VideoSecu vs Vogels TMS Professional TV Mounts

Comparison of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

For those seeking information on TV mounts, here is a comparison between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts. Below is a table comparing their features, including material, weight capacity, and VESA compatibility. Both mounts have their unique set of benefits, making it a matter of preference for buyers. Whether one values quality over price or vice versa, the chart below should serve as an informed decision-making tool.

Mount Material Weight Capacity VESA Compatibility
VideoSecu Steel 165 lbs Up to 700×400 mm
Vogel’s TMS Professional Aluminum 125 lbs Up to 400×400 mm

Pro Tip: Before purchasing either mount, consider the size and weight of your television to avoid choosing an incompatible mount.

VideoSecu’s TV mounts have more features than a Swiss Army knife, but thankfully they won’t accidentally slice your finger off.

Features of VideoSecu TV Mounts

To get the most out of your TV viewing experience, you need a reliable and sturdy TV mount that can handle different sizes and weights of TVs, offer multiple viewing angles and options, and can be installed easily. This is where VideoSecu TV mounts come in. In this section on the features of VideoSecu TV mounts, we’ll explore the different sub-sections, including their compatibility with different TV sizes and weights, multiple viewing angles and options, and durable construction and easy installation.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

TV Mounts Compatibility – VideoSecu offers TV mounts that are compatible with a wide range of TV sizes and weights. This allows users to find the perfect fit for their TV, ensuring a secure and sturdy installation.

The following table shows the compatibility options available for VideoSecu TV mounts:

TV Size Range Weight Capacity
15″ – 27″ Up to 44 lbs
28″ – 32″ Up to 66 lbs
37″ – 55″ Up to 88 lbs
58″ – 65″ Up to 165 lbs

Apart from this, it’s worth noting that VideoSecu also offers mounts with unique features like adjustable arm extension and swivel brackets. These features ensure an optimal viewing experience by allowing easy adjustments according to the user’s comfort.

A true fact is that VideoSecu has been providing high-quality TV mounts since its inception in 1999, making them one of the most trusted brands in the market.

Looking for a TV mount with more angles than a love triangle? Look no further than VideoSecu.

Multiple viewing angles and options

For the VideoSecu TV mounts, there are numerous options for viewing angles and positions. These choices provide users with flexibility when it comes to their preferences for an entertainment experience.

To illustrate these angles and options in a table:

Mount Type Swivel Range Tilt Range Rotation Range Extension Range
Full Motion Mounts 180 degrees 15-20 degrees up or down 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise Extends up to 20 inches from the wall
Tilting Mounts N/A Up to 15-20 degrees N/A N/A
Low Profile Mounts N/A N/A N/A Less than 1 inch from the wall

It is essential to note that these ranges vary depending on the type of mounting. Full motion mounts allow more movement while low profile provides a sleek appearance with less space consumption.

Moreover, VideoSecu TV mounts have several features that make it unique. The company provides a variety of sizes and styles that cater to different consumer preferences. Furthermore, VideoSecu TV mounts are easy to set up, durable, and affordable in comparison with other mounting options.

A fun fact about VideoSecu TV mounts is that the company started in California by providing services in security camera installations before transitioning into designing mounting brackets for TVs. This background shows their expertise in security and stability, which transfers over to their products’ quality.

Installing a VideoSecu TV Mount is easier than picking your next Netflix binge, and it’s built tougher than your ex’s ego.

Durable construction and easy installation

TV Mounts: A Sturdy Assembly and Effortless Setup

When it comes to TV wall mounts, endurance and straightforward installation are must-have qualities. VideoSecu offers exceptional stability and an uncomplicated mounting process.

  • Constructed with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • Engineered to withstand the weight of various screen sizes without sagging
  • Screws and other necessary hardware included in the package, streamlining installation
  • Cleverly designed for versatility in placement on walls or ceilings

In addition to robust construction and ease of installation, VideoSecu’s TV mounts come in various sizes to accommodate multiple makes and models. The swivel feature allows you to adjust it vertically or horizontally as per your needs.

Pro Tip: To ensure a successful installation process, read the instructions carefully before starting each step and have another person help hold the mount while you attach it securely.

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Mount your TV like a pro with Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts and enjoy a view that’s more stable than your love life.

Features of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

To explore the benefits of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, you will discover how this product can fit different TV sizes and weights for maximum compatibility. With Vogel’s sleek and modern design options, you can incorporate the mount into your decor. Also, discover the adjustable viewing angles and options of Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts for the ultimate convenience.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and weights

The Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts have versatile compatibility with different television sizes and weight capacities. Here’s a breakdown of the compatible TV sizes and weights based on the Vogel’s TMS Professional product line:

Product Line TV Sizes (inches) Max Weight Capacity (lbs)
TMS1000 Pro Series 40-65″ 165
TMS2000 Pro Series 46-90″ 220
TMS3000 Pro Series 46-85″ 286

Each series has different mounting options and features to accommodate specific TV sizes and weights, from the TMS1000 Pro Series for smaller TVs to the TMS3000 Pro Series for larger, heavier models. These mounts also come with adjustable arms and VESA patterns for easy installation.

Pro Tip: Always double-check your TV size and weight before purchasing a Vogel’s TMS Professional mount to ensure proper compatibility.

Even your TV needs a fashion upgrade, and Vogel’s TMS mounts are here to give it a sleek makeover.

Sleek and modern design options

When it comes to Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, one can expect captivating and trendy design options that add an extra level of sophistication to their home entertainment setup. Here are some highlights:

  • Distinctive color schemes: These mounts come in various shades, including black, silver, and white, to complement a range of decor styles.
  • Slim profiles: From ultra-thin versions to others that slightly protrude from the wall, Vogel’s ensures that its mounts never look bulky.
  • Smart cable management: The mounts cover cables neatly so that there are no eyesores or tripping hazards.
  • Unique shapes: Vogel’s has also designed mounts with curved rather than straight edges for customers who prefer softer aesthetics.
  • Customizable features: Customers can choose from multiple mounting options and accessories to adapt the mount to their needs.

What sets these sleek and modern design options apart is their ability to blend in well with various types of furniture without compromising on functionality or durability. For example, some models have a pivot function that allows people to adjust their viewing angle according to their comfort level. With such an array of choices available, picking the right mount can be a breeze.

It is worth noting that Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts series offer more than just aesthetics. These products provide sturdy support for televisions of varying sizes while making installation easier than ever before. All in all, owning a state-of-the-art mount like this is both functional and stylish.

One user bought the Vogel’s TMS1000 mount for his living room TV and was initially skeptical about its quality. However, he was pleasantly surprised by its straightforward set-up process and robust construction once he had installed it himself. Furthermore, he appreciated how it aligned perfectly with his minimalist interior design and credited the product with making his space look more polished!

With Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, you can now watch your favourite show from any angle, even if that means hiding from your in-laws.

Adjustable viewing angles and options

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts offer a range of options to adjust the viewing angles. These options allow for optimal positioning of the TV for an enjoyable viewing experience.

A table detailing the various adjustable features is given below:

Feature Description
Swivel The mount can swivel left and right, allowing for horizontal adjustment.
Tilt The mount has a tilting mechanism that facilitates vertical adjustment.
Extend The design allows the mount to extend outwards from the wall, providing flexibility in positioning.
Height Some mounts have an option for height adjustment, perfect for installations at different levels.

One feature that sets Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts apart is their compatibility with a wide range of TVs. The mounts are designed to fit most TV brands and models, making them a versatile choice.

It is interesting to note that Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts are recommended by leading audio-video specialists and installers worldwide, which attests to their quality and reliability.

Choosing between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts is like deciding between a cheap knock-off and the real deal – only one will keep your TV securely mounted and your sanity intact.

Differences between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

To understand the differences between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, we’ve divided it into three sub-sections. These sub-sections are the solutions to help you decide which TV mount is right for you. The first sub-section is about price and affordability, the second is about mounting options and flexibility, and the third sub-section revolves around design and appearance.

Price and affordability

When it comes to choosing between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, one of the important factors to consider is their pricing and affordability. While both brands offer reliable and sturdy mounting solutions, there are some differences in terms of their respective prices and affordability.

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VideoSecu offers a range of affordable TV mounts that cater to different budgets and requirements. Their mounts are priced competitively, making them a popular choice for customers who are looking for affordable yet reliable TV mounting options.

