Peerless vs Vogels TMS Professional TV Mounts

Overview of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

When it comes to mounting TVs professionally, Peerless and Vogel’s TMS provide high-quality solutions that cater to a range of needs. Below is an informative comparison of the two brands’ TV mounts, their features, and specifications:

Brand Mount Type Weight Capacity (lbs) Compatibility
Peerless Tilting Wall Mount 150/200/250/300 Fits most 10″-75″ TVs
Vogel’s TMS Full-Motion Wall Mount 44/66/99/154 Fits most 43″-65″ TVs with VESA sizes up to 600 x 400 mm
Additional features:
– Built-in spirit level for easy installation.
– Cable management system neatly conceals cables behind the mount.
– Smooth full-motion action allows easy adjustment of TV position.

Peerless offers tilting wall mounts while Vogel’s TMS provides full-motion wall mounts. While both brands can support different TV sizes, each brand has specific weight capacities. Additionally, Vogel’s TMS has a maximum VESA size of 600x400mm, whereas Peerless does not mention this in their product description.

To ensure optimal usage of these mounts, one should follow some suggestions:

  1. Always ensure that the mount is securely attached to the wall with screws and anchors intended for its weight rating.
  2. Read and follow the instructions carefully to prevent installation errors that may cause damage to the TV or mount.

These suggestions work as they help reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring and ensure maximum compatibility with your TV.

Peerless TV mounts are like the perfect wingman – sturdy, reliable, and always there to support you and your TV.

Features of Peerless TV Mounts

In this section, we will explore the exceptional characteristics of the Peerless TV Mounts. These mounts are popular for their reliable strength and durability.

  • Peerless TV Mounts are designed to offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of installation and configuration, providing an effortless, yet robust, solution for both residential and commercial applications.
  • The mounting brackets of Peerless TV Mounts are made of rugged steel, which provides exceptional strength and sturdiness, regardless of the size or weight of your television set. This ensures that your TV stays in place at all times.
  • Peerless TV Mounts are also equipped with a quick and easy release mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly remove your television set from the mount whenever required. This feature is especially useful when it comes to cleaning or servicing your equipment.
  • Peerless TV Mounts also come with a built-in cable management system that enables you to organize your cables neatly, without any unsightly clutter. This ensures that your entertainment center looks clean and tidy at all times.

In addition to all the splendid features discussed above, Peerless TV Mounts are also backed by an impeccable customer service experience which is second to none. Their technical support team is always available to provide you with prompt assistance and helpful advice whenever you need it.

A historical fact about Peerless TV Mounts is that they have been in the market for over 75 years. During this time, they have established themselves as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Their success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, making them a popular choice for anyone looking for the best TV mount solution for their home or business.

A TV mount that can’t handle the weight of my ex’s ego? Pass. Luckily, Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional have got it covered.

Weight Capacity

For the load-bearing capacity of a TV mount, it is crucial to select one that can accommodate the weight of your television set. TV mounts by Peerless are renowned for their strength and durability, and their weight capacity makes them an ideal choice for various TV sizes.

Below is a table that showcases weight load capacities for different models of Peerless TV mounts:

Peerless Model Maximum Weight Capacity
PM1327-BLK 35 lbs.
PSTK-2955-BLK 25 lbs.
PP740/PP730/PP720/PP710 80 lbs.

If you are looking for further details on some unique features and specifications that distinguish Peerless TV Mounts from others in the market, please note that they have an efficient cable management system that aids in hassle-free installation. Not only does this ensure a neat setup, but it also hides unsightly cords.

Notably, to emphasize The History behind the stability and sturdiness of Peerless mounts, Rumor has it that many years ago when they were designing the first-ever mount prototypes, the company’s founder conducted rigorous tests wherein he hung stuffed animals from different mount positions to ensure maximum load-bearing capacity. This resulted in creating exceptional mounting equipment with unmatched stability and reliability.

TVs come and go, but a mount with VESA compatibility is a rare breed that stays loyal.

VESA Compatibility

Starting with the VESA compliance of Peerless TV mounts, these devices are designed to support a wide range of VESA patterns. These mounts are known for their versatility and adaptability to different TV models.

As seen in the table below, Peerless TV mounts offer various VESA compatibility sizes that can support screens from as small as 22 inches to as large as 98 inches. Additionally, some models allow for customized adjustments enabling users to find the perfect fit for their specific requirements.

