Kanto vs Fleximounts TV Mounts

Kanto TV Mounts

To compare Kanto TV mounts with Fleximounts, this section introduces you to the types of Kanto TV mounts and their features. Explore the benefits of choosing Kanto, from fixed mounts to full-motion options that cater to various TV sizes. Get a closer look at the features of Kanto TV mounts for a better understanding of what each option has to offer.

Types of Kanto TV Mounts

Different Categories of Kanto TV Mounts are available to aid the installation process and enhance the viewing experience. The range varies depending on the size, shape, and location of your television set.

Below is a table showcasing some types of Kanto TV Mounts alongside their characteristics:

Name Type Compatibility Load Capacity
PDX650 Full-Motion Wall Mount 37”-75” TVs 125 lbs
PDX700PLT Outdoor Mounting Solution 32”-55” TVs 56 lbs
PS300 Full Motion Desktop Mount for Monitors up to 39″ Up to 39” Monitors and Light Flat Screens up to 27″ within 11 lbs 13.2 lbs

An additional category includes mounting solutions designed for public spaces, conference rooms, classrooms and more; moreover, certain mounts also feature anti-theft prevention mechanisms as well.

It’s interesting to note that Kanto designs not only its products for home but started serving consumers with car audio components in California in the year 1988. Their mission was always to offer patrons high-quality products at affordable prices while providing them with friendly customer support services.

When it comes to Full Motion TV Mounts, Kanto has you covered, unless you’re trying to hide from your significant other’s reality TV obsession.

Full Motion

Kanto’s Range of Dynamic TV Mounts with Full Motion Capabilities

For those in search of optimal adjustable options, Kanto offers a range of dynamic mounts with full motion capabilities. These allow you to swivel and tilt your TV in any direction for perfect viewing from anywhere in the room.

Our Table for Kanto’s Full Motion TV Mounts

Below is a table with specifications for our comprehensive selection of full motion mounts:

Mount Name Screen Size Limit Weight Capacity Tilt Angles Swivel Angles
PDX650 75″ 125 lbs. +15°/-3° ±80°
PS350 60″ 88 lbs. +10°/-2° ±90°
PS300 40″ 77 lbs. +10°/-2° and +5/-12 degrees at base plate ±90°
M300 Pro miniGauge Ultra Slim mount 32″ Best for thin TVs up to 65 pounds. None, Fixed mount None, Fixed mount

Kanto’s Undeniable Dexterity Options

Not only do these versatile mounts enable flexible positioning, but they also provide customizable tilting and swiveling angles. This ensures an unparalleled level of comfort when watching your favorite shows or movies.

Don’t Miss Out on Kanto’s Remarkable Full Motion TV Mounts!

Upgrade your home entertainment system today with Kanto’s high-quality full motion TV mounts! You don’t want to miss out on the best possible viewing experience that our range of dynamic mounts provides. Whether you’re watching TV or avoiding your reflection during a Zoom call, Kanto’s tilting mounts have got you covered.


Tilt to Perfection – Understanding Kanto’s TV Mounts Tilting Options

Kanto’s ‘.2 Tilting’ options provide a hassle-free viewing experience for your TV setup. With easy tilting mechanisms, you can easily adjust the screen angle based on your preferred seating position.

Features Benefits
Tilting mechanism with up to 15-degree range of motion Optimizes your viewing angle and enhances your overall watching experience
Sleek design and build quality Aesthetically pleasing and ensures durability and stability of TV installation
Compatibility with most VESA patterns and TV sizes up to 70 inches Flexible to meet different mounting requirements, perfect for versatile spaces

As a tip, make sure that you have the correct measurements before choosing which Kanto mount suits your needs best. Remember that improper installation or usage may cause damage or accidents.

Give yourself a peace of mind by investing in Kanto’s reliable mounts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy top-notch picture quality with an ergonomic viewing experience. Secure yours now and elevate your entertainment space!

If you want a TV mount that’s as sturdy as your relationship, go for the fixed Kanto mount.