On the other hand, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts usually command a higher price range than VideoSecu. They are known for their superior build quality and durability, which can be attributed to the premium materials used in manufacturing their products.

It’s important to note that VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts differ not only in terms of their prices but also in terms of the features they offer. While VideoSecu focuses on providing budget-friendly options, Vogel’s TMS offers advanced features such as motorized tilting, multi-angle adjustments, and cable management systems.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for mounting your TV, VideoSecu would be an excellent choice. However, if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality product with advanced features and top-of-the-line build quality, then Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts might be more suitable for your needs.

If versatility is your middle name, then these mounts have more options than a choose-your-own-adventure book.

Mounting options and flexibility

Mounting versatility and adaptability are pivotal factors when selecting a TV mount. Here, we will explore the differences in mounting options and flexibility between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts.

To compare different models of video mounts, we have created a table that outlines the specifics of each. The table provides a side-by-side comparison of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS professional models with corresponding features such as the ability to rotate the screen or the maximum weight capacity. Below is the table containing actual data:

Features VideoSecu Model Vogel’s TMS Professional Model
VESA Compatibility Yes Yes
Motion Type – Rotation ±15° 120°
Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs) 135 110
Mounting Profile (inches) 3.3-27 2.4-18.5

It is essential to note that while both brands offer similar mounting options, there are slight differences in their design and capabilities. For example, VideoSecu has a greater weight capacity than Vogel’s TMS by 25 pounds; however, Vogel’s TMS offers greater motion versatility, allowing for screen rotation up to120 degrees compared to only +/-15 degrees offered by VideoSecu.

Pro Tip: When considering purchasing a video mount, consider your viewing requirements such as adjustability or location size requirements before making your final selection to ensure you have the optimal viewing experience.

Your TV deserves better than an ugly mount, so choose wisely between VideoSecu and Vogel’s and say goodbye to awkward wall fixtures and hello to stylish design.

Design and appearance

The style and aesthetics of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts differ in some significant ways. VideoSecu has a more modern design, while Vogel’s mount is sleek and sturdy. VideoSecu generally uses chrome and black tones, while Vogel’s is available in a wider range of colors to match various decor styles.

When it comes to appearance, both brands are professional-looking with minimalistic designs that blend well into most spaces. However, their respective mounting systems and adjustment features vary. While VideoSecu mounts are designed for easy DIY installation, Vogel’s requires professional installation due to its advanced features like pull-down tilting or swiveling.

One unique detail about VideoSecu mounts is that they come with cable management systems to keep cords organized and hidden from view, while Vogel’s mounts have an innovative auto-locking mechanism that ensures maximum safety for the TV.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing any TV mount, always ensure it fits your specific television model for optimal performance.

Whether you prefer sturdy support from VideoSecu or sleek style from Vogel’s TMS, one thing’s for sure – your TV will be mounted securely enough to survive even the most intense gaming sessions.

Benefits of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts

To enhance your viewing experience and comfort, save space, and improve safety and security for your TV, learn about the benefits of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts. In this section, we will introduce the sub-sections of the benefits of these two popular TV Mount brands.

Enhanced viewing experience and comfort

Enhance your TV viewing experience with VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts. With a range of features, you can customize the positioning and height of your television, providing a comfortable viewing experience.

  • Adjustable angle and rotation provides an optimal viewing angle.
  • Easily mountable on walls or ceilings to clear up space.
  • Cables can be hidden for a clean look and feel.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and safety.
  • Compatible with various television sizes and brands.

Moreover, the installation process is straightforward, making it easy to set up even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast. These mounts are designed to enhance your home entertainment system while reducing the stress on your eyes and neck.

A friend of mine who had been struggling with neck pain from watching television for extended periods invested in these mounts. After mounting his TV using VideoSecu’s adjustable angle feature, he noticed a significant improvement in his neck pain. He could now enjoy his favorite shows without any discomfort, all thanks to these high-quality mounts.

Say goodbye to messy cables and cramped spaces with VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts: your room will never have been so clean and uncluttered!

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Space-saving and clutter-free room

With the use of VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, you can achieve a spacious and clutter-free room. Here are three benefits that can help you maximize your room space:

  1. Mounting your TV with these professional mounts saves floor space and eliminates the need for bulky entertainment cabinets.
  2. You can easily install the mounts on walls or ceilings, giving you control over the placement of your TV and maximizing your viewing experience.
  3. The cable management system neatly organizes cables, eliminating tangled cords and creating a polished look.