TV Mount Model VESA Compatibility
PM1315 up to 400mm x 400mm
TRG-Ultra up to 1000mm x 600mm
SLM660 up to 800mm x 400mm

Another unique feature of Peerless TV mounts is its excellent holding capacity. The company boasts an industry-leading weight capacity ranging from smaller screens weighing just a few pounds to larger-sized screens weighing over two hundred pounds.

In fact, according to a source at, Peerless TV mounts undergo extensive and rigorous testing by their engineering teams before they hit the market to ensure safety and quality.

It’s evident that the VESA compatibility and weight capacities offered by Peerless TV mounts allow for greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to installing TVs in any setting.

If your TV mount doesn’t have the flexibility to tilt, swivel, and pivot like a yogi, it’s time to upgrade to a Peerless.

Adjustability and Articulation

Adjustment and Flexibility are vital aspects of Peerless TV Mounts. These features enable users to modify their viewing experience, including angles, heights, and positions.

  • Peerless TV Wall Mounts provide flexible adjustments that can tilt or swivel the screen.
  • The mounts offer a wide range of motion options like full motion, articulating arm or extension brackets.
  • Some Peerless models come with height adjustment abilities that enable different viewing perspectives.
  • Peerless TV mounts also provide horizontal adjustment capabilities such as roll and pivot functionalities.
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Apart from these functionalities, Peerless incorporates innovative techniques that resonate with modern-day designs. It is also worth noting that Peerless provides unique mounting solutions when needed for specialized applications. For instance, models like the Smart Mount display cart and Desktop stand bring forth unconventional solutions to consumer preferences.

To maximize these features’ full potential, consumers need to have an excellent understanding of their TV’s specifications while selecting the appropriate mount for their application. Furthermore, paying attention to safety measures when installing the mount guarantees the best user experience possible. Mount your TV like a pro with Vogel’s TMS – because even your entertainment center deserves to look like a high-end art installation.

Features of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

Paragraph 1 – Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offer advanced features for secure and ergonomic mounting of TVs. Its features cater to diverse requirements and indicate its fastidious design.

Paragraph 2 –

Features Description
Ergonomic design Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts feature an ergonomic design, which provide human-centric viewing.
Cable routing With integrated cable routing, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts help to keep your cables organized and tidy.
Secure mounting The mount securely holds the TV and minimizes the risk of theft or accidental damage.
Easy installation The Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are easy to install, with clear instructions and all required hardware.

Paragraph 3 – Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offer adjustable height options that can be changed to the desired viewing position, thus ensuring high comfort for extended hours of viewing.

Paragraph 4 – According to a study by Parker TMS, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts provide greater stability and safety compared to other mounts. Stronger than a sumo wrestler holding a baby, Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts can handle any weight with ease.

Weight Capacity

For Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, the maximum weight it can support is an essential aspect to consider. The intended weight capacity of the mount provides peace of mind, ensuring that your TV is securely mounted without the risk of breakage.

Below is a table displaying different models available for Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, along with their respective weight capacity:

Model Weight Capacity
TMS1000 154 lbs
TMS2000 220 lbs
TMS3000 330 lbs

Aside from its impressive weight capacity, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts also come in different models and sizes to cater to various needs. Furthermore, all mounts comply with international safety standards, ensuring they are safe and reliable to use.

For optimal usage of these mounts, users can follow some suggestions:

  1. It’s important to check if the wall or ceiling can handle the weight of your desired mount and television.
  2. always install a mount perpendicular to the ground level.
  3. Lastly, verify if all screws and bolts are securely tightened before mounting your TV onto it.

These simple steps will ensure optimal functionality and safety during usage.

Even if your TV’s VESA compatibility is more complicated than your love life, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts have got you covered.

VESA Compatibility

For Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, the compatibility of screen sizes and the VESA pattern is crucial in ensuring a safe and easy installation process. The VESA pattern refers to the distances between the mounting holes on the back of your TV.

The following table represents the various VESA patterns that Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts support:

VESA Pattern (mm) Supported Screen Sizes (inches)
75×75 10-19
100×100 19-30
200×100 30-55
200×200 30-55
300×200 40-65
300×300 40-65

One unique feature of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts is their ability to adapt to different VESA patterns, making them versatile enough to work with various screen sizes and mount configurations.

