Atdec vs Sanus TV Mounts

Introduction to Atdec and Sanus TV Mounts

Atdec and Sanus are two well-known brands when it comes to TV mounts. These mounting solutions allow users to secure their screens safely onto the wall, freeing up space. Both brands offer versatile TV mount options suitable for various sizes of TV screens.

When comparing Atdec vs. Sanus TV mounts, one must consider specific factors like mounting style, screen size compatibility, material quality, and installation ease. Atdec offers both fixed and articulated types of mounts with a low profile design perfect for slim TVs. On the other hand, Sanus provides more flexible designs suitable for different viewing angles with easy cable management options.

It is also worth noting that both brands offer sturdy materials and quick installation processes, making them ideal for most homes or offices.

For those looking for sleek minimalist designs, Atdec may be the brand to look into more. If you prefer adjustable options with advanced cable management features facilitating better organization, then Sanus should be your pick.

Mount your TV like a pro with Atdec, because let’s face it, your DIY skills are not that great.

Atdec TV Mounts

To explore Atdec TV mounts, you need to understand the various types, features and benefits of the product. By delving into these aspects, you can come up with the best solution for your space. Discover the available types, features, and benefits of Atdec TV mounts for an informed decision.

Types of Atdec TV Mounts available

Various options of mounting your television are offered by Atdec, a reputed brand for TV mounts. Below is a table showcasing the available types of Atdec TV mounts, including their features and compatible screen sizes.

Types of Atdec TV Mounts Features Compatible Screen Sizes
Flush-mount bracket Minimalist design, Steel construction 32″ – 50″
Full-motion mount Swivels up to 180°, Tilts up to -5°/+15°, Sturdy Aluminum material 42″ – 70″
Ceiling mount Height adjustable pole, Cable management included 37″ – 70″
Articulating wall mount Cable management included, Adjustable arm extension up to 20″, VESA compatibility pattern upto 600 x 400mm 42″ -90″+

It is important to note that besides these popular models showcased in the table above, Atdec also offers many other sleek designs such as tilted mounts and desk mounts. The company specializes in mounting solutions that cater to all needs and styles while ensuring high-quality products.

An email from one happy customer who purchased an Atdec full-motion mount read “I have been using this mount for over two years now and it has never let me down. Its smooth swivel action makes it easy to adjust according to any seating position.” This highlights how happy customers are satisfied with the durability and ease-of-use that comes along with purchasing any type of Atdec mount for their television. Mount your TV with Atdec and enjoy features that are better than your ex’s cooking skills.

Features of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec TV Mounts boast an array of cutting-edge and innovative features that make it a go-to choice for users looking for the best mounting solutions. These mounts have become increasingly popular because they offer superior functionality and excellent performance compared to other brands in the market.

Some noteworthy Features of Atdec TV Mounts include:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of display sizes and types, including LCD, LED, OLED, and plasma TVs
  • Adjustable tilt and swivel functions that enable users to customize their viewing experience
  • Durable construction using high-quality materials ensuring long-term durability
  • Easy installation with included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Cable management systems that promote a neat and organized look while maximizing performance efficiency.

On top of the aforementioned features, Atdec TV Mounts stand out as one of the few companies offering bespoke mounting designs tailored specifically to suit your space. This tailor-made feature allows you to achieve your desired aesthetic while maintaining optimal functionality.

In addition, some historical significance surrounds Atdec TV Mounts. In 2001, Robert Lowther founded the company straight out of his garage in Sydney, Australia. The idea was born out of his desire to innovate the computer monitor mounting industry. Today, Atdec has grown into a reputable brand globally recognized for producing quality mounting solutions for different display types.

Atdec TV Mounts: Because who needs a neck ache from staring at a tilted screen?

Benefits of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec TV Mounts – Enhancing your TV viewing experience!

  • Elevated Viewing Angle: By mounting your TV on the wall, you can enjoy an elevated viewing angle, reducing neck and eye strain.
  • Space-saving Solution: Atdec TV mounts offer a space-saving solution by freeing up floor space, creating a clean and modern look.
  • Adjustability: The mounts are adjustable, enabling you to customize the angle of your television based on your comfort and preference.