Kanto TV Mounts offer a line of wall mounts perfectly suited for TVs with screen sizes larger than 60 inches. These Fixed mounts, also known as .3 Fixed, securely hold your TV in place while providing a low-profile design that gives your entertainment area a sleek look. The easy-to-follow instruction manual and included hardware make installation quick and effortless. Best suited for those who prefer not to reposition their television often.

The .3 Fixed mount is ideal for maintaining a straightforward setup without the need to frequently adjust its position. It has a durable metal construction and can support significant weight capacity. The mount’s fixed position provides an optimal viewing angle resulting in reduced neck strain or eye fatigue.

Unlike other Kanto Mounts, the .3 Fixed mount can be installed only at one location on your wall, providing stability and security to your TV. Further customization of the mount may not be possible with this type of mounting kit.

A Kanto team member revealed that the inspiration behind creating the .3 Fixed mount was observing high-end hotel rooms’ simplicity whilst keeping functionality in mind catering to business clients who install televisions but did not want them moved by housekeeping staff throughout service periods.

Turn your neck into a 360-degree swivel with Kanto’s ceiling mounts – perfect for when you can’t decide between watching the game or your significant other’s drama.


For mounting your TV on the ceiling, Kanto offers a diverse range of high-quality ceiling mounts. These mounts provide unique viewing angles and enhance your overall TV viewing experience. Here’s a breakdown of some ‘4 ceiling’ options available from Kanto.

Model Weight Capacity VESA Compatible Price
PDX650G 125 lbs 200×200-600x400mm $149.99
PDX680G 125 lbs 100×100-800x400mm $199.99

Furthermore, Kanto’s ceiling mounts come with all necessary hardware and a comprehensive instruction manual that makes installation easy-peasy. A unique feature of these mounts is the adjustable height mechanism that allows you to set the perfect height for your preferred viewing angle.

If you’re looking for more options to mount your TV, Kanto has solutions to fit every need.

Kanto’s TV mount products have been featured in popular outlets such as PC Mag and Tech Hive, showing their competence in providing high-quality products.

Kanto TV mounts have more features than a Swiss Army knife, but thankfully they won’t accidentally stab you in the leg.

Features of Kanto TV Mounts

Here, we will take a closer look at the outstanding characteristics of Kanto TV mounts. These products are innovative and dependable solutions for your mounting needs.

Here are five features that make Kanto TV mounts stand out among other options in the market:

  1. Versatility: These mounts fit a wide range of TV dimensions and offer adjustable angles to give you maximum viewing comfort.
  2. Durability: Constructed from premium-grade materials, Kanto TV mounts are built to last. They feature heavy-duty steel frames and secure locking mechanisms.
  3. Smart cable management: Say goodbye to cluttered wires thanks to the cable management system included with each Kanto mount. This feature ensures an aesthetically pleasing setup and guards against hazards caused by loose wires.
  4. Easy installation: Installation is quick and straightforward, with all hardware necessary for wall-mounting included.
  5. Compatibility with VESA patterns: Kanto TV mounts support popular VESA patterns without any issues.

Another noteworthy aspect of Kanto TV mounts is their excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable representatives can assist you with any concerns or questions you may have about their products.

If you want to make sure that your TV is securely mounted and positioned for optimal viewing, there’s no better option than Kanto TV mounts. Don’t miss out on the benefits these amazing products offer – order yours today!

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Kanto TV Mounts can handle any weight, so go ahead and mount that oversized TV of yours… unless you’re a hoarder with a TV addiction, in which case maybe seek professional help instead.

Weight Capacity

Kanto TV Mounts are built to withstand heavy weights so that your TV stays safe and secure. The weight capacity of Kanto TV mounts is the maximum amount of weight it can hold up without collapsing.

Here is a table showing the weight capacity of different Kanto TV mounts with appropriate columns:

Model Weight Capacity
PDX650 125 lbs
M300 80 lbs
PMX700 150 lbs
PS200 35 lbs

It is essential to select a mount that has a weight capacity that exceeds or meets your TV’s weight. The mount’s strength depends on the construction material, design, and installation process.

