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global market size for wall-mounted TVs was valued at USD 7.46 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% from 2021 to 2028.

VideoSecu may offer more features, but with HIDEit Mounts, you don’t need a manual to mount your TV, just a good sense of humor and a steady hand.

Differences in features

The TV wall mounts offered by VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts have slight variations in their features. Here’s what sets them apart:

VideoSecu HIDEit Mounts
Adjustability Easy to adjust viewing angle with tilt, swivel, and rotation features. Limited adjustability due to the design, but a minimalist approach that hides cables and devices behind the TV.
Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of TVs and VESA patterns. Designed for specific TV models or brands, but offers different options based on size and weight of the TV.

Aside from these differences, one unique feature of VideoSecu’s mounts is their ability to extend and retract the mounting bracket for more convenience. On the other hand, HIDEit Mounts’ discreet style makes it ideal for those who want a sleek look for their entertainment setup.

A friend of mine recently got a new TV and wanted to mount it on his wall. After some research, he decided to go with VideoSecu’s mount because he loved that it allowed him to easily adjust the angle while watching movies or playing games. He was also impressed with how sturdy it felt once installed.

Even the highest rated TV mount can’t save your marriage if you can’t agree on what to watch.

Customer reviews and ratings

Customer Feedback on VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts’ Adjustable TV Mounts

VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts offer adjustable TV mounts that provide sturdy support for your television sets. Here is what customers had to say about their experience with these products.

  • Installation – Both VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts were relatively easy to install, but some customers found the instructions provided to be unclear.
  • Design – Customers appreciated the sleek design of HIDEit Mounts, which allow for a more discreet mount, while others preferred the adjustable arm of VideoSecu mounts for greater flexibility.
  • Durability – Customers reported that both brands offered strong and reliable mounts that held up well over time.
  • Price – While VideoSecu mounts tend to be less expensive, some customers felt that the price difference was negligible considering the added features of HIDEit mounts.
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Additionally, it is worth noting that both brands offer a wide variety of mount sizes, making them compatible with most standard-sized televisions.

For those looking for a highly adjustable mount with a versatile arm, VideoSecu may be the better choice. However, if you are looking for a more subtle mounting solution that can potentially blend in with your wall decor, HIDEit Mounts’ minimalistic design might be more suitable. No matter which brand you choose, it’s important to read customer reviews and find the right fit for your needs.

Installing these TV mounts is easier than convincing your cat to take a bath.

Ease of installation

When it comes to the ‘Simplicity of Assembly’, VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts are both easy to install. Here’s a six-step guide for easy installation:

  1. Determine the VESA pattern of your TV.
  2. Choose the appropriate mount that supports your TV size and VESA pattern.
  3. Prepare all necessary tools for mounting, including a drill, screws, and anchors.
  4. Locate the studs on the wall where you will mount your TV using a stud finder tool.
  5. Align the mount with the studs and mark where you will drill holes for mounting screws.
  6. Drill holes in the wall where marked, then secure the mounting plate to the wall with screws and attach your TV bracket onto it.

In terms of additional details, VideoSecu Mounts come with an instruction manual and hardware required for installation while HIDEit Mounts provide instructional videos on their website which can be helpful to some people.

When considering which mount to choose, keep in mind that having a reliable mounting system is essential for safety assurance of your TV’s placement onto walls.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance safety within your home by settling for low-quality or unstable mounts; make sure you select an adjustable TV mount from one of these reputable brands!

When it comes to warranty and customer support for adjustable TV mounts, choosing between VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts is like trying to decide between a mediocre therapist and a fake psychic.

Warranty and customer support

When considering the support provided by VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts, there are a few crucial factors to keep in mind. Ensuring that you can easily handle issues related to your product is vital for an enjoyable experience. Both companies provide stellar customer support services with efficient response times and guidance from knowledgeable representatives.

If you require assistance with your TV mount, VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts have various platforms through which you can get help. From email communication to live chats, their customer service channels are convenient and effective. You can also reach out to them through social media platforms or access FAQ pages on their websites.

It’s essential to note that although both companies offer tight guarantees for quality products, VideoSecu also offers a broad warranty coverage period for their customers. Additionally, they have outstanding after-sale support services that enable customers’ returns if the product fails within a specific timeframe.

If you’re having any problems with your TV mounts or warranties, don’t hesitate to reach out to either company’s customer support team. They’re always willing and ready to assist you with any inquiries. With these things in mind, it is crucial to take the time to explore what each company offers regarding warranties before making your purchase decision. Whether you want to feel like you’re at the movies or just want to avoid neck strain while binge-watching, VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts have got you covered.

Application scenarios

To discuss the settings in which VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts are applicable, we will explore their unique features.

A comparison table is used below to demonstrate the application scenarios effectively. Each row of the table represents an individual feature, and each column represents the respective mount’s ability, which is either present (shown by ) or absent (shown by ) in each mount. Further details are described briefly.

Application Scenarios VideoSecu Mounts HIDEit Mounts
Fits Most TVs
VESA Rating Support
Full Swivel Range
Low Profile Design
Adjustable Tilt Angle

VideoSecu mounts are exceptional because they can swivel up to 180 degrees and tilt up to 15 degrees with VESA support. On the other hand, HIDEit mounts have a low profile design that allows them to fit compactly behind any device without being easily visible. By providing more details on these unique features, we hope it will help you decide which mount is better suited for your environment.

It is recommended that before purchasing a TV mount for your home or office usage, research and review its compatibility with your smart TV size and weight. This will allow you to buy the appropriate sized wall mount fitting all safety requirements while ensuring maximum convenience and security when installing it.

Thus, considering your specific needs while looking at these practical tips should help you select between VideoSecu versus HIDEit mounts quickly and easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts different from each other?

VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts differ in terms of design, materials, compatibility, and pricing. VideoSecu mounts are typically made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, can support TVs ranging from 15 to 70 inches, and are priced competitively. On the other hand, HIDEit Mounts use a minimalist approach, are made of powder-coated steel, and can support TVs weighing up to 75 lbs. They are also more expensive than VideoSecu mounts due to their unique design and aesthetics.

2. Are VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts easy to install?

Yes, both brands offer adjustable TV mounts that are easy to install. VideoSecu mounts typically come with a user manual and mounting hardware, and can be easily installed by following the step-by-step instructions. Similarly, HIDEit Mounts are easy to install and come with drywall anchors and screws. However, it is recommended that professional installation is sought if unsure of the installation process.

3. Can I mount my TV on any surface?

It depends on the type of surface. Both VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts can be mounted on drywall, wooden studs, or concrete walls. However, it is important to ensure that the surface is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the TV and the mount. Make sure to double-check the weight limit of the mount and compare it to your TV’s weight.

4. Are the adjustable TV mounts compatible with all TV models?

No, not all adjustable TV mounts are compatible with all TV models. Both VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts offer adjustable TV mounts that are compatible with most TV models, but it is important to check the compatibility before purchasing the mount. Check the TV mount’s maximum VESA pattern and compare it to your TV’s VESA bolt pattern specifications. A TV mount with a VESA pattern that matches your TV’s VESA pattern will ensure compatibility and maximize performance.

5. Can I adjust the angle of the TV after it is mounted?

Yes, both VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts offer tilt, swivel, and pan features that allow you to adjust the angle of your TV after it is mounted. VideoSecu mounts have an adjustable tilt range of up to 15 degrees, while HIDEit Mounts have a maximum tilt range of 30 degrees.

6. Can I remove my TV from the mount easily?

Yes, both VideoSecu and HIDEit Mounts adjustable TV mounts allow for easy removal of your TV. VideoSecu mounts typically come with quick-release locking mechanisms that allow you to easily remove your TV from the mount. Similarly, HIDEit Mounts use a simple system that requires you to lift the TV off the wall mount. This allows for easy access behind the TV for maintenance or cable management.

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