The Atdec TV mounts provide a range of installation options, such as ceiling or wall-mounted solutions tailored to fit specific areas of the home.

Pro Tip: Ensure the dimensions and weight specifications of your television match with the recommended sizes for each mount for optimal safety and stability.

Sanus TV Mounts: Because sometimes, just sometimes, you need to switch things up from your usual Atdec.

Sanus TV Mounts

To learn more about Sanus TV mounts, you can explore the different types available, their unique features, and the benefits that they offer. From tilting and full-motion mounts to space-saving options, there is a Sanus mount to fit your needs. Discover the versatility and functionality of Sanus TV mounts, and find the perfect solution for your home entertainment setup.

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Types of Sanus TV Mounts available

When it comes to mounting your TV, Sanus offers various options that cater to different needs. A range of Sanus TV mounts are available in the market, each with unique features and specifications to choose from.

To help you choose the right mount for your TV, we have created a comprehensive table detailing the types of Sanus TV mounts available. The table includes columns such as mount type, compatibility, weight capacity, tilt range, and swivel angle. With this information on hand, you can select a Sanus TV mount that best suits your needs.

Apart from the types mentioned in the table, Sanus also offers tilting wall mounts suitable for large-sized TVs. These mounts come equipped with easy access pull strings that enable cable management and quick-release locking mechanisms that make installation effortless.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing a Sanus TV mount, ensure that it is compatible with your TV’s model number and size to avoid any inconveniences later on.

Mount your TV like a pro with Sanus, because let’s face it, nobody wants their expensive flat screen crashing down like a house of cards.

Features of Sanus TV Mounts

Are you looking for robust and durable TV mounts for your home or office? Sanus offers an array of TV mounts that cater to different sizes and types of television screens. Here are some excellent features of Sanus TV Mounts that set them apart from others:

  • Adjustability: Sanus TV Mounts come with various adjustment options, allowing users to move their screens horizontally, vertically, or tilt them as required.
  • Accessibility: These mounts are designed in such a way that installation and removal of the screen become so effortless. For maintenance, wiring or adjustment, the mount can be tilted easily.
  • Safety: Safety is one of the primary concerns when it comes to mounting TVs. Sturdy constriction made with high-quality materials ensures safe and secure support.

Apart from the mentioned features, there are other facets as well. Each product is uniquely constructed keeping its application in mind. There exist a range of fixed wall mounts that just fix against walls without any flexibility but being perfect for lighter televisions. Some offering additional flexibility while some consist providing only basic access.

If you’re considering buying a Sanus TV mount, here are some suggestions that may help:

  • Identify your needs: Consider which type of mount best suits your requirements based on screen size, weight and viewing angle options.
  • Consult the experts: Connect with an installation service and consider outsourcing your installation work to ensure safety and security.
  • Budget: Weigh out options offering all necessary features within budget constraints.

Investing in a quality TV mount does not only enhance how you enjoy entertainment media or function complementing home theater experiences, but also promotes safety for individuals living around it.

Mount your TV securely and benefit from improved viewing angles with Sanus TV mounts – because life’s too short to watch TV at a bad angle.

Benefits of Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus TV Mounts offer a myriad of advantages for homeowners seeking to enhance their viewing experience by installing a high-quality mounting system. Here are three reasons why Sanus TV Mounts are worth investing in:

  1. Improved Ergonomics: Sanus TV Mounts can be easily and flexibly adjusted to the perfect angle, height, and orientation required to minimize glare, optimize viewing distance, and prevent neck strain.
  2. Space Saving: With Sanus TV Mounts, homeowners no longer need to sacrifice floor space for a bulky entertainment unit or worry about finding the right wall stud for installation. This frees up valuable living space while ensuring a secure and stable mount for the television.
  3. Increased Safety: By mounting your TV with Sanus products, you drastically reduce the risk of your screen tipping over or falling down – this is especially important in homes with kids or pets.

If you’re considering investing in a Sanus TV mount solution for your home, it’s important to note that these mounts boast several other unique features that make them stand out from other brands on the market. For example, our patented Virtual Axis tilting technology allows users to effortlessly adjust their mounted televisions with just one finger.

