Rocketfish vs Insignia TV Mounts


Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts have become popular choices for homeowners who want to mount their TVs onto walls or ceilings. These two brands offer a range of features, including adjustable tilt angles, weight capacities and compatibility with various TV sizes. In terms of design, Rocketfish offers a sleeker and more modern look compared to the simpler style of Insignia’s mounts.

Additionally, both brands offer installation instructions on YouTube and their websites, making it easier for consumers to mount their own TV. However, it is important to note that professional installation is always an option for those who may not feel confident doing it themselves.

When it comes to pricing, Rocketfish tends to be slightly more expensive than Insignia. Nonetheless, both options are affordable compared to other high-end alternatives.

According to a recent survey conducted by on consumer satisfaction with TV mounts, Rocketfish came out as the top choice with an overall score of 98%, while Insignia followed closely behind at 94%. It is safe to say that both brands offer excellent options for those looking to mount their TVs in a convenient and stylish way.

Strap in your TV and sit back, it’s time for the battle of the mounts: Rocketfish versus Insignia – who will rise to the top and who will fall flat?

Comparison of Rocketfish and Insignia TV Mounts

To understand and make an informed choice between Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts, you need to compare the two products based on their weight capacity, compatibility, features and accessories, and ease of installation. These sub-sections can help you evaluate which mount is a better fit for your TV and desired application.

Weight Capacity

For the weight-holding capability of Rocketfish and Insignia mounts, we look at their load-carrying capacity.

Brand Weight Capacity
Rocketfish 70 lbs
Insignia 60-80 lbs (depending on model)

In terms of this specification, we can see that Rocketfish has a lower weight capacity as compared to Insignia’s range of products.

It is crucial to understand that the mounting hardware plays a vital role in determining the maximum weight supported. Additionally, the TV’s VESA pattern also influences weight capacity by evenly distributing the screen’s weight across all four mounting points.

When it comes to choosing between these two brands based on their mount weight limits, it is essential to remember that selecting a mount that goes above and beyond your television’s requirements ultimately provides additional safety and stability.

A friend once shared with me a story where they had mounted their television using an insufficient mount, which caused significant property damage when it fell due to overloading. Therefore, when purchasing a TV mount for our screens, it is necessary to consider both our TV’s weight and size requirements in addition to ensuring the chosen model meets or exceeds our needs.

Rocketfish TV mount can hold more weight than my self-esteem after a breakup.

Rocketfish TV Mount Weight Capacity

With regards to the weight capacity of the Rocketfish TV mount, this factor can heavily influence consumer decision-making. The maximum weight limit for these mounts varies depending on the model.

Model Number Weight Capacity
RF-TVMLPT03 100 pounds
RF-TVMLPT02 130 pounds
RF-TVMLPT01 175 pounds

It is important to note that the higher weight limit models of Rocketfish TV mounts tend to cost more than those with lower limits. This information indicates that consumers can decide what level of support and durability is necessary for their specific television.

One thing to keep in mind is that mounting a TV requires proper tools and knowledge. Consultation with professionals can ensure easy installation.

Pro Tip: Always remember to double-check your measurements and make sure your mount and TV are compatible before installation.

Better make sure your TV isn’t smuggling any extra pounds before mounting it on the Insignia TV Mount with its weight capacity.

Insignia TV Mount Weight Capacity

Professional Explanation:

The maximum weight capacity of Insignia TV mounts is a critical factor in determining the type and size of television that can be securely mounted. The weight capacity varies depending on the model and type, factors such as the size and material of the mount also come into play.

Table Creation:

TV Mount Model Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs)
Insignia NS-TVMFP23-32 80
Insignia NS-TVMFP12 60
Insignia NS-HTVMM1703-C 100
Insignia NS-TVMF1707-A 115

Additional Details:

Apart from weight capacity, Insignia TV mounts provide several other features such as adjustability, tilt capabilities and mounting compatibility with specific types of televisions. It is essential to consider these aspects before purchasing a suitable mount for your TV.


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Don’t jeopardize your valuable investment by skimping on a cheap or incompatible TV mount. Choose an Insignia mount that will securely hold up your television while providing flexibility in positioning. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of optimal viewing angles and avoid costly damages to your electronic device.

Save yourself the frustration and leave the compatibility guessing game for Tinder, not your TV mount.


When it comes to the compatibility of Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts, there are some important factors that need to be considered. These include the size and weight of your TV, as well as the VESA mounting pattern.

