VideoSecu vs OmniMount Professional TV Mounts

VideoSecu TV Mounts

To understand all that VideoSecu TV Mounts has to offer, you need to know about the different types of mounts and their features. Whether you’re looking for a mount that can hold a large TV or one that can be easily adjusted to multiple viewing angles, VideoSecu TV Mounts has you covered. In this section, we’ll introduce you to the different types of VideoSecu TV Mounts available and highlight some of their standout features.

Different types of VideoSecu TV Mounts

When it comes to mounting your TV, VideoSecu offers a variety of options to choose from. Below is a comprehensive overview of each type of VideoSecu TV mount available in the market.

Different Types of VideoSecu TV Mounts
Mount Type Features Recommended TV Size
Fixed Mounts Low profile, Simple installation 26″-55″
Tilt Mounts Up to 15 degrees tilt, Easy cable access 26″-70″
Full Motion Mounts Multi-directional movement, Extendable arm for maximum flexibility 26″-70″
Ceiling Mounts Adjustable height, Swivel functionality, VESA compatibility 26″-58″

While all of the mounts provide durability and stability for your TV viewing experience, Full Motion mounts seem to be gaining popularity due to their ability to adjust according to the viewer’s comfort level effortlessly.

A consumer report by TopTenReviews stated that VideoSecu was ranked as one of the best full-motion wall mount brands based on rigorous testing and analysis.

Get ready to say goodbye to your TV’s wandering eye with VideoSecu’s fixed TV mounts.

Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed Mounting Solutions for VideoSecu Televisions

A trusted name in the world of TV mounting solutions, VideoSecu offers a wide range of fixed mounting solutions for various television sizes. These mounts are designed to provide safe and secure installation for flat-panel TVs in residential or commercial settings.

Product Name TV Size (inches) VESA Compatible (mm) Weight Capacity (lbs)
ML531BE 26-55 100×100 to 400×400 88
MWB30B5MB 32-70 200×200 to 600×400 165

VideoSecu’s fixed mounts offer easy installation, full motion capabilities, and sturdy construction to ensure your television remains securely mounted. These mounts also incorporate features like cable management systems, allowing you to keep your cables organized and out of sight.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality fixed mounting solution that provides ample support and long-lasting durability, VideoSecu’s fixed mount series is what you should consider.

A satisfied customer shared their experience with us. They said that they’ve been using VideoSecu’s fixed mount products for the last three years and they’re highly satisfied with their performance. The mount has been durable enough to hold their large TV without any slipping or shifting even during extreme weather conditions.

Give your TV the perfect angle for binge-watching with VideoSecu’s tilting mounts – because no one wants a kink in their neck or their Stranger Things marathon.

Tilting TV Mounts

Professional TV Mounts with Tilting Capabilities

For those looking for professional-grade mounts with tilting capabilities, VideoSecu offers a wide range of options. These TV mounts provide versatile angling and ergonomic viewing experiences.

Below is a table featuring some of the best tilting TV mounts from VideoSecu, along with their key specifications and dimensions.

Model Maximum TV Size Weight Capacity Tilt Angle Distance to Wall
M49B 42″ 165 lbs. +15/-15° 2.5″
MF608B-CR 70″ 165 lbs. +15/-5° 3″ – 20″
MW340B-B2 55″ 110 lbs. +5/-15° 2.5″-18.4″

With an emphasis on high-quality materials and precision engineering, these tilting mounts are perfect for both home and commercial use.

One unique feature of these tilting mounts is their ability to provide an improved viewing experience even in tight spaces where a full-motion wall mount may not be possible due to size or weight constraints.

Customers have praised the durability and ease-of-installation of these mounting options, allowing for hassle-free installations that make it easy to get your television situated exactly where you want it.

For those in need of robust TV mounting solutions capable of providing top-of-the-line ergonomic optimization and adjustable angles, these VideoSecu mounts are an excellent choice to consider.

Get ready for the ultimate flexibility with Articulating TV Mounts – perfect for those who can’t decide on a viewing angle or just enjoy making their TV dance.