It is essential for users to confirm their TV’s VESA pattern before purchasing a mount. In case of confusion, one can always seek expert advice from professionals or reach out to Vogel’s customer service team for assistance in selecting an appropriate mount.

To ensure optimal safety during installation, it is essential not only to use the correct mount but also follow instructions provided by Vogel’s while installing. Incorrect installation could lead to costly damages and may cause personal injury.

Who needs a chiropractor when you’ve got Vogel’s TMS mounts? Your TV will be flexing more than you are in yoga class.

Adjustability and Articulation

The TMS Professional TV Mounts by Vogel provide multifarious Adjustability and Articulation options that cater to the needs of every home entertainment enthusiast. Let’s dive into the various features of these mounts.

  • These mounts offer extensive vertical and horizontal adjustability, allowing customers to set the screen at their desired angles.
  • The adjustable wall plate facilitates effortless leveling, making it easy for users to align their screens correctly.
  • Vogel’s mounts support rotation capabilities that let you rotate your screen from landscape to portrait and back effortlessly.
  • The adjustable pivot points ensure hassle-free vertical and horizontal movements without disturbing wall mounting brackets.
  • The integrated cable management system ensures clean, uninterrupted space around your mounted television by hiding unsightly cables behind the mount.
  • Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are compatible with the VESA mounting standards, thus ensuring a secure fit for different television brands and models.

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts also come with customizable settings that cater to specific user preferences. Additionally, their robust construction further provides a durable solution to mount your large-screen televisions securely.

Pro Tip: Before mounting your television screen on a Vogel TMS professional mount, ensure a clean surface and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any accidents or damages.

Comparing the prices of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts is like comparing a Walmart knockoff to a designer brand – one may save you money, but the other screams sophistication and quality.

Price Comparison of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

When considering TV mounts for professional purposes, the price comparison between Peerless and Vogel’s TMS options is a vital factor to consider. This article delves into the price comparison of these two brands.

For easy comprehension, here is a table detailing the prices of both Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts:

Brand Model Price (USD)
Peerless ESA763PU-S 299.99
Vogel’s TMS TMS1000 Turner M Full-Motion Wall Mount for 40-65″ Screens 399.00

While both Peerless and Vogel’s TMS offer exceptional quality, Peerless offers their ESA763PU-S model at a more affordable cost than Vogel’s TMS, making it a good option for those on a budget.

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To save money while purchasing TV mounts without compromising on quality, customers may consider purchasing older models or opting for refurbished ones. However, it is crucial to ensure that the product is from authorized dealers to avoid inferior quality products.

The installation process is so easy, even your grandma could do it without breaking a sweat (or a hip).

Installation Process of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

Paragraph 1 – A Professional Guide to Mounting TVs from Peerless and Vogel’s TMS

Mounting your TV can be a daunting task, but with Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, it can be a breeze. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the installation process.

Paragraph 2 – A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

  1. Choose the location: Decide where your TV will be mounted and ensure that the wall can support the weight of the TV and mount.
  2. Gather tools and materials: Collect all necessary tools and materials, such as a stud finder, a drill, screws, and brackets.
  3. Locate the studs: Use the stud finder to identify the location of the studs in the wall.
  4. Install the mount: Attach the mount to the wall using the brackets and screws, ensuring that it is level and secure.
  5. Attach the TV: Finally, attach the TV to the mount, following the instructions provided with the mount.

Paragraph 3 – Unique Details of Installing Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

It is important to note that the instructions provided with the mount may vary slightly depending on the model and type of mount. Also, consider consulting a professional if you are unsure about the installation process to ensure that your TV is securely mounted.

Paragraph 4 – Don’t Miss Out on Easy TV Mounting with Peerless and Vogel’s TMS

Save time and hassle by choosing a professional TV mount from Peerless and Vogel’s TMS. Don’t miss out on the convenience and safety provided by professional-grade TV mounts – start your installation process today!

Tools? Who needs tools when you have the strength of a thousand Peers and the precision of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

Required Tools

To complete the installation process of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, you will require specific tools. These tools will enable you to mount your TV securely without hassle.

For your convenience, here is a table that lists all of the required tools:

Required Tools Actual Data
Drill 1
Level 1
Stud Finder 1
Pencil 1
Tape Measure 1

It is also essential to gather all necessary parts and hardware before beginning the installation process. This includes the mount, mounting plate, screws, washers, and other essential components.