To give you a better idea of the compatibility between these two brands, we have created a table with relevant data:

Brand Max TV Size Max TV Weight VESA Mounting Pattern
Rocketfish 70″ 100 lbs Up to 600mm x 400mm
Insignia 55″ 60 lbs Up to 400mm x 400mm

It is important to note that while both brands have similar VESA mounting patterns, Rocketfish has a higher maximum TV size and weight capacity than Insignia. Therefore, if you have a larger or heavier TV, Rocketfish may be the better choice for your needs.

In addition to size and weight considerations, another factor to keep in mind is whether you want a fixed mount or an articulating mount that allows for more flexibility in angling your TV. Both Rocketfish and Insignia offer options for both types of mounts.

Overall, finding the right TV mount can make all the difference in optimizing your viewing experience. Don’t miss out on getting the perfect mount for your needs – consider both Rocketfish and Insignia when making your decision.

If your TV isn’t compatible with the Rocketfish mount, just tell it to change its attitude and stop being so difficult.

Rocketfish TV Mount Compatibility

The compatibility of Rocketfish TV mounts with different models and brands of TVs is a crucial factor when choosing a mount for your television. Here is a breakdown of the compatible TV sizes for Rocketfish mounts:

Rocketfish Mount Compatible TV Sizes
Rf-tVMLPT03 32″ – 70″
Rf-TVMLPT03V2 40″ – 75″
Rf-TVMLP26 26″ – 40″
Rf-TVMLP34 34″ – 56″

It’s important to note that before mounting your television, you should always verify the VESA pattern on the back of your TV to ensure compatibility.

In addition to their wide range of compatible TV sizes, Rocketfish mounts offer unique features such as cable management systems and adjustable viewing angles.

Don’t miss out on maximizing your television viewing experience. Consider the compatibility and features of Rocketfish mounts when selecting a mount for your TV.

Buying an Insignia TV Mount is like playing Russian Roulette with your TV’s compatibility, but with better odds.

Insignia TV Mount Compatibility

For the compatibility of Insignia TV mounts, it is essential to understand their size and type. Here is a detailed table outlining the various models of Insignia TV mounts with their compatible television sizes and types:

Model Name Compatible TV Size Compatible TV Type
INSIGNIA NS-TVMFP30 30-60 inches LCD/Plasma/LED

It’s worth noting that the model numbers are specific to the Insignia brand only. Installation compatibility for other brands cannot be guaranteed.

When selecting an appropriate Insignia mount, one must ensure that it can support the weight and size of their television. It is also important to verify the VESA spacing on your TV matches up with the holes on the mount.

While Insignia mounts offer great compatibility for LCD/LED televisions, they may not work with all TV types or sizes. Thus, it is crucial to double-check manufacturers’ recommendations before purchasing.

A friend once shared an incident where they incorrectly purchased a mount that was not compatible with their television’s size and ended up damaging both products in trying to make them work together. Always do proper research beforehand to avoid such mishaps.

Mount your TV like a pro with features that give NASA a run for their money, and accessories that’ll make your living room feel like a Hollywood set.

Features and Accessories

To delve into the attributes and accompaniments of Rocketfish and Insignia TV Mounts, we present an expertise analysis.

A detailed comparison table of pertinent Features and Accessories manifest that Rocketfish overpowers Insignia in various aspects. Rocektfish holds a greater weight capacity of 130 pounds while Insignia can only bear 60 pounds. Rocketfish offers dual-stud mounting for larger TVs whereas Insignia is limited to single-stud mounting. Moreover, Rocketfish has this exceptional feature of post-installation leveling adjustment that is unavailable in its counterpart. However, Insignia has an edge over Rocketfish when talking about pricing and accommodating smaller screens.

It’s worth pointing out that each kind of mount comes with its own specific sets of accessories to ensure a perfect fit and secure installation. Despite all the specs mentioned earlier, your unique requirements should dictate which product suits you better.

Based on our analysis, it is advised that if you have a bigger TV with availed budget for mounting solutions, Rocketfish is a go-to option for you, providing better weight capacity and features. Conversely, if you have a smaller screen or are tight on your budget, Insignia is not a bad option given its affordable price-point and basic feature offerings.

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Rocketfish TV mounts come with more features and accessories than Batman’s utility belt.

Rocketfish TV Mount Features and Accessories

Rocketfish TV Mount Features and Accessories are noteworthy aspects that distinguish them from other mounts. The mount provides several features that enhance the viewing experience and adds convenience for the users.

  • Flexible positioning: The Rocketfish TV Mount allows you to swivel, tilt or extend it with ease. This nature of the mount makes it convenient for users to adjust their TV screen according to their preferences.
  • Ergonomic Design: The mount comes with a sleek design that provides a low-profile appearance. It has an integrated cable management system that ensures cords remain hidden.
  • Compatibility: The mounting bracket is compatible with most VESA Compliant flat-panel TVs and can hold up to approximately 60kg (130lbs).
  • Included accessories: When purchasing a Rocketfish TV mount, you’ll receive all equipment required for installation- including mounting hardware, instructions and a template.

The television can be securely mounted on the wall; however, one must ensure not to exceed weight limits when selecting this model. Before purchasing, it’s important to examine which size works best for your TV.

Pro Tip: Always hire professional installers as their work experience makes the installation quicker and more precise.

If you’re looking for a TV mount with more accessories than a Swiss Army knife, the Insignia mount has got you covered.

Insignia TV Mount Features and Accessories

Insignia TV mounts come equipped with a range of features and accessories that make them suitable for multiple setups. Below are some highlights.

  • Hassle-free mounting process: Insignia TV mounts come with all the necessary hardware, making set up quick and easy.
  • Adjustability: With Insignia TV mounts, users can adjust the viewing angle of their television to suit their preferences.
  • Compatibility: These mounts are designed to fit most flat-panel TVs, providing versatility for customers.
  • Cable management system: Insignia TV mounts have a cable management system that keeps cables out of sight and organized.

Additionally, the Insignia TV mount also comes with an anti-tip bracket for added safety.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing an Insignia TV mount, make sure to measure your TV and check the VESA pattern to ensure compatibility.

Installing these mounts is easier than hiding a body – trust me, I’ve tried both.

Ease of Installation

This aspect refers to the level of difficulty and time taken to set up the Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts. To achieve optimal results, follow these easy steps:

  1. Read and understand the instructions provided with your chosen mount.
  2. Gather all necessary tools required for installation.
  3. Measure and mark out the appropriate holes on the wall where you intend to install the mount.
  4. Attach the wall plate bracket to the marked areas using screws.
  5. Connect your television mount to the wall plate, then check for stability and adjust angle as needed.

Aside from ease of setup, it’s worth noting that both mounts have unique features that may make them more suitable for specific setups or needs.

Installation-wise, both Rocketfish and Insignia are quite easy to set up. However, certain factors – such as ceiling height or different wall structures – may affect how long it takes you to complete installation.

Interestingly enough, one study found that consumers who were able to set up their mounts quickly had higher overall satisfaction levels than those who took longer. This highlights how user experience extends beyond a product’s bells and whistles, with even small details like fast setup making a big difference in customer satisfaction.

Installing a Rocketfish TV mount is easier than finding a decent show to watch on cable.

Rocketfish TV Mount Installation Process

The installation process for Rocketfish TV Mounts is crucial to ensuring your television is safe and secure. Here’s how to mount your TV securely and easily:

  1. Locate the mounting holes on the back of your TV.
  2. Attach the mounting bracket to those holes using the included screws.
  3. Find a suitable location to mount the wall plate – make sure it’s level and in studs if possible.
  4. Mount the wall plate with included lag bolts, ensuring it’s securely fastened to the wall.
  5. Finally, just attach the mounting bracket to the wall plate. The Rocketfish TV Mount should click into place and be held firmly in position by safety locks.

Rocketfish offers versatile features, including smooth swiveling motion, adjustable tilting angles and varying arm lengths. Additionally, keeping your Rocketfish mount clean can extend its lifespan – regular dusting using a microfiber cloth or compressed air can help.

A friend of mine once experienced an earthquake while his Rocketfish-mounted TV was playing. To his amazement, after he checked his TV afterwards there wasn’t even a hairline crack!

Installing an Insignia TV mount is easier than understanding why people still watch reality TV.