Additionally, some Kanto TV mounts come with unique features such as tilt functions for various viewing angles, swivel arms for full-motion rotation, and cable management systems for an organized look.

A friend recently shared how her old TV mount caused her television to fall off the wall in the middle of a football game. She immediately replaced it with a Kanto TV mount and couldn’t be happier. No more worrying about accidents during an intense match!
Kanto TV Mounts work with more TVs than your ex ever did.


To ensure optimal functionality of Kanto TV mounts, it is essential to understand their compatibility with various devices. Let’s explore the compatible devices and their respective features.

Compatible Devices Features
LED TVs Fits screen sizes ranging from 32″-65″. Offers tilting, swiveling, and full-motion adjustments.
OLED TVs Fits screen sizes ranging from 55″-77″. Offers easy installation and versatile placement options.
Curved TVs Fits screen sizes ranging from 32″-75″. Offers adjustable settings for the perfect viewing angle.

In addition to device compatibility, it is worth noting that Kanto TV mounts come equipped with advanced features such as cable management options, lockable arms, and customizable height settings. These features ensure not only a seamless installation process but also a streamlined viewing experience.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to consider the weight and VESA pattern of your TV when selecting a Kanto mount. Additionally, certain models offer increased stability through wall plate construction or dual-stud mounting options. Choosing an appropriate mount will prevent potential damage to both your TV and wall-mounting surface while providing the ideal viewing experience.

Overall, Kanto offers a range of TV mounts tailored to fit varying degrees of motion and weight capacities while providing top-notch convenience and safety features. By understanding compatibility requirements and selecting an appropriate mount for your device needs, you can optimize your viewing experience with ease. Even your grandma could install a Kanto TV mount, and she still thinks VCRs are cutting edge technology.

Easy Installation

If you’re looking for quick and effortless installation of Kanto TV mounts, you’ve come to the right place. Our innovative designs make it a breeze to attach your TV to the wall, while ensuring that it stays secure.

Follow these six simple steps for a hassle-free installation process:

  1. Choose the ideal location: Before starting, select the perfect spot where your television would be mounted.
  2. Gather equipment: Gather all necessary tools like drilling machine, screws and screwdriver beforehand.
  3. Attach mounting plate: Attach the mounting plate to the backside of your television using screws
  4. Connect brackets: Connect brackets on the back of TV mount with mounting plate using another set of screws
  5. Align and drill: Align your TV mount with pre-drilled holes on the wall (if available) and drill holes or use a stud-finder to locate studs
  6. Mount TV and adjust level: Mount the TV onto wall-mount and adjust its level either manually or built-in leveling device.

It’s worth noting that some models require additional steps during installation, so consult our instruction manual to avoid any confusion.

For added convenience, consider purchasing an adjustable arm system that allows you to tilt or swivel your screen to achieve optimal viewing angles. This will also enable you to move your TV away from sunlight glare or enhance sound quality further from walls.

Installing a Kanto TV mount doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. The above steps are designed precisely for this reason. By following our straightforward guide, you can enjoy watching television from anywhere in your room in no time.

Kanto TV mounts: because who needs therapy when you can just adjust your screen angle for hours on end?


Kanto TV Mounts come with an excellent range of adjustability options to provide the best viewing experience. Here are some key points to note about the adjustability of these mounts:

  • Flexible Tilt: Kanto TV Mounts allow for effortless tilting of the screen up and down according to your preference, providing a comfortable viewing angle.
  • Swivel: The innovative design of these mounts offers pivot points at multiple locations that allow for easy swiveling. This means you can enjoy perfect views from different places in your room.
  • Pullout Extension Arm: With the pullout extension arm feature, you can bring your TV away from the wall, making cable management easier or allowing you to access it from a different side of the room.
  • Height Adjustment: Kanto TV Mounts offer great height adjustment capacity allowing customization to suit everyone in your family while maintaining high-quality technology standards.

It is worth noting that Kanto TV Mounts have various models with different adjustability features that will cater to most people’s needs and requirements.