Before mounting your TV, it is crucial to check that your wall can support its weight. In addition, ensure you take accurate measurements to avoid placement errors and damage during installation.

Don’t start without first having all required tools and hardware at hand. It will save time and make the installation process much smoother.

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Improperly mounted TVs cause unnecessary accidents that can be hazardous and costly in many ways. So always double-check everything before beginning the installation process!

Get ready to hang your TV with more precision than a surgeon, but with less blood and guts involved.

Mounting Process

The professional mounting process for the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS TV mounts requires a specific set of steps to ensure secure installation.

  1. To begin, locate the designated mounting area on the wall where the mount will be attached.
  2. Next, use a level to ensure that the mounted bracket will be straight.
  3. Finally, drill holes into the wall at the designated locations and insert anchors before attaching the mount.

Unique details regarding this process include ensuring that all necessary tools are readily available before beginning installation and confirming that your television is compatible with your chosen mount.

According to Digital Trends, improper installation of a TV mount can result in damage to both your television and wall.

Reading customer reviews of TV mounts is like watching a horror movie – you hope it ends well, but you know someone’s going to get screwed.

Customer Reviews of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts – Customer Reviews

The opinions of customers who have purchased and used Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are essential to determine the quality of the product. Here are some key points regarding customer reviews of these TV mounts:

  • Installation: Both Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts are highly regarded for their ease of installation. Most customers find the installation process convenient and straightforward.
  • Durability: Customers have reported that these TV mounts are highly durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for extended use.
  • Stability: The mounting hardware of these TV mounts has been reported by customers to provide excellent stability, ensuring that the TV stays securely in place.
  • Compatibility: Several customers have remarked on the compatibility of these TV mounts with a wide range of television sets.
  • Customer Service: Customers have praised the excellent customer service given by both Peerless and Vogel’s regarding inquiries and issues about the product.

In addition, customers have remarked that both Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts are aesthetically pleasing and blend well with the room’s decor.

A valued customer shared their experience with Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mount when they installed the mount in their apartment with almost no effort. The customer was satisfied with the ease of installation and complimented the TV mount’s stability and durability.

Positive Reviews

Customers Praise Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts.

  • Customers appreciate the sturdy build quality of both mounts, ensuring that their TVs are held securely in place.
  • The simple installation process is another aspect that customers praise; they have mentioned an easy-to-follow instruction manual provided with each mount.
  • The sleek design of these mounts perfectly complements the aesthetic of their home entertainment setups, as noted by a majority of buyers.
  • Many users also appreciate the versatile positioning options available with these mounts, which allow for optimal viewing angles.

Users have further mentioned their satisfaction with the pricing of these mounts compared to alternatives available on the market. The affordability factor coupled with an array of high-end features makes them a preferred choice for buyers.

Pro Tip: Before investing in a TV mount, make sure to check your TV’s compatibility with it to avoid any unpleasant surprises during installation.

Looks like Peerless and Vogel’s TV mounts are not the only things that are falling short of expectations.

Negative Reviews

Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts. Here are some common issues that users have reported:

  • Difficult installation process
  • Mounting system not suitable for all types of TVs
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Poor durability, leading to the mount loosening over time

In addition to these common problems, some users also reported issues with the length of the screws provided, which can cause damage to their TVs. It is important to carefully consider these factors before purchasing one of these mounts.

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If you’re in the market for a professional TV mount, it’s crucial to do your research and read reviews from multiple sources. Don’t miss out on potential red flags that could lead to a frustrating experience with your new mount. Choose wisely and don’t settle for less than what you need.

Who needs a therapist when you can compare the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts and decide which one will be your new best friend?

Comparison of Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts are two widely popular TV mounting solutions. Here is a comparison of their features.

Aspect Peerless Vogel’s TMS Professional
Type Fixed, Tilting, Full-motion Fixed, Tilting, Full-motion
Compatibility Supports various TV sizes and weights Supports various TV sizes and weights
Installation Easy to install with user-friendly instructions Easy to install with user-friendly instructions
Price Relatively lower price Relatively higher price

It’s worth noting that both options have their unique features and are popular choices in the market.

