Are you looking for the right swivel TV mount for your 55-inch TV? A swivel TV mount is a great way to enjoy your TV viewing experience as it allows you to adjust the angle of your TV according to your preference. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you select the best swivel TV mount for your needs. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the perfect swivel TV mount for your 55-inch TV.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swivel TV Mount for Your 55-Inch TV

Before you choose a swivel TV mount, you need to consider a few factors to ensure that you select the right fit for your TV:

The Weight Capacity

The first thing that you need to consider is the weight capacity of the mount. Make sure that the mount can support the weight of your TV. In this case, for a 55-inch TV, you will need a mount that can support a weight of over 75 pounds.

The VESA Compatibility

You need to make sure the mount is compatible with the VESA pattern of your TV. This is the pattern of holes on the back of the television that the mount will need to attach to. You will find the VESA pattern listed in your TV’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

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The Viewing Angle Flexibility

Ensure that the swivel TV mount has enough angle flexibility, so you can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience from various angles in the room where the TV will be mounted.

The Installation Process

You should choose a swivel TV mount with an easy installation process. It is good to have a mount that comes with clear instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware so that you can efficiently complete the installation on your own.

The Durability of the Mount

Another important factor to consider when choosing a swivel TV mount is its durability. You want to make sure that the mount is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the weight of your TV and any movements or adjustments you make to the mount. Look for mounts that are made of sturdy metals like steel or aluminum, and avoid mounts made of plastic or other weak materials that may break or wear down over time.

Top 5 Swivel TV Mounts for 55-Inch TVs: A Comprehensive Review

Now that you know the essential factors to consider when choosing a swivel TV mount for your 55-inch TV let’s review the top 5 swivel TV mounts available in the market:

1. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount

This is a budget-friendly swivel mount with an affordable price range of $29-$50. It is compatible with VESA patterns up to 400mm x 400mm and can support up to 88 pounds.


This is an economical mount which issues the need for a professional installer. It is easy to install and comes with clear instructions. It supports up to 115 pounds and is VESA compatible up to 400mm x 400mm making it perfect for 55-inch TVs or smaller.

3. Vogel’s TMS1000 Tabletop Stand

If you do not want to mount your TV on the wall, Vogel’s TMS1000 Tabletop Stand is a great option. It is a sturdy stand that can handle bigger TV sizes and has a swivel function of up to 60 degrees in both directions for easy viewing. It is compatible with VESA patterns up to 600mm x 400mm and the price ranges from $149-$199.

4. Kanto PDX650 Full Motion Wall Mount

This swivel mount supports VESA patterns up to 600mm x 400mm and can handle up to 125 pounds. It has a smooth motion and comes with a safe locking system at the base. It is perfect for those who want high-quality mount for their TV. The price of the Kanto PDX650 ranges from $130-$200.

5. Sanus VMPL50A Tilting Wall Mount

The Sanus VMPL50A is a solid mount that can hold TVs up to 130 pounds. It can tilt up to 15 degrees and has a swivel function of up to 90 degrees for easy viewing. It is compatible with VESA patterns up to 600mm x 400mm and has a price range of around $90-$120.

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When choosing a swivel TV mount, it is important to consider the viewing angle. The swivel function allows you to adjust the angle of the TV, making it easier to watch from different positions in the room. Some mounts have a wider range of motion than others, so it is important to choose one that suits your needs.

Another factor to consider is the durability of the mount. You want a mount that is strong enough to hold your TV securely in place, without the risk of it falling or becoming unstable. Look for mounts that are made from high-quality materials and have a weight capacity that is suitable for your TV.

How to Install a Swivel TV Mount for Your 55-Inch TV: Step-by-Step Guide

You have selected the perfect swivel TV mount for your 55-inch TV, and now it is time to install it. Here is a step-by-step guide for installing your swivel TV mount:

Step 1: Determine the Wall Type

Determine the type of wall you will be installing the mount on. The installation process varies for drywall, plaster, concrete, or brick walls.

Step 2: Locate Studs with a Stud Finder

Use a stud finder locate the studs on the designated wall. This will help you to mount the bracket securely for safe mounting.

Step 3: Mark the Wall and Drill

With a pencil, mark the location of the mounting holes on the wall, using the wall-mounted bracket as a guide. Make sure that the holes are level and will correspond to the studs you’ve located. After marking the holes, drill into the marked walls and insert wall plugs into the holes.

Step 4: Attach the Wall Bracket

Begin the installation by attaching the wall bracket to the wall using the screws and wall plugs provided. Use a level to make sure the mount remains straight.