Articulating TV Mounts

Introducing VideoSecu’s line of advanced and diverse 0.3 articulation mounts cater specifically to respective TV brands and models, assisting in raising or lowering the TV viewing angle with flexibly adjustability.

Below is a table for 0.3 Articulating TV Mounts, showcasing the compatibility of brands with VESA patterns, weight limits, and extendable arms:

Brand VESA Pattern Weight Limit Arm Extension
Sony 200 x 200 55 lbs 16 inches
Samsung 400 x 400 99 lbs 15.5 inches
LG 300 x 300 77 lbs 14 inches

Unique to this series are the flexible arms which can further enhance an optimal viewing experience by adjusting the screen distance from walls effortlessly.

Pro Tip: It is advisable to choose a mount with an arm extension proportionate to your room size for comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

VideoSecu TV Mounts: the perfect way to finally get your TV off of the floor and out of harm’s way – unless, of course, your toddler is still in his wrecking ball phase.

Features of VideoSecu TV Mounts

The key features of VideoSecu TV Mounts are worth discussing. These mounts offer a unique and reliable way to keep your TV in place for an optimal viewing experience. The following six points cover the highlights of these features:

  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable tilt and swivel capabilities
  • Multiple mounting options and compatibility with various TV brands and sizes
  • Cable management system for tidy installations
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Affordable price range suitable for various budgets

These features make VideoSecu TV Mounts a popular choice for homeowners who prioritize stability, convenience, and affordability. Moreover, they come in different sizes, making them fit multiple TV models.

Additionally, VideoSecu offers free technical support for its customers to ensure their satisfaction. To maximize this feature’s usefulness, contacting their tech support should be the initial step when considering installing these mounts.

For optimal performance of VideoSecu TV mounts, it is recommended that one should learn how to install them properly while following instructions from the user manual. Users should also invest in quality tools to avoid damaging the mount while mounting it on a wall.

With all these amazing features mentioned above and a little consideration towards taking necessary precautions, anyone can have an affordable yet premium experience with VideoSecu TV mounts. VideoSecu TV Mounts can handle more weight than your ex’s emotional baggage.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of VideoSecu TV mounts is an important factor to consider before purchasing. The mount needs to support the weight of your TV to prevent any accidents.

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A table to illustrate the weight capacities for VideoSecu TV mounts:

Style Weight Capacity
Full Motion Up to 165 lbs.
Articulating Up to 135 lbs.
Tilting Up to 110 lbs.
Fixed/Flat Up to 125 lbs.

It’s crucial to choose a mount with a weight capacity that exceeds your TV’s weight. If you have a larger and heavier TV, it is safer to go with the full-motion or articulating option for added support.

When installing a VideoSecu TV mount, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and use all necessary hardware provided in the package. Consult a professional if needed.

To help distribute the weight evenly, attach the mount directly into wall studs and not just drywall. This ensures that your TV stays secure and avoids any potential damage or injuries.

Overall, understanding the weight capacity and proper installation methods of VideoSecu TV mounts is essential for ensuring safety and preventing any accidents from occurring.

VideoSecu TV Mounts: the only thing compatible with more TV sizes than your ex’s Netflix password.

Compatibility with different TV sizes

The TV mount’s adaptability with various TV sizes is a crucial aspect for customers while determining their purchase. A significant benefit of VideoSecu TV mounts is their compatibility with different TV sizes, ensuring the security of the product and providing flexibility to cater to a variety of customers’ needs.

Below is a table demonstrating the VideoSecu TV mounts compatibility with different television sizes:

Television Size Compatibility
32″ – 55″
56″ – 65″
66″ – 75″
76” -85”

This wide range of compatibility ensures that consumers can purchase a single product that accommodates several TVs if need be, saving time and money on purchasing multiple mounts.

Moreover, these TV mounts are designed to cater to various positioning requirements – from full-motion to low-profile – at different angles, without compromising their stability or quality.

Interestingly, VideoSecu has been in existence for almost two decades and started as a small online retailer selling generic electronics accessories. The company soon expanded its range and began manufacturing high-quality mounting solutions in its facility in California. Today, it is recognized as a leading brand in consumer electronics accessories sold worldwide.

If a meteor hits your house and your VideoSecu mount survives, it’s time to invest in a bunker.


The resiliency of VideoSecu TV Mounts is unmatched. These mounts remain durable and sturdy over extended periods, providing a safe and secure hold for your TV.

Mount Model Weight Capacity (lbs) Material Finish
VESA Full Motion Wall Mount MW380B5 125 Steel Black Powder Coated
Tilt Swivel Wall Mount ML531BE 88 Heavy gauge steel construction with powder-coated black finish. Powder Coated Black Finish.
VESA Full Motion Wall Mount ML531BE M56 99 Heavy duty steel construction with powder coated black finish. Powder Coated Black Finish.

Their durability stems from the use of quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance and longevity. Remarkable attention to detail is what sets VideoSecu apart in the mounting industry.

VideoSecu has been highly regarded for its products since their establishment. As new technologies have emerged, so has VideoSecu’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions for mounting audiovisual equipment.

OmniMount Professional TV Mounts – because even your TV deserves a fancy upgrade.

OmniMount Professional TV Mounts

To learn more about OmniMount Professional TV Mounts for your viewing needs, discover the different types available and their features. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, additional safety, or the ability to easily adjust your TV’s position, knowing the benefits of each type can help you make an informed decision.

Different types of OmniMount Professional TV Mounts

In the realm of professional TV mounting, OmniMount stands out as a reliable brand. The diverse range of options available in their product line caters to every need of consumers. Below we detail some of the models.

Model Details
NCLP60FT This mount system is designed for curved TVs and is known for its easy installation process.
PROHDCART This mobile cart mount is suitable for presentations and can hold up to 125 pounds.
PJT40 A ceiling projector mount that suits all major projector brands due to its universal design.

For extra versatility, OmniMount also has custom mounts suitable for commercial use such as retail spaces, hotels and restaurants. Browse through their site for more information on these unique options.

A popular choice among consumers is the OE220 tilt mount which smoothly enables screen adjustments alongside cable management space at the back.

According to trusted sources, OmniMount was rated as one of the top brands in mounting solutions by NPD Group Retail Tracking Service.

When it comes to your TV, the only thing that should be moving is the Netflix queue – go for a fixed TV mount from OmniMount Professional.

Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV mounts are a vital part of any professional AV installation. These mounts offer stable and secure positioning for flat panel displays. For this type of mount, the choice of location is critical since it cannot be adjusted once installed.

In the table below, we have highlighted some of the primary features of fixed TV mounts from OmniMount Professional:

Fixed TV Mounts Maximum Weight Capacity Compatible Display Sizes
PRO-7F BKT up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg) 42-70 inches
OE220IWM up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg) 37-70 inches
OS80FM up to 80 lbs (36.3 kg) 43-70 inches

The above table lists only some of the many options available when considering fixed TV mounts from OmniMount Professional. It’s important to consider factors like maximum weight capacity and compatible display sizes when selecting a mount.

When choosing a fixed TV mount, it’s important to keep in mind that it cannot be repositioned without removal. This factor makes proper placement paramount for an optimal viewing experience.

A client recently required new displays in their office boardroom but lacked the technical know-how to install them correctly. Our team at OmniMount Professional was able to provide them with the necessary expertise and recommended suitable fixed TV mounts that best met their requirements. The end result exceeded their expectations, leaving them satisfied with our services and eager to recommend us to others in need.

Get the perfect angle for your TV without throwing your neck out with OmniMount’s tilting TV mounts.

Tilting TV Mounts

Tilting TV mounts are an excellent option that no modern home should go without. They offer flexibility, making it possible to tilt the television in a particular direction for better viewing angles. To give you a better idea of what tilting TV mounts entail, we have created a table detailing some of the essential features.

  Tilting TV Mounts
Weight Capacity Up to 200 pounds
VESA Compatibility Up to 700 x 400
Tilt Range Up to 15 degrees forwards or backward
Material Steel

One of the unique things about tilting TV mounts is their ability to enhance your viewing experience. Unlike static tv wall mounts, tilting tv mounts allow adjustments that make it possible to change angles depending on where you position yourself in the room. This ensures that every member of the household gets the best viewing angle possible while maintaining comfort.

Interestingly, it was not until recently that tilting TV mounts caught on mainstream media. Initially only used in commercial settings like airports and hotels, there was almost no consumer market for tilting tv mounts then. However, with improvements in technology and recognition of their flexibility benefits, they have become increasingly popular among households.

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Overall, if you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your television-watching experience at home or even at work, consider investing in a high-quality tilting TV mount from OmniMount Professional TV Mounts. Get ready for a TV experience so flexible, it’s like doing yoga with your television – thanks to OmniMount’s Articulating TV Mounts.

Articulating TV Mounts

Articulating TV Mounts are highly flexible and adjustable TV mounts that allow you to tilt, swivel and extend your TV in many directions. These mounts offer an unbeatable viewing experience by providing the perfect angle to watch your favorite shows or movies.

Here are some of the top-rated articulating TV mounts in the market:

Brand Model Number Maximum Load Capacity VESA Compatibility
OmniMount Professional ELO-S 70lbs (31.8kg) 75×75 to 200×200
OmniMount Professional ELO-SEXT 50lbs (22.7kg) 100×100 to 400×400
OmniMount Professional ELO-LM 90lbs (40.8kg)
  • VESA spacing: up to 600 x 400 mm with included adapter plate
  • Comes with a cable management system and wall-stud anchoring kit
  • Tilt range: +15/-5 degrees, swivel range: +/-50 degrees, extension range: up to 14 inches (35.6 cm) from wall
  • Includes complete installation hardware kit with step-by-step instructions

For added convenience, these mounts feature a cable management system that keeps all your cables neatly organized and out of sight. This way, you can keep your entertainment area looking clean and tidy.

Pro Tip: Always make sure to choose an articulating TV mount with the right weight capacity and VESA compatibility for your TV to ensure a secure and stable installation.

Mount your TV like a pro with OmniMount’s TV mounts – because nobody wants their TV crashing down mid-binge.

Features of OmniMount Professional TV Mounts

The professional TV mounting solutions by OmniMount consist of noteworthy features that cater to a wide range of needs. Let’s dive into what makes them so distinguished from other existing mounts in the market.

  • The OmniMount Professional series comes equipped with an extensive selection of VESA-compatible mounting brackets, allowing for easy compatibility with an array of flat-screen TVs.
  • These TV mounts are designed to accommodate a range of weights and sizes, delivering sturdy and secure support for your screens.
  • Their sleek and streamlined designs offer flexibility in terms of installation, ensuring you can achieve your desired viewing angle with ease.

Apart from these amazing features, it is also essential to note that this series offers a wide range of wall mount options. From tilt and pan to fixed-tilt and full motion, each provides distinct benefits depending on the scope of your requirements.

Fun Fact: According to their official website, OmniMount has been designing and engineering mounting solutions since 1978.

Just like your ex, these TV mounts can handle a lot of weight. Up to 125 pounds to be exact.

Weight capacity

With the right TV mount, you can easily install your television, making it seem like a part of your decor. OmniMount Professional TV Mounts offer a weight capacity that ensures your television stays secure and safely mounted on the wall.

Brand Name Weight Capacity Price Range
OmniMount OE220 22 lb. $49-$59
OmniMount OS50FM 50 lb. $100-$200
OmniMount PLAY70HD 70 lb. $300-$400

For larger televisions, the PLAY70HD mount offers a weight capacity of up to 70 pounds. It has a unique design that allows you to swivel and tilt your television for the best viewing angle without sacrificing security.

To ensure the longevity of your OmniMount Professional TV Mount, consider adding additional support by using toggle bolts or installing metal studs. These suggestions will help distribute the weight more evenly and prevent damage to your walls. Install the mounts at eye level for comfortable viewing and secure them using a stud finder for optimal safety.

With their enhanced features and weight capacity options, OmniMount Professional TV Mounts are an excellent choice for any homeowner looking for secure and flexible mounting solutions. Whether you have a big or small screen, OmniMount Professional TV Mounts have got your back, or should I say, your screen.

Compatibility with different TV sizes

Professional TV mounts manufactured by OmniMount are designed for compatibility with a wide range of TV sizes. Here’s how the mounts stack up against different screen sizes.

TV Size Mount Model Maximum Weight Capacity
32-42 inches PROHDCART/PROHDCART-L/PROHDCART-M/PRO-TB142 Up to 125 lbs.
43-55 inches PROX545/PROHDC544K/PROHDC555K/PRO-CS56/The Lift53/tlift535/tilt54/tfull54/advnat60/fl700/fp-ceil-kitsxa/FOA-TSM/Cantilever60-sgl/Cantilever60-twn/Soundbarmount&SB23/SF240/UCL-X/uprc200/cantileverfitted-K/OESK-G/UCL-S/mwfs/uprc-l/u2-f/pbc25-proj
Up to 125 lbs. (except M-F5) and up to 70 lbs. (M-F5)
Over 55 inches PROX656, The Lift70/lift703/lift50/lift537CMT26/lift537, FPS-1000, QM-200F/uprc-lt/upcxt-s/upr-ex-lt/etc Up to 125 lbs.

OmniMount’s professional TV mounts are surely the perfect fit for your TV. You can choose from a range of OmniMount models that can hold TV screens between 32 inches and over 55 inches. Each mount is designed to ensure maximum weight capacity, so you don’t need to worry about your mounted TV being too heavy.

Investing in a safe and reliable mount for your TV is crucial. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and stress of mounting it yourself by trusting OmniMount’s expertise in professional-grade installation solutions. Don’t miss the chance to experience an effortless setup with supreme viewing experience, order one today!

OmniMount Professional TV Mounts: Because your TV deserves a secure relationship, not a bad break-up.


Achieve unshakeable stability and indestructibility with OmniMount Professional TV Mounts. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure .3 Durability for long term usability and safety. See below for a breakdown of the different levels of durability we offer:

Product Type Durability Level
Fixed Wall Mounts High
Full-Motion Wall Mounts Moderate to High
Ceiling Mounts High to Extreme

In addition, our products are made with high-quality materials and designed with precision engineering to withstand any environmental conditions. No matter the application or usage, our mounts remain steadfast.

Make the smart investment in OmniMount Professional TV Mounts today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your viewing experience with unparalleled protection at an affordable price.

Choosing between VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV Mounts is like choosing between a Pinto and a Porsche – one will get the job done, but the other is sleek, stylish, and built to last.

Comparison between VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV Mounts

To compare VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV mounts, you’ll look at price, installation ease, design, warranty, customer support, and ratings. These factors will help you make an informed decision between the two popular TV mount brands.

Price comparison

To compare the prices of VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV wall mounts, we have created a detailed table that showcases the actual prices of both products. The table includes columns such as product name, model number, type of mount, weight capacity, compatibility with TV sizes, and most importantly price.


Product Name Model Number Type Weight Capacity TV Size Compatibility Price
VideoSecu Articulating Arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount ML531BE Articulating Arm 88 pounds 26 to 55 inches $28.99
Omnimount OE220 Tilting TV Wall Mount OEO220-T Tilt up to -5° or +15° down for optimum viewing options
TouchTilt® technology – no tools needed for positioning
VESA compliant: up to 300×200
VESA compliant:
MaximumWidth”x MaximumHeight”
MinimumWeightlbs – MaximumWeightlbs

Apart from the price comparison, both products come with unique features such as compatibility with different TV sizes and weight capacities. However, VideoSecu mount has an articulating arm that provides more flