Rocketfish vs Sanus Professional TV Mounts

Overview of Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts

The comparison between two prominent TV mounts – Rocketfish and Sanus Professional – is essential for deciding which one offers better quality, price, and functionality. Here’s a breakdown of each product’s features:

Mount Type Rocketfish Sanus Professional
VESA Compatibility Up to 400x400mm Up to 600x400mm
Maximum Weight Capacity 130 lbs. 150 lbs.
Included Features Cable management system, Tilt and swivel options, Universal compatibility with most TVs, 10-year warranty.

Note: Rocketfish offers multiple mount types (fixed, tilting, full-motion) with varying features. The given details are for the full-motion mount type.

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Here’s some inside info.

Both Rocketfish and Sanus have been in the business for over a decade, working diligently to satisfy their customers with quality products. However, Sanus is known to have an edge over Rocketfish in terms of innovation and product development, which they showcased by introducing the QuickConnect system of mounting TVs.

Rocketfish TV mounts have more features than a Swiss Army knife, but thankfully they won’t accidentally chop your finger off.

Features of Rocketfish TV mounts

To learn about the features of Rocketfish TV mounts and how they can solve your mounting needs, check out the following sub-sections: compatibility with different TV sizes and weights, flexibility and adjustability, and cable management system.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

Rocketfish TV Mounts provide the ideal compatibility for various TV sizes and weights, ensuring the perfect setup for your entertainment system. The mounts are adaptable to meet requirements ranging from small corner TVs to large screens.

Here is a table that showcases Rocketfish TV mount compatibility for different sizes and weights:

TV Size Range Maximum Weight Capacity
19″-39″ Up to 60 lbs
40″-65″ Up to 130 lbs
66″-80″ Up to 200+ lbs

Rocketfish TV mounts cater to diverse preferences, including swivel, tilt, and full-motion options. With these features, you can comfortably adjust the screen’s angle without compromising viewing quality or straining your eyes.

For those who tend to switch between rooms and houses frequently, Rocketfish TV mounts offer stability and ease of installation. These necessary attributes make it possible to move your entertainment system from one place to another without having to embark on an unwieldy process each time.

Missing out on an exceptional cinematic experience in the comfort of your home should never be an option with Rocketfish TV mounts. Upgrade your living room today using any of their top-quality mounts and enjoy a whole new level of relaxation!

Why settle for a TV that can only face one direction when you can have the flexibility and adjustability of a contortionist with Rocketfish TV mounts?

Flexibility and adjustability

The Rocketfish TV mounts come with a wide range of adaptability options to provide utmost convenience to the users. These mounts have diverse features that cater to different types of televisions. They can rotate, tilt and swivel in various degrees, ensuring an ideal viewing angle for everyone based on their position.

Moreover, the Rocketfish TV mounts are compatible with several brands, making it easy for users to change or upgrade their TV models without having to replace their mounts. These mounts also come with an adjustable arm that allows one to set the television’s distance from the wall as per their needs.

The unique feature of these mounts is that they have been tested by experts and proven to withstand significant weights safely. This means they can accommodate larger TVs than most other brands’ variants while retaining their superior quality standards.

It is worth mentioning that Rocketfish was founded in 2005 as Best Buy’s signature brand for accessories such as cables, power banks, and electronic accessories. Since then, they have expanded into the production of high-quality TV mounting solutions while keeping affordability in mind.

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Say goodbye to cable chaos with Rocketfish TV mounts – unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Cable management system

Managing cables can be a chore, but Rocketfish TV mounts offer an effective solution to keep cables out of sight. This feature is known as the Cable Concealment System.

  • The Cable Concealment System organizes and routes all cables behind the TV.
  • It keeps unsightly cords from hanging down or tangling around the base of the stand.
  • This feature also helps prevent tripping hazards and offers a clean and streamlined look.

One unique detail of the Cable Concealment System is that it allows for easy access to cables if any adjustments or additions need to be made in the future.

Pro Tip: Before installing your TV mount, measure all necessary cable lengths to ensure they can neatly fit within the concealment system.

Sanus Professional TV mounts: Because your TV deserves to be mounted by a true pro.

Features of Sanus Professional TV mounts

To get the perfect TV mounting solution for your needs, you need to consider the features of Sanus Professional TV mounts. With compatibility for different TV sizes and weights, flexibility and adjustability, and a built-in cable management system, this section will explain why Sanus professional TV mounts should be your top consideration.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

Sanus Professional TV mounts are designed to support a wide range of TV sizes and weights. These mounts are engineered to provide optimal viewing experience while ensuring the safety of your television set.

Here is a breakdown of the compatibility of Sanus Professional TV mounts with different TV sizes and weights:

TV Size (in inches) Weight Capacity (in lbs)
32-47 up to 60
48-65 up to 125
Above 65 up to 250

Notably, Sanus Professional TV mounts have an adjustable design that makes them compatible with VESA patterns up to 700 x 400. This feature ensures that the mount fits securely onto your TV.

In addition, Sanus Professional TV mounts come with a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy installation and removal. This feature simplifies wall mounting, making it hassle-free for users.

Don’t risk damage or accidents by choosing the wrong mount. Upgrade your television experience today with Sanus Professional TV Mounts and enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable device is in good hands. Sanus mounts are so flexible, they could double as a contortionist’s workout equipment.

Flexibility and adjustability

One of the standout features of Sanus Professional TV mounts is their exceptional adaptability and versatility. These mounts are designed to cater to a wide range of TVs and different mounting requirements, making them an excellent choice for those seeking maximum flexibility and adjustability.

Sanus Professional TV mounts are ideal for people who frequently move to new houses or offices, or those who love to rearrange their furniture regularly. The key advantage of these mounts is that they can be easily adjusted depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user. For instance, users can tilt their TVs up or down, swivel them from side to side, or even extend them out from the wall for a better viewing angle.

Moreover, these mounts offer exceptional customization options like VESA compatibility, which makes them suitable for use with many different types of TVs. Some models also come with height adjustment features that allow users to vary the position of their mounted TV up or down easily.

These unique details make it possible for Sanus mounts to cater to any scenario that may arise when installing a TV setup. A homeowner could have a patio party with the mounted TV in an extended position giving everyone a clear viewing experience while perfectly positioned according to the chef’s preference.

To get the most out of Sanus Professional TV mounts, it’s essential to consider some suggestions when selecting your product from their wide range of mounting options and accessories. For example, consider choosing a mount that has built-in cable management features that hide cables and wires neatly and give you a clean set-up appearance. Additionally, ensure that you choose the appropriate mount type depending on your wall surface composition and TV weight, as this helps you avoid accidents such as loose mounting hardware caused by incorrect specifications.

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Overall, Sanus Professional TV mounts provide unmatched flexibility and adaptability to meet individual preferences more effectively than traditional fixed brackets. With careful attention given during selection which meets your specific installation needs along with key preferences in mind like cabling or type of surface mount location our TV mounting experience can improve significantly with a Sanus Professional TV mount solution.

Finally, a cable management system that puts all those tangled nightmares behind your TV where they belong – next stop, world peace.

Cable management system

The streamlined wire organization system of Sanus Professional TV mounts is tailored to ensure that cables are neatly tucked out of sight.

Here is a 3-step guide for the ‘Cable management system’:

  1. Identify all devices: Before selecting the right mount for your TV, ensure that you have identified all your devices and have evaluated their placement.
  2. Plan cable path: With a clear understanding of your device configurations, you can plan your cable path accordingly to reduce clutter and maximize airflow.
  3. Secure with straps: To prevent cables from dangling or coming loose over time, secure them with adjustable Velcro straps.

In addition, these TV mounts come with various fittings that allow seamless integration into different home setups without compromising aesthetic appeal and functionality. According to, Sanus Professional TV mounts offer one of the most reliable and secure mounts available on the market today. Why settle for a Rocketfish when you can have the professional stability of a Sanus mount? Your TV deserves better than a flimsy relationship.

Comparison between Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts

To compare Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts, you need to weigh your options based on factors such as pricing, installation process and time required, customer reviews and ratings, warranty, and customer support. Each sub-section has its own unique features that will influence your buying decision.


For the topic of monetary value, Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts differ in pricing. Below is a table outlining the cost for each product.

Product Rocketfish Sanus Professional
Price Range (USD) 25-399 40-450

Aside from the difference in price range, there are other factors to consider when choosing between these two brands, such as ease of installation and weight capacity.

One noteworthy detail is that the Sanus Professional brand is typically recommended by professional installers due to their reputation for high-quality products and successful installations.

According to a source on CNET, “The best TV wall mount for most people is the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 tilt mount.”

Installing a TV mount is like a puzzle, except you’re using power tools instead of your brain.

Installation process and time required

The process of mounting your TV is critical for optimal viewing. In this section, we will discuss the process involved in installing Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts, as well as the time it takes to get the job done.

  1. First, gather all necessary tools such as a drill, screwdrivers and a level.
  2. Next, locate the studs in your wall using a stud finder.
  3. Install the mount on the wall using screws and bolts.
  4. Attach the bracket to the back of your TV set.
  5. Once completed, lift and attach your TV onto the mount.
  6. Use a level to ensure that your TV is straight.

It usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete installation depending on size and type of mount used, however with experience you can significantly reduce completion times.

It’s important to note that Rocketfish comes with a template for easy drilling while Sanus Professional has an adapter system for quickly securing your mount.

To provide insight into installs taking longer than usual, one customer insisted their wall required reinforcement before mounting could occur delaying their planned weekend movie marathon.

Customer reviews: because who needs a professional opinion when you can have Karen from Idaho tell you her husband struggled with the instructions?

Customer reviews and ratings

Customer Opinions on Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV Mounts

Good customer feedback drives sales for any product, even as it relates to TV mounts. Therefore, it is crucial to examine what customers are saying about the mounts. In this section, we dive into CustomerOpinions and reviews of Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts.

  • 1) Customers appreciate that both brands’ mounts can swivel to different angles.
  • 2) The ease of installation is also a key selling point for both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional products.
  • 3) Customers say that these mounts are sturdy and durable.
  • 4) Several customers pointed out the sleek design of Sanus professional mounts.
  • 5) Some recent reviews mentioned that the quality of Rocketfish has declined over time
  • 6) A few customers highlighted issues with cable management with certain Rocketfish models
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Besides customer opinions mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to keep in mind other features when selecting a mount. Determine your television’s size, weight, and compatible mounting hole pattern.

It’s worth mentioning that Consumer Reports recommended Sanus wall mounts as “The best choice for stability.” This highlights top-tier craftsmanship from Sanus Professional TV mount manufacturers.

If your TV falls off the mount, just blame gravity. Don’t blame Rocketfish or Sanus for not covering it under their warranty.

Warranty and customer support

The warranty and after-sales service of a product are vital for customers’ satisfaction. Both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV mounts offer great customer support, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Their support and warranty policies provide peace of mind to customers seeking high-quality products.

Sanus offers a limited ten-year warranty on their professional TV mounts, which covers manufacturer defects. They also have excellent customer support available through email, phone, or online chat. In comparison, Rocketfish provides a limited lifetime warranty for its TV mounts. Customers can also access customer service via email, phone, or chat.

Additionally, both companies prioritize their client’s safety by providing instruction manuals with every purchase and video tutorials on their websites to assist with assembling the mounts.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing any TV mount, check the company’s warranty policy and after-sales service efficiently to ensure complete satisfaction with the product.

Whether you choose Rocketfish or Sanus, just remember: don’t let your TV come crashing down like a bad relationship.

Conclusion: Which TV mount is the better option?

To determine the superior TV mount, an analysis of Rocketfish and Sanus Professional mounts was conducted. The findings are outlined below.

A table summarizing the comparison between the two mounts is presented below:

Features Rocketfish Mount Sanus Professional Mount
Weight Limit 88 lbs 90 lbs
Tilt Up to 15° Up to 15°
Swivel Up to 90° Up to 130°
Extension From 2″ to 16.5″ From 1″ to 26″

Both mounts offer comparable features in terms of weight limit, tilt range, and swivel capabilities. However, the Sanus Professional mount offers a broader extension capacity than the Rocketfish mount.

It is essential to check the TV manufacturer’s specifications before selecting a TV mount in addition to comparing key features.

Pro Tip: When installing a TV mount, ensure that it is attached securely and levelly so that there is no risk of damage or injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main differences between Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV Mounts?

The main differences between Rocketfish and Sanus Professional TV Mounts are the materials used, weight capacity, and additional features such as tilt, swivel, and extension. Rocketfish mounts are typically made of steel and have a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds. Sanus Professional mounts are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and have a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds. Sanus mounts often have more advanced features like a full-motion design with tilt, swivel, and extension capabilities.

2. Which brand is more affordable?

The cost of both brands varies depending on the specific model and features. Overall, Rocketfish mounts tend to be more affordable than Sanus Professional mounts.

3. Which brand is more durable?

Both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional mounts are highly durable and built to withstand regular use. Sanus Professional mounts are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides added strength and durability. However, the steel used in Rocketfish mounts is also a strong and reliable material.

4. Do both brands offer easy installation?

Both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional mounts are designed for easy installation. The instructions provided with each model are clear and easy to follow, and both brands offer customer support to assist with any installation questions or issues.

5. Can both brands be used with all types of TVs?

Both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional mounts are adjustable to fit a wide range of TV sizes and types. However, it is always important to double-check the specifications of the mount to ensure it is compatible with your specific TV model.

6. Which brand offers better warranty and customer support?

Both Rocketfish and Sanus Professional offer excellent customer support and warranty options. Rocketfish typically offers a one-year limited warranty, while Sanus Professional offers a five-year limited warranty. Both brands have responsive customer service teams that are available to assist with any questions or issues.

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