A wall with a 50-inch tv mounted on it

Mounting your TV can be a great way to optimize your viewing experience and free up space in your home. With the Onn 50 Inch TV, mounting can be a great way to elevate your entertainment and enhance your room’s aesthetics. This article will cover all the details you need to know to mount your Onn 50 Inch TV on the wall- from benefits, types of TV mounts available to troubleshooting common issues with mounting.

The Benefits of Mounting Your TV

Mounting your TV has several benefits worth noting. For one, it enables you to save space and avoid clutter in your home, providing you with more substantial space to maneuver around. Additionally, wall-mounting your TV cuts down on cable clutter and helps prevent untidiness associated with TV wires. Besides space and aesthetics, mounting your TV can help to minimize the glare caused by light reflecting on your TV screen. This feature is particularly essential if your room receives a lot of natural light or has many windows.

Another benefit of mounting your TV is that it can improve your viewing experience. When you mount your TV on the wall, you can adjust the height and angle to suit your preferences, ensuring that you have a comfortable viewing position. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time watching TV or if you have a large family, as it can help to reduce neck and eye strain.

Finally, mounting your TV can also enhance the safety of your home. When you have a TV stand, it can be a hazard, especially if you have young children or pets. A TV stand can be knocked over, causing the TV to fall and potentially injure someone. By mounting your TV on the wall, you eliminate this risk, making your home a safer place for everyone.

What You Need to Know Before Mounting Your Onn 50 Inch TV

Before you jump into mounting your Onn 50 Inch TV on the wall, there are several essential things that you must know. For starters, consider whether your home’s wall can support the weight of your TV. The Onn 50 Inch TV weighs approximately 25 pounds, and your wall needs to be strong enough to hold its weight. Besides the weight, you may also want to consider the viewing environment. Consider the distance between the seating area and the TV screen and ensuring that it aligns with your requirements.

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Another crucial factor to consider before mounting your Onn 50 Inch TV is the location of the power outlet. Ensure that the wall you choose to mount your TV on has a power outlet nearby. This will prevent you from having to run long cords across the room, which can be unsightly and pose a tripping hazard. Additionally, you may want to consider investing in a surge protector to protect your TV from power surges and voltage spikes that can damage your TV’s internal components.

Types of TV Mounts Available for Onn 50 Inch TVs

Different kinds of TV mounts are available in the market, and your choice will depend on your preference and TV’s size. The three primary types of TV mounts are fixed mount, tilting mount, and full-motion mount. Fixed mount is a budget-friendly option ideal for rooms with fixed viewing positions. They offer no angle adjustment, but they hold your TV securely to the wall. Tilting mounts allow for upward and downward adjustment, making them ideal if you need a better viewing angle. Full-motion mounts are the most flexible and allow for maximum movement and adjustments in any direction for optimum viewing angles no matter where you are in the room.

When choosing a TV mount, it’s essential to consider the weight and size of your TV. Onn 50 inch TVs are relatively lightweight, and most mounts can support their weight. However, it’s still crucial to check the weight limit of the mount you choose to ensure it can hold your TV securely.

Another factor to consider is the installation process. Fixed mounts are the easiest to install, while full-motion mounts require more time and effort. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to hire a professional to install your TV mount to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

How to Choose the Right TV Mount for Your Onn 50 Inch TV

Choosing the right TV mount for your Onn 50 Inch TV can be a daunting task. However, you can start by considering the size of your TV. Since we’re focused on the Onn 50 Inch, you should consider a mount designed explicitly for a 50-inch TV screen. Beyond the size, consider that full-motion mounts are relatively more expensive than tilting or fixed mounts. Other critical factors to consider when purchasing a mount for your TV include the viewing angle adjustment, the ease of installation and available space near the wall.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a TV mount for your Onn 50 Inch TV is the weight capacity of the mount. You need to ensure that the mount can support the weight of your TV. It is advisable to choose a mount with a weight capacity that is higher than the weight of your TV to ensure maximum safety and stability.

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Additionally, you should consider the type of wall you will be mounting your TV on. If you have a drywall, you will need to use anchors to secure the mount to the wall. However, if you have a concrete or brick wall, you will need to use a different type of hardware to secure the mount. It is essential to ensure that the mount is securely attached to the wall to prevent accidents and damage to your TV.