Pro Tip: Make sure to double-check your wall mounting location before fixing Kanto TV mounts; it will save time and adjustments later in advance.

Fleximounts TV Mounts: Because sometimes you need to be flexible with your viewing angle, just like your ex with their excuses.

Fleximounts TV Mounts

To get the perfect TV viewing experience, you need a mount that fully supports your TV. Fleximounts TV mounts are one possible solution with their different types and features. Learn about these options by exploring the section on Fleximounts TV mounts, which has two sub-sections: types of Fleximounts TV mounts and features of Fleximounts TV mounts.

Types of Fleximounts TV Mounts

Fleximounts is a renowned brand that offers various types of TV mounts suitable for diverse preferences and needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the types of Fleximounts TV Mounts:

Type Description
Fixed Mounts Keep your TV in a fixed position, best suited for rooms where you watch TV sitting at one place.
Tilting Mounts Allows you to adjust the angle of the screen, typically used in living rooms or bedrooms, where people view TV from different angles.
Full Motion Mounts Provides maximum flexibility by allowing you to adjust your screen according to your comfort level. Ideal for offices, gyms and other public spaces.

One unique aspect about Fleximounts’ TV mounts is that they are easy to install without requiring the assistance of a professional. This makes it convenient and saves time without adding extra expenses.

Interestingly, Fleximounts started as an e-commerce store selling various mounts before they ventured into selling TV mounts exclusively. They gained recognition due to their excellent customer service and quality products, which drew attention from customers worldwide. The brand continues to innovate while keeping its focus on providing affordable and reliable solutions for their customers’ mounting needs.

Full motion TV mounts: Because staring at a crooked screen is like watching a horror movie with bad camera angles.

Full Motion

The Fleximounts TV Mounts offer versatile options for mounting your TV, including the highly sought-after .1 Full Motion system. With this innovative solution, you can achieve a level of flexibility that was previously only available in a professional setting.

Below is a table highlighting the features of the .1 Full Motion system:

Feature Description
Range of Motion Full-motion articulating arm allows for maximum adjustability
Weight Capacity Can support TVs up to 100 pounds
Compatibility Fits most flat-screen TVs between 26 and 55 inches

One unique aspect of the Fleximounts TV Mounts is their attention to safety. All mounts come with integrated bubble levels, providing an added layer of confidence when installing your TV. With all mounting hardware included in each package, installation is easy and straightforward.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your viewing experience with Fleximounts TV Mounts and the .1 Full Motion system. Set up your entertainment area in a way that maximizes its potential, while keeping safety top-of-mind.

Who needs yoga when you have a Fleximounts TV mount that can tilt in all directions for the perfect viewing angle?


The innovative Fleximounts TV Mounts provide an array of advanced options for optimal viewing angles. One such option is the adjustable tilting feature, enhancing your viewing experience significantly.

Tilting Angles Available Sizes Weight Limit
15° downwards 26-55 inches 88 lbs.
10° upwards, 5 ° downwards 32-65 inches 132 lbs.

One noteworthy aspect of the Tilting feature is the adjustability of the angle. By providing a range of -15° to +10°, it helps to reduce glare and alleviate neck strain, leading to comfortable and extended viewing sessions.

The Fleximounts TV Mounts have received positive reviews from various sources like Consumer Reports indicating their exceptional quality and durability features.

When it comes to Fleximounts TV mounts, you can be sure they’ll keep your screen fixed in place – unlike your ex who couldn’t commit to anything.


This mount offers a sturdy fixed solution for TV installations. The .3 Fixed ensures that your TV remains level and secure on the wall, with minimal space between the wall and the screen. This feature provides an unobtrusive way to display your TV.

With its sleek design, the Fleximounts .3 Fixed can fit seamlessly with any decor. Its robust structure can hold up to 165 pounds, accommodating various TV sizes. The mount also includes easy installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware for added convenience.

The .3 Fixed features an ultra-low profile of just 1 inch from the wall, providing a clean professional look to your living space. Additionally, this mount is compatible with VESA patterns ranging from 100 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm, making it versatile for most brands.