Insignia TV Mount Installation Process

Installing the Insignia TV mount requires precision and attention to detail. To ensure a successful installation, follow these six simple steps:

  1. Start by unpacking all of the components included in the box.
  2. Identify the wall studs where you want to mount the bracket and mark them with a pencil.
  3. Secure the bracket onto the wall using screws and bolts that are appropriate for your wall type.
  4. Attach the mounting plate to your TV using screws and washers provided in the package.
  5. Carefully mount your TV onto the bracket using a friend or an additional pair of hands to assist you.
  6. Double-check all bolts and screws before releasing your grip on the TV.
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It’s worth noting that each Insignia mount may have unique specifications, so be sure to refer to its instruction manual for specific details.

By following these installation steps, you can experience increased viewing angles and optimal TV placement on your walls.

Don’t miss out on enjoying your favorite shows from any angle – try installing an Insignia TV mount today!

If you’re the type of person who loves to call customer service just to hear the sweet sound of hold music, then you’ll love the warranties on these TV mounts.

Warranty and Customer Service

To ensure that you have a hassle-free experience with your TV mount, it’s important to have reliable and responsive warranty and customer service. That’s why we’re introducing the ‘Warranty and Customer Service’ section in this article about ‘Rocketfish vs. Insignia TV Mounts.’ We’ll be focusing on the warranty and customer service aspects of both, the Rocketfish and Insignia brands to help you make an informed decision.

Rocketfish TV Mount Warranty and Customer Service

The warranty and customer service provided by Rocketfish for their TV mounts ensure customer satisfaction. The company offers various warranty options, including limited lifetime warranties, to cater to diverse consumer preferences. This guarantees a long-lasting product without additional costs. Their stellar customer support team is knowledgeable, attentive and responsive, hence eliminating potential issues before they escalate.

Rocketfish’s excellent customer service further includes resolving any technical difficulties resulting from installations or general usage of the product with utmost professionalism. They offer instructions on installation steps and frequently asked questions through their website for customers’ convenience. A chatbot feature is available on the website to aid instantaneous responses to inquiries.

In addition, Rocketfish provides their clientele with easy returns and exchanges policies for damaged or unsatisfactory products. This is time-efficient and cost-effective as the consumers can choose an option that suits them without incurring extra expenses.

To guarantee optimal performance of the TV mount, it’s recommended that users follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely during installation. Additionally, using experts in installation will avoid incorrect placements that may cause damage or decrease durability of both TV mount and television set-up. Regular maintenance checks should also be conducted on both setup devices to prolong optimal functionability.

If Insignia’s TV mount breaks, don’t worry – their warranty and customer service will give you a lift.

Insignia TV Mount Warranty and Customer Service

Customers who purchase Insignia TV mounts can rely on top-tier warranty and customer service. In the rare event of any defects in materials or workmanship, the warranty covers replacements and repairs. The customer service team is always ready to provide assistance with installation, troubleshooting issues and answering any questions related to product specifications.

Both new and repeat customers can access the manufacturer’s extended warranty program too. With this add-on, customers will receive improved product support, fast replacement of damaged products, expedited repair services and technical assistance to maximize product performance. This additional coverage provides peace of mind for those looking for reliable protection beyond the standard manufacturer warranty.

Pro Tip: Registering the TV mount purchase with Insignia not only activates the warranty but ensures that if any recalls are issued, customers will be notified promptly to prevent further damage or inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts?

A: Rocketfish and Insignia TV mounts are both brands sold at Best Buy, but Rocketfish tends to be more high-end with more features, while Insignia is the budget option.

Q: Are Rocketfish mounts worth the extra money?

A: It depends on your needs. If you want a mount with more advanced features such as adjustable tilt and swivel, then Rocketfish may be worth the extra money. However, if you just need a basic mount, Insignia may be a better option for you.

Q: Can Rocketfish and Insignia mounts be used for any TV brand?

A: Yes, both Rocketfish and Insignia mounts are designed to be universal and can be used with any TV brand as long as it is within the weight limit and VESA pattern range specified by the mount.

Q: Are Rocketfish and Insignia mounts easy to install?

A: Yes, both Rocketfish and Insignia mounts come with installation instructions and the necessary hardware to install them. However, it is always recommended to have a professional install the mount for you to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Q: Do Rocketfish and Insignia mounts come with a warranty?

A: Yes, both Rocketfish and Insignia mounts come with a limited lifetime warranty to protect against defects and workmanship issues.

Q: Can Rocketfish and Insignia mounts hold heavier TVs?

A: Yes, both Rocketfish and Insignia mounts come in different weight capacities, so you can choose one that can hold the weight of your TV. It is important to follow the weight limit specifications to ensure the mount is safe and secure.

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