One interesting fact about TV mounts is that Vogel’s TMS Professional originated in the Netherlands in 1973 and has since then captured the global market with innovative designs.

Peerless TV mounts are great for holding up your screen, but not so great at holding onto your sanity during installation.

Pros and Cons of Peerless TV Mounts

When comparing different TV mounts, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects to keep in mind when evaluating Peerless TV mounts.

For a clearer understanding, let’s take a look at the features of Peerless TV Mounts through a table:

Pros Cons
Affordable price Lower maximum weight capacity compared to Vogel’s TMS
Adjustable positioning Not suitable for large or heavy TVs
Easy installation process Limited selection of mounting options

It’s worth noting that while Peerless does have some limitations when it comes to weight capacity and size options, they make up for it with their affordability and easy installation process. Additionally, their adjustable positioning makes it easy to find the perfect angle for your viewing experience.

One unique aspect of Peerless is their focus on sustainability – many of their products are made with environmentally-friendly materials and they strive to reduce waste throughout their manufacturing process.

In terms of history, Peerless was founded in 1941 and has since become known for creating high-quality AV equipment. Their commitment to eco-friendliness has also become increasingly important in recent years as more consumers prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts: the perfect solution for those who want to hang their TV with Swiss precision, just make sure you don’t accidentally mount it upside down.

Pros and Cons of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

When it comes to discussing the merits and drawbacks of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, there are several factors that need to be considered. Let’s take a closer look.

Pros: Cons:
1. Easy installation process 1. Higher cost than some competitors
2. Wide range of compatibility with different TV brands and sizes 2. Designed more for commercial use than home use
3. Durable build and strong hold for TV positioning 3. More complex adjustment options may require professional assistance

In addition to these factors, it is worth noting that Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are designed with a specific customer in mind – those who prioritize durability, versatility, and ease-of-use in their TV mounting needs.

One suggestion for users consideration is to thoroughly read product descriptions and features before investing in a Vogel’s mount, or any other TV mount for that matter. Doing so ensures that users make an informed decision regarding which product suits their particular usage needs.

Overall, when compared with its peerless competitors, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offer top-notch performance and reliability. While the cost may be slightly higher than some other mounts on the market, this added expense is well worth it for those who want optimal strength and flexibility when positioning their TVs.

Choosing between the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts is like deciding between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini – either way, you’re getting a top-notch ride.

Conclusion: Which TV Mount is Better – Peerless or Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

When it comes to choosing between Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, which one should you go for? Let’s compare them based on different parameters to gather a better understanding of their features.

In the table below, we have compiled an overview of the features of both Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts. This will help you get a clearer idea of which one will suit your requirements better.

Parameters Peerless Vogel’s TMS
Range of Motion More flexible with multiple angles Limited range
Price Relatively expensive but has advanced features Affordable and good value for money
Build Quality Made with heavy-duty materials Slightly less robust than Peerless

Aside from these parameters highlighted in the table, both brands offer excellent quality products that cater to various mounting needs. However, it is essential to note specific niche requirements before purchasing either.

Peerless offers a wider range of motion options, making it suitable if you require additional flexibility with more viewing angles. Whereas, Vogel’s TMS is an affordable option without having to compromise its build quality. It may not offer all the advanced functions like Peerless’ higher-end models, but you’ll still receive features useful enough to mount your television securely.

With that being said, weigh out your unique needs and preferences by closely examining each mount’s characteristics before reaching a final decision.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to mounting your television! Choose wisely as this impacts not just how well-secured your television is but could also affect potential damage costs down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the weight capacity of the Peerless vs. Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

Peerless has a weight capacity of up to 150 lbs, while Vogel’s TMS Professional has a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs.

2. Are the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts compatible with all TV brands?

Yes, both mounts are compatible with most TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio.

3. What is the warranty period for the Peerless vs. Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

Peerless offers a limited lifetime warranty, while Vogel’s TMS Professional offers a 5-year warranty.

4. Can the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts be installed on drywall?

Yes, both mounts can be installed on drywall, but it is recommended to use a stud finder to locate the stud for a secure installation.

5. Is the installation process difficult for the Peerless vs. Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

No, both mounts come with easy-to-follow installation instructions and all necessary hardware. However, it is recommended to have two people for the installation process.

6. Are the Peerless and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts adjustable?

Yes, both mounts offer various tilt, swivel, and extension options to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

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