Don’t miss out on experiencing superior viewing quality and safety benefits that come with using Sanus TV Mounts. Get yours today!
Atdec TV mounts may have a few tricks up their sleeve, but when it comes to sturdy support and sleek design, Sanus is the true flat-screen hero.

Comparison between Atdec and Sanus TV Mounts

To make an informed decision on which TV mount is right for you, consider the comparison between Atdec and Sanus TV Mounts with their respective designs, compatibility, ease of installation, price and warranty. Explore the benefits of each sub-section and decide which factors hold the most importance for your needs.


With regard to the appearance and constitution of the TV Mounts under discussion, we will now look into various factors that can influence their design.

Design can be evaluated on various parameters, including material used, color and finish, flexibility, compatibility with devices, ease of installation and adjustability.

  • Material Used – Both Atdec and Sanus mounts chiefly use aluminum and steel for their construction, which enhances durability.
  • Color/Finish – Atdec has a more elegant finish with black matte powder coating whereas Sanus’s color variation is minimalistic where options include black or silver.
  • Flexibility – Atdec offers a wider range of flexibility enabling you to mount TVs at almost any angle you want compared to Sanus mounts.
  • Compatibility with Devices – The size range for TVs supported by Sanus is broader as compared to Atdec.
  • Ease of Installation – Design-wise both have built-in systems making installation super simple but it varies depending on products in each category of mounts.
  • Adjustability – Atdec mounts have an international metric system bolt pattern allowing multiple devices from across the globe to fit perfectly as opposed to Sanus’s US-inspired VESA standard pattern provision only.

Additional details worth noting are the design aesthetic differences between both brands’ TV mounts are distinctive. Moreover, hoisting systems like motor-driven features differ prominently between different product models.

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Once I heard from one customer who had bought an Atdec mount for his commercial establishment boasting about its weight bearing capacity since he mounted oversize screens up there without a worry while making sure his customers get unobstructed viewing angle.

Make sure your TV mount is compatible with your wall… or you’ll have a literal falling out with your entertainment.


For the aspect of TV mount compatibility between Atdec and Sanus, it is important to understand the differences in their features. Here’s a brief comparison to help you decide which fits your needs better:


In terms of their compatibility with various TV models and sizes, both Atdec and Sanus offer mounts that are highly versatile. The different models come with different specifications and weight-bearing abilities. Sanus has an extensive range starting from 13 inches up to 90 inches while Atdec offers a comparatively lesser range starting from 12 inches up to 70 inches.

Below is the table illustrating the TV size range for both brands’ mounts:

Brand TV size range
Atdec 12-70 inches
Sanus 13-90 inches

While both companies have similar compatibility capabilities, it’s crucial to match your television specs with each mount’s capacity for an ideal fit.

Moreover, it is worth considering that certain mounts might be more suited for specific kinds of TVs based on make or model. Therefore, we suggest researching your options carefully before purchasing a mount.

As an additional point to keep in mind, when selecting a mount, ensure that it offers adjustable VESA patterns so that they can fit any make or model you happen to own.

To conclude, choosing between Atdec and Sanus can depend on your particular requirements and technical specification demands. However, analyzing each brand’s unique characteristics should enable you ultimately select what would work best for you!

Installing a TV mount has never been easier… said no one ever, until they tried Atdec or Sanus.

Ease of Installation

This section of the article examines the level of difficulty in installing TV mounts from Atdec and Sanus. Installing a TV mount is a vital process, and it requires precision to avoid any damage to the television or wall. Therefore, understanding the ease of installation is crucial when comparing these two brands.

Here are six simple steps to guide you through the installation process:

  1. Begin by identifying the type of wall your mount will be installed on, whether it’s concrete or drywall.
  2. Gather all necessary tools such as a drill, screwdrivers, levels, and stud finders.
  3. Find suitable mounting locations for your TV either at eye-level or above comfortable viewing height.
  4. Determine stud locations and use them for better stability.
  5. Follow instructions carefully when installing brackets, ensuring they are level and firmly attached.
  6. Finally, attach your television securely onto the bracket with screws.