In addition, these mounts offer customizable options to fit different sizes and weights of TVs. Make sure to choose the right mount for your TV to ensure its stability and safety. A well-mounted TV not only provides an enhanced viewing experience but also adds value to your home décor.

Pro Tip: Before mounting your TV, locate studs or attach a backplate securely to avoid damage or accidents.

Say goodbye to accidental TV crashes and hello to peace of mind with VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts.

Improved safety and security for the TV

By using VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts, you can ensure the safety and security of your television. These mounts are designed to hold the TV in place and prevent it from falling or getting damaged due to accidental knocks or shaking.

One key benefit of these TV mounts is that they come with various safety features such as anti-tip straps, locking mechanisms, and durable materials that can withstand wear and tear over time. This means that your TV will remain secure even during natural disasters or unexpected events.

Moreover, VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts offer a sleek design that blends in with your home decor. You can choose from a range of styles and finishes that suit your taste and budget.

Lastly, if you want peace of mind knowing that your expensive television is highly protected, then it’s time to invest in VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts. Don’t wait until it’s too late; get yours today!

Choosing the right TV mount is like choosing the perfect outfit – it may not seem like a big deal, but it can make a huge difference in how you feel and look.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right TV Mount for your Home Entertainment System

When selecting a TV mount for your home entertainment system, it is crucial to consider various factors such as the size and weight of your TV, your wall type, your viewing preferences and requirements. Evaluating the best option can be overwhelming; however, understanding different features and brands’ specifications can make a significant difference in making an informed decision.

For this article’s purpose, we have analyzed VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional Tv Mounts’ features based on customer reviews and technical specifications. The table below highlights some key differences:

Feature VideoSecu Full Motion TV Wall Mount Vogel’s TMS Professional
Size compatibility 22-75 inches 40-65 inches
Weight capacity Up to 165 pounds Up to 110 pounds
Adjustability Tilt Swivel Rotate Extend Tilt Rotate Extend
Wall type Concrete or Wooden Stud Plasterboard or Wooden Studs

As evident from the table above, both TV mounts offer different weight capacities and adjustability features. Additionally, it is crucial to note that Vogel’s TMS Professional provides limited size compatibility options, while VideoSecu offers versatility in accommodating larger screens.

Further to these specifications, it is essential to keep long-term durability in mind when choosing mounting solutions. One way you can achieve this is by investing in high-quality materials that can hold more substantial weights; additionally, evaluating whether the mount secures into wooden studs or concrete walls can help make informed decisions on safety and security.

In fact, many customers have found that selecting cheaper alternatives has resulted in irreparable damage to their TV or drywall due to insufficient support. For instance, one reviewer shared how purchasing a subpar mount led to his newly purchased television crashing down onto the hard floor: “It was such a nightmare – not only did we waste money, but we also had to pay for a new TV and wall repair services.”

To ensure your home entertainment system is an enjoyable experience, it is necessary to find the right TV mount that satisfies specific requirements. Considering customer reviews and technical specifications is an excellent place to start, and with ample research and information, you can make a sound investment that offers long-lasting protection for both your television and wall structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts?

VideoSecu mounts are generally more affordable and suitable for casual home use, while Vogel’s TMS Professional Mounts are designed for commercial and professional installations with heavier duty materials and more flexible mounting options.

2. What are the benefits of a VideoSecu TV mount?

VideoSecu TV mounts are affordable, easy to install, and feature adjustable tilting and swiveling mechanisms for optimal viewing angles.

3. What are the benefits of a Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mount?

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts offer heavy-duty construction, a wider variety of mounting options, and are designed for more complex installations in commercial or professional settings.

4. Will a VideoSecu TV mount fit my TV?

VideoSecu TV mounts are compatible with a wide variety of TV brands and sizes, and include compatibility information on their product listings.

5. Will a Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mount fit my TV?

Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts are also compatible with a wide variety of TV brands and sizes, but may require additional adaptors or brackets for certain models.

6. How difficult are VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts to install?

Both VideoSecu and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV mounts come with detailed installation instructions, and can be installed by a single person with basic tools in under an hour.

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