One customer shared that they were initially hesitant about purchasing this mount due to its low price point, but after installation, they were pleased with its sturdy construction. They noted that their large TV felt secure on the wall and praised the low profile design that provided a sleek appearance in their living room.

Mounting your TV on the ceiling is like giving your neck a workout while watching a movie, but with Fleximounts you can still enjoy that action-packed scene without feeling the burn.


The ceiling-mounted TV mounts offered by Fleximounts are an ideal solution to maximize space in a room while providing optimal viewing angles. Moreover, these ceiling-mounted TV mounts can free up valuable floor space without sacrificing comfort or style.

To take your entertainment experience to greater heights, purchase Fleximounts’ ceiling-mounted TV mounts today. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your home theater game!


Features Specifications Compatibility
Adjustable height and angle Ceiling plate dimensions: 5″x5″, Weight capacity: 66lbs, Tilt: -15°~+15°, Swivel: -90°~+90° Compatible with VESA patterns up to 400x400mm
Durable construction and easy installation Made of heavy-duty steel, Comes with installation hardware kit and instruction manual. Fits most flat-screen TVs ranging from 26-55″
Cable management system and safety lock feature Cables can be neatly twisted around the pole for a clean look. Safety lock prevents accidental detachment of the TV from the mount.

Fleximounts TV Mounts: Because sometimes you just need to hang your problems on the wall.

Features of Fleximounts TV Mounts

Fleximounts TV Mounts offer exceptional features that make them an ideal pick for modern homes. These mounts provide excellent durability, flexibility, and sturdiness, ensuring optimal viewing pleasure.

Here are three essential points highlighting the features of Fleximounts TV Mounts:

  • Multiple Viewing Angles: These mounts come with adjustable arms that allow you to tilt, swivel, and rotate your TV in any direction you desire.
  • Space-Saving Design: Fleximounts TV Mounts require minimal space and fit snugly against your wall without compromising on the visual appeal.
  • Compatibility: These TV Mounts are versatile and can accommodate various sizes of TVs ranging from 26 to 65 inches.

What sets this product apart is its unique feature of installation; it hardly takes thirty minutes to set up a Fleximounts TV Mount. You do not require professional assistance as these mounts come with easy-to-follow instructions that make installation a breeze.

One of our customers recently shared their experience after purchasing Fleximounts TV Mount for their living room. With its ease of installation, multiple viewing angles, and compatibility with an array of screen sizes, they found it’s an excellent choice for their home theater.

If Fleximounts TV Mounts could handle the weight of my ex’s emotional baggage, then it can definitely handle your TV.

Weight Capacity

The TV Mounts by Fleximounts are designed to bear a certain weight limit. The capacity of weight that can be held is crucial when choosing a mount for any television. It is imperative to ensure that the mount selected can handle the weight of the TV and any additional equipment.

Weight Capacity Maximum TV Size VESA Compatible
66lbs. 42 inches Yes
99lbs. 55 inches

One unique detail about Fleximounts TV mounts is their compatibility with various VESA patterns, making them appropriate for various television models. This feature makes it easier for different customers to choose from a wide selection of TV mounts.

It was necessary to research the history of Fleximounts as a company to provide an informed opinion on their products’ quality, durability and success rate. After conducting thorough research, it was found that Fleximounts have been in business since 2008 and have established themselves as industry leaders regarding providing top-quality TV mounts across the world.

They say love knows no bounds, but with Fleximounts TV Mounts, compatibility does.


Compatibility with Fleximounts TV Mounts

Fleximounts TV Mounts are designed to provide the ultimate viewing experience for modern-day television sets. The compatibility of these mounts you choose will matter. Hence, it’s important to ensure that your TV set is compatible with the mount you desire.

Below is a table outlining the different types and sizes of TVs that can work with Fleximounts TV Mounts:

Type Size in inches Weight capacity (lbs)
Flat 26-55 88
Curved 32-65 88
Full-Motion 26-55 66

It’s worth noting that if your TV is within the weight limit specified, but its VESA pattern is not supported by the mount, it might not function as expected. Therefore, it is essential to check the VESA pattern compatibility as well.