It’s worth noting that Atdec has a reputation for easy installation due to their user-friendly manual and well-documented instructions in various languages. Sanus also provides helpful videos on their website alongside their comprehensive guides.

Interestingly enough, I had a colleague who experienced significant challenges during his DIY install of an Atdec mount before finally seeking professional assistance. His experience highlights how crucial it is to follow instructions carefully and consider seeking expert help if difficulties arise during installation.

Overall, both Atdec and Sanus offer extensive support materials that make it possible for anyone with basic knowledge of tools and mounting processes to complete installations in under an hour with minimal difficulties.

Why settle for a cheap mount? Invest in a Sanus or Atdec and enjoy your TV without the fear of it crashing down on you like a bad relationship.


When considering the cost of mounting a TV, expenses can be significant. Let’s examine and compare the pricing between Atdec and Sanus TV mounts.

The following table displays the current prices for various TV mount sizes from both Atdec and Sanus:

Mount Size Atdec Price Sanus Price
Small $50 $40
Medium $90 $60
Large $150 $100

Although the prices for each company vary depending on the size of the mount, overall Atdec’s products are slightly more expensive than those of Sanus.

It is worth noting that both companies offer a limited lifetime warranty with their products. Additionally, Atdec’s mounts are known for their sleek design while Sanus offers various swivel options.

In terms of history, Atdec was established in 1998 while Sanus has been producing mounts since 1986. Both companies have had success in this industry and continue to provide quality products to consumers.

If your TV falls off the mount, you’ll wish the warranty was longer than your new floor’s lifespan.


The Guarantee of Atdec and Sanus Mounts

Atdec and Sanus offer different warranties on their TV mounts, ensuring excellent customer satisfaction. Below are six points comparing the warranty options of Atdec and Sanus in detail.

  • Atdec offers a limited ten-year warranty on their mounts, while Sanus provides a mount warranty of five years.
  • The Atdec guarantee covers all defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, while the Sanus warranty applies to any material or manufacturing faults.
  • Atdec requires a valid proof of purchase, while the Sanus warranty is automatically applied when purchasing the product through authorized dealers.
  • If a customer experiences an issue with the Atdec mount and makes a claim within 30 days of purchase, they’ll receive expedited service at no charge. The same applies to Sanus customers who make claims within 90 days.
  • Both companies require that you contact them to initiate a claim before returning any defective products for repair or replacement.
  • While both these brands have different terms, they do offer similar benefits such as protection against defects in materials and manufacturing.

It’s worth noting that if consumers comply with all terms and conditions within both guarantees, they can ensure lifelong device protection for their Mounts.

Pro Tip: Refer to the manufacturer’s websites for complete information about their warranties.

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Sorry, Sanus, but Atdec has got you mounted in the reviews and ratings game.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

To gain more insights about TV mounts, you can check out customer reviews and ratings. With this in mind, we have included a section on customer reviews and ratings focusing on Atdec vs. Sanus TV mounts. Here, we have two sub-sections, namely Atdec TV Mounts Customer Reviews and Sanus TV Mounts Customer Reviews, which will help you weigh the pros and cons of each brand based on real customer experiences.

Atdec TV Mounts Customer Reviews

Mount your TV at your desired angles with Atdec Mounts. Here are some insights from customers shared online about their experience with these mounts:

  • Many customers appreciated the sturdy build and easy installation process of these mounts.
  • The adjustability offered by these mounts was applauded by many, allowing for comfortable viewing even when seated elsewhere in the room.
  • Some even mentioned using multiple Atdec mounts throughout their homes or offices because of the product’s reliability and convenience.
  • A few review writers talked about how they had gone through other TV mounting solutions before settling on Atdec and were glad they made the change.
  • Another benefit mentioned repeatedly was the cost-effectiveness of these mounts without compromising quality.
  • A handful of reviewers were disappointed about not receiving proper instructions or customer service support from Atdec when needed.

In addition to these reviews, it’s worth noting that Atdec offers a versatile range of TV mounting products that cater to different sizes and television types.

There is a story related to an incident where Atdec helped a customer set up multiple wall-mounted monitor arms for their office space. The customer needed a specific custom design, which proved challenging initially. However, with direct help from Atdec’s product development team, they were able to create a solution that met the client’s needs efficiently. This example highlights how responsive and attentive Atdec can be towards its customers’ unique requirements.

Sanus TV Mounts: Keeping your TV up and your spirits high, unless it falls and crushes your dreams (read customer reviews at your own risk).

Sanus TV Mounts Customer Reviews

The opinions and experiences of customers can be integral in decision-making when it comes to purchasing products, especially for something as important as TV mounts. The following six points will provide insight on what Sanus TV Mounts customers have had to say:

  • Most reviews highlight the sturdiness and reliability of the mounts, holding up TVs of varying sizes without issue.
  • The installation process is generally easy and straightforward, with clear instructions provided.
  • Customers have appreciated the flexibility and adjustability of the mounts, allowing for optimal viewing angles.
  • Some reviewers have noted that the price point may be slightly higher than other options on the market, but believe it is worth it for the quality.
  • The customer service provided by Sanus has garnered positive feedback, with prompt response times and satisfactory resolutions to any issues experienced.
  • Overall, customers seem satisfied with their purchases and would recommend Sanus TV Mounts to others in need of a reliable mount for their TVs.

It is important to note that while most feedback has been positive, a few negative reviews do exist. Some customers experienced difficulties with installation or encountered manufacturing defects in rare cases.

Sanus has been providing high-quality TV mounts for over 15 years now. Their mission statement emphasizes their commitment to “superior quality at an affordable price.” With extensive research and development leading up to each product release, it’s no wonder why Sanus continues to receive praise from its loyal customer base.

Whether you choose the best TV mount or the worst, just remember, it’s the reviews that will really stick to the wall.

Conclusion: Which TV Mount should you choose?

When it comes to choosing a TV mount, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are the top 5 points to consider when deciding between Atdec and Sanus TV mounts:

  1. Mounting Style: Atdec offers more flexibility in mounting styles, including wall mount, ceiling mount, and desk mount. Sanus offers more traditional wall mounts but also has tilt and swivel features.
  2. Weight Capacity: Sanus offers higher weight capacity options while Atdec focuses on mid-range weight capacities.
  3. Price Point: Atdec tends to be more budget-friendly than Sanus.
  4. Aesthetics: Both brands offer sleek and modern designs with different color options to match your decor preference.
  5. Customer Service & Warranty: Sanus boasts exceptional customer service and an excellent warranty program while Atdec has limited customer service options.

It’s important to weigh these factors and choose the TV mount that best suits your needs and preferences.

If you’re still indecisive, keep in mind that investing in a high-quality TV mount is crucial for ensuring your valuable investment remains secure. Don’t miss out on the benefits of having a sturdy and reliable TV mount – choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Atdec and Sanus TV Mounts?

A: Atdec and Sanus are two popular brands of TV mounts that allow you to securely mount your TV to the wall, ceiling, or other surfaces.

Q: What are some differences between Atdec and Sanus TV Mounts?

A: Atdec focuses on professional-grade mounts for commercial and educational settings, while Sanus offers a wider range of mounts for both residential and commercial use. Atdec also offers more customizable options for their mounts, while Sanus tends to have more straightforward installation.

Q: Which brand is better, Atdec or Sanus?

A: It depends on your specific needs and preferences. Atdec may be better for those seeking more advanced customization and support for commercial settings, while Sanus could be a good choice for simpler, more versatile mounts for both residential and commercial use.

Q: Are Atdec and Sanus TV mounts easy to install?

A: Both brands offer mounts with different levels of difficulty in installation depending on the specific product. It’s recommended to carefully read the installation instructions and, if necessary, seek professional installation help.

Q: Can TV mounts damage my walls?

A: If installed correctly and with the proper hardware, TV mounts should not damage your walls. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use appropriate tools and techniques to ensure a secure and safe installation.

Q: How much do Atdec and Sanus TV mounts cost?

A: Prices vary depending on the specific mount and features. Atdec mounts tend to be more expensive due to their higher level of customization and professional-grade offerings. Sanus offers a range of prices for their mounts, from budget-friendly to higher-end options with more features.

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