Step 5: Attach the Bracket to the TV

Attach the mount bracket to the TV using the screws that were provided in the kit. Make sure that the holes on the TV match the hole pattern on the mount.

Step 6: Attach the TV to the Wall Bracket

Finally, attach the TV to the wall bracket that was installed in step 4 using the TV screws.

Pros and Cons of Swivel TV Mounts for 55-Inch TVs: Which One is Right for You?

Swivel TV mounts have a range of benefits some disadvantages to them. Before you purchase a swivel TV mount for your 55-inch TV, consider these pros and cons to see if it’s the best option for you:


  • Ability to adjust the angle of the TV for comfortable viewing
  • Aesthetically pleasing look for your home entertainment system
  • Easy installation process with a variety of mounts to choose from


  • Expensive compared to other types of mounts
  • May not fit your TV model and size accordingly
  • Requires more space than other types of mounts, so it may not work well in smaller rooms.
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Swivel TV Mounts vs. Fixed TV Mounts: Which is the Better Choice for Your 55-Inch TV?

If you are unsure whether to swivel or fixed mount your 55-inch TV, let’s take a quick comparison of the two:

Swivel TV Mounts

Swivel TV mounts provide flexibility with the viewing angle, meaning you can adjust it according to your preference. The downside is that they are more expensive, and more space may be required for installation due to the movement capabilities.

Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV mounts offer a secure and permanently fixed angle for the TV, which is great if you do not need flexibility in viewing angle. They are cheaper and take up less space. The downside is that you cannot adjust your TV after installation.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Swivel TV Mount to Ensure Longevity

To maintain the longevity and durability of your swivel TV mount, we recommend the following tips and tricks:

Regular Dusting

Make sure to periodically dust the mount to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, which may cause damage over time.

Check the Bracket Strength Periodically

Make sure to periodically check the strength of the bracket to ensure that it is still properly fit, as well as the security of the screws.

Don’t Over Rotate the Swivel

While it’s tempting to constantly adjust the angle of your TV, don’t make a habit of over-rotating the swivel. This can cause undue stress on the mechanical components of the mount.

How to Choose the Right Wall for Mounting Your 55-Inch TV with a Swivel Mount

You’ve chosen your swivel mount and your TV, so now it’s time to decide where to mount it on the wall. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the right wall:

The Placement of Electrical Outlets and Cable/Internet Connections

Make sure that the wall you select has easy access to electrical outlets and cable/internet connections that you will need to connect the TV to.

The Positioning of Light Sources

Consider the positioning of light sources in the room to prevent glare on the television, which can make for an uncomfortable viewing experience.

Wall Structure

Make sure the wall structure can hold the weight of the TV and the mount. It is best to use a solid surface like brick or concrete.

Best Budget-Friendly Swivel TV Mounts for Your 55-Inch TV

Looking for budget-friendly swivel TV mounts? Here are a few options to consider:


This is a budget-friendly swivel mount that comes with an easy-to-use installation process. It can support TVs up to 55-inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 115 pounds. The price for the PERLESMITH PSLFK1 typically ranges from $19.95-$25.95.

2. VideoSecu ML531BE Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

This is another budget-friendly swivel mount with a maximum weight limit of 88 pounds, compatible with VESA patterns up to a maximum of 400mm x 400mm. The price of the VideoSecu ML531BE generally ranges between $25-$35.

How to Conceal Cords and Wires After Installing a Swivel TV Mount on Your Wall

After installing your swivel TV mount, you may be left with cords and wires hanging out of sight, which can look unsightly. Here are a few ways to conceal cords and wires:

Use a Cord Cover

A cord cover is an easy and inexpensive solution. It allows you to hide your cords and wires inside a plastic track that can be painted to match your wall color. Just run the wires through the track and mount it to the wall.

Use a Power Bridge

A power bridge is another way to keep the cords and wires hidden. It’s a two-part system that uses a power inlet and a power outlet to bring power to your TV. The wires can then be fed through the system and hidden behind your wall.

Use a TV Stand with Cable Management

If a wall mount isn’t for you, consider using a TV stand with built-in cable management. This will allow you to store your cords and wires neatly behind the stand, out of sight.

In conclusion, selecting the perfect swivel mount for your 55-inch TV can be a challenging task. It is important to balance between the price, compatibility and installation process. By keeping these factors in mind, as well as the pros and cons, you can comfortably choose a swivel TV mount that will enhance your TV viewing experience.

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