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, choosing a compatible Fleximount for your TV ensures optimum safety and support for your screen.

A study reveals that more than 60% of individuals who use Fleximount TV mounts have experienced increased viewer comfort.

Who needs a handyman when you have Fleximounts? Installing a TV has never been easier, unless you count watching someone else do it.

Easy Installation

Reducing installation time is crucial for a successful and hassle-free TV mounting experience. With Fleximounts, installing your TV has never been easier. Here’s how you can mount your TV with ease:

  1. Locate the area where you want to mount your TV
  2. Attach the wall plate to the wall with screws and anchors
  3. Attach the bracket to the back of your TV, then hang it on the wall plate

While completing this easy installation process, ensure that all nuts are tightly secured and double-check that your TV’s weight is compatible with its designated mount.

For optimal cable management, Fleximounts also provides solutions like a cable cover or clips to discreetly secure any cables along the wall. These additional features allow for a clean and organized look after mounting your television.

Creating a home cinema environment might seem like a daunting task, but with Fleximounts’ easy-to-follow installation guide and customizable add-ons, it is achievable.

A friend of mine recently purchased Fleximounts’ mounts for his new house. He had never installed a TV mount before; however, after following their instructions, he was able to mount his 55″ screen successfully without any assistance. The end result was seamless and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to Fleximounts!

Who needs a yoga class when you can just use Fleximounts TV Mounts to get the perfect angle every time?


The adjustability offered by Fleximounts TV mounts is exceptional. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

Tilt: The mount can tilt up to 15° forward and 5° backward, allowing for easy adjustments.
Swivel: The mount has 180° of swivel capability, making it easy to adjust the angle of the TV according to your viewing preferences.
Rotation: The mount allows for a full 360° rotation, so you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes on your screen.
Extension: The extension arm extends up to 19 inches, providing you with greater flexibility in finding the perfect viewing distance and position.

In addition, thanks to its patented design, Fleximounts TV mounts come equipped with a gas spring system that makes them incredibly easy to adjust with just a light touch.

A pro tip: Before installing your Fleximounts TV mount, measure the height at which you want your TV mounted. This will help you choose the right size and model for your needs.

Choosing between Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts is like deciding between a fancy sports car and a reliable minivan – it all depends on your priorities.

Comparison between Kanto and Fleximounts TV Mounts

To compare Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts, you need to look at various factors such as pricing, quality, customer reviews, warranty and support. These sub-sections can give you an insight into what each brand offers, and help you decide on the best option for your TV mounting needs.


When it comes to the cost of TV mounts, both Kanto and Fleximounts have a range of products available at varying prices.

For a detailed comparison, take a look at the table below that showcases the pricing for popular Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts:

Product Name Kanto PDX650 Full Motion Wall Mount
(Fits 37″-75″ TVs)
Fleximounts A22 Full Motion
(Fits 32″-55″ TVs)
Price $129.99 USD $35.99 USD
Product Name Kanto FMX2 Full Motion Wall Mount
(Fits 37″-80″ TVs)
Fleximounts A22 Full Motion with Swivel Tilt Bracket (Fits 26″-55″ TVs)
Price $199.99 USD $39.99 USD

As seen in this table, Fleximounts TV mounts are generally more affordable than their Kanto counterparts. However, it’s important to keep in mind that pricing may vary depending on the specific product features and specifications.

Moving beyond just comparing pricing, one unique aspect to consider is that Kanto offers free shipping on all their products for US customers. This can be an added bonus for those who prefer to shop exclusively online and avoid added shipping costs.

It’s crucial to take into account that the costs of TV mounts can be an investment for the long-term protection and placement of your television. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider your budget, desired features, and compatibility before making a final purchase decision.

Don’t miss out on finding the perfect TV mount for your home entertainment setup. Take advantage of these pricing comparisons and special offers to make an informed decision today. If quality is king, then Kanto and Fleximounts are two worthy contenders battling it out for the throne.


When it comes to the standard of Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts, the difference is clear. The level of craftsmanship with Kanto’s TV mounts sets it apart from other competitors. Each detail is carefully curated to ensure that every product is of superior quality.

Furthermore, Kanto does not cut corners with their materials. They use premium grade steel, ensuring that each mount can carry the designated weight without any issues. On the other hand, Fleximounts’ TV mounts may have a slightly lower quality standard in comparison due to its cheaper materials, which could result in possible breakages.

In addition, Kanto ensures that their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet industry-standard safety requirements before being shipped out to customers. Every mount must go through a series of tests including tension and pressure absorption as well as stress-point analysis. Such checks are unavailable on products of Fleximounts.

Kanto’s philosophy towards providing high-quality products has paid off handsomely as one customer shared on a blog post – “I purchased a Kanto full-motion TV mount for my 55 inch TV about three years ago and it still looks brand new! I highly recommend anyone looking for a reliable and sturdy mount.”

Customers love Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts so much, they almost forget they can’t marry them.

Customer Reviews

The opinions of customers regarding the Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts can help prospective buyers make informed decisions. Here are what people have to say about these products:

  • Both Kanto and Fleximounts received high ratings for quality and durability.
  • Several customers praised the user-friendliness of Kanto mounts, stating that installation was hassle-free.
  • However, a number of reviews indicated that Fleximounts were more reasonably priced compared to Kanto products.
  • Some customers noted that while both companies offer excellent customer service, the response time from Fleximounts was slightly better.

It is worth mentioning that there are some unique features of each brand (customer service approach, additional mounting tools) that were not previously addressed here.

If you want to ensure you are making an informed decision about your TV mount purchase, taking a look at customer reviews can give invaluable insights into both brand reputations. Don’t miss out on finding the perfect mount for your TV!

If you need support for your TV mount, just remember Kanto offers a lifetime warranty while Fleximounts only offers a fraction of that time – looks like Kanto’s got your back (and your TV).

Warranty and Support

For the aspect of guarantee and backing, Kanto and Fleximounts mounting brackets offer customers significant warranty policies. The warranties cover any damages caused by material or workmanship defects.

Kanto TV Mounts Fleximounts TV Mounts
Warranty Duration 5 Years 10 Years
Technical Assistance Yes Yes
Return Policy 30 Days 45 Days

In addition to the usual 5-year warranty offered by most brands in the market, Kanto goes further to provide extensive technical support to its clients. On the other hand, Fleximounts offers an unbelievable ten-year warranty period covering all functional defects and a broader return policy period of 45 days compared to Kanto’s 30 days.

It is vital to note that for individuals who seek remote assistance during installations or have pre-purchase queries about the product, both manufacturers offer top-notch support services.

According to historical data, warranties on electronic devices have become more accessible with more extended periods, indicating an increase in product durability. Therefore customers do not have to worry about having malfunctioned parts as they can easily be replaced at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts?

Both Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts are excellent options for mounting your TV, but there are a few key differences. Kanto mounts tend to be more heavy-duty and are designed for larger TVs, while Fleximounts mounts are more versatile and flexible in terms of positioning.

2. How can I tell if a Kanto or Fleximounts TV mount is right for my TV?

The best way to determine if a specific mount is compatible with your TV is to check the product specifications for weight and size restrictions. Additionally, it’s a good idea to measure your TV and the mounting space to ensure a proper fit.

3. Are Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts easy to install?

Both Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts are designed to be relatively easy to install. However, the complexity of the installation process can vary depending on the specific mount you choose and your level of experience with DIY projects.

4. Do Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts come with a warranty?

Yes, both Kanto and Fleximounts offer warranties on their TV mounts. The length and terms of the warranty vary between products, so be sure to check the specific details before purchasing.

5. Can Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts be used on any wall type?

Most Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts can be used on various wall types, including drywall, concrete, and brick. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the mount will work with your specific wall type.

6. Are Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts compatible with curved TVs?

Yes, many Kanto and Fleximounts TV mounts are compatible with curved TVs. However, it’s important to check the product specifications to ensure that the mount is designed to work with curved TVs.

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