Preparing Your Onn 50 Inch TV for Mounting

Before mounting your TV, it’s necessary first to prepare it for the installation process. Start by disconnecting all cables from the TV, and then carefully lay the Onn 50 Inch TV face down on a flat surface. Check whether the mounting brackets are present and if not, refer to the Onn TV manual for guidance on purchasing and attaching them. Once you have the mounting brackets, use them to attach the TV to the mount’s plate. This process requires extra care to avoid damaging the TV screen.

It’s also important to consider the location where you will be mounting your TV. Make sure the wall or surface is sturdy enough to support the weight of the TV and the mount. You may need to use additional hardware or consult with a professional if you’re unsure about the strength of the wall. Additionally, consider the viewing angle and height of the TV to ensure comfortable and optimal viewing. Taking these factors into account will help you prepare your Onn 50 Inch TV for a successful and safe mounting process.

How to Measure and Mark the Wall for Mounting Your Onn 50 Inch TV

Before installing your Onn 50 Inch TV on the wall, you need first to identify the ideal location and measure the space. Using a measuring tape, identify the height and the width of your TV, and adjust it to provide a better viewing angle. Using a pencil, carefully mark out the points where the mount will be screwed to the wall, ensuring that they are aligned perfectly. Using a level tool, ensure that the marks are straight to avoid any complications during the wall mount installation process.

It is also essential to consider the weight of your TV and choose a mount that can support it. You can find the weight limit of your mount in the product manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Make sure to choose a mount that can support the weight of your TV to avoid any accidents or damage to your TV.

Additionally, it is crucial to check the type of wall you are mounting your TV on. Different walls require different types of screws and anchors. For example, if you are mounting your TV on a drywall, you will need to use drywall anchors to ensure that the mount is secure. If you are unsure about the type of wall you have, consult a professional or refer to the product manual for guidance.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your TV Mount on the Wall

Installing a wall mount can be a rather simple process if you have all the tools and guidance. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment such as a screwdriver, drill, and a measuring tape before starting. Follow the instruction manual that came with the mount to achieve a seamless installation process for your Onn 50 Inch TV. The guide will give you detailed directions on installing the mounting plate, attaching the brackets to the TV, and mounting the TV on the wall. Remember to exercise extra care when handling the TV while mounting and screwing the mount to the wall.

How to Attach the Bracket to Your Onn 50 Inch TV

After completing the wall-mounting process, it’s time to attach the mounting bracket to the Onn 50 Inch TV. Start by attaching the brackets to the TV, ensuring they are secured tightly and correctly for maximum grip on the mount. It’s essential to tighten the screws carefully, ensuring that they don’t scratch or damage the TV during the process. Finally, double-check the mounting bracket’s orientation to match the mount’s plate and avoid any complications.

Tips for Wiring Your Onn 50 Inch TV After Mounting

After completing the wall-mounting process, wiring your Onn 50 Inch TV should be the next step. In general, you can hire a professional to handle the wiring process or do it yourself. If you choose the latter, it’s essential to use high-quality cables and carefully hide the wires for maximum visual appeal. You wouldn’t want your wires to be visible, ruining the TV mount’s overall effect.

Adjusting and Leveling Your Mounted Onn 50 Inch TV for Optimal Viewing Experience

Once you’ve mounted your TV, it’s essential to adjust and level it to help optimize your viewing experience. You can adjust the TV’s height or tilt angles, depending on your seating position, for optimal viewing. Additionally, ensure that the TV mount and brackets are correctly aligned and tightened to eliminate any sway or wobbling. Remember, a properly leveled TV mounting will make all the difference in your watching sessions.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Mounting An Onn 50 Inch TV

While mounting an Onn 50 Inch TV is a relatively straightforward process, you may encounter some challenges along the way. Some of the most common issues include mounting hardware and screw-related issues, incompatible mounting brackets and fittings, and weight balancing issues. If you experience any challenges during the mounting process, it’s best to refer to the instruction manual or contact a professional for assistance.

Final Touches: Enhancing your Wall Mounted Onn 50 Inch TV

After mounting your Onn 50 Inch TV, enhance your viewing experience by adding some final touches. For instance, you can add some wall decor such as pictures or paintings to complement your TV’s placement on the wall. You might also want to consider investing in additional sound accessories such as speakers or soundbars to enhance the sound quality of the movies or TV shows you watch. These simple enhancements will make your wall-mounted TV blend seamlessly with your room’s decor.


Whether it’s for saving space or enhancing your viewing experience, mounting your Onn 50 Inch TV on the wall is a significant step you can take towards optimizing your entertainment space. With the right guidance and tools, you can mount your TV safely and securely, ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits that come with wall mounting your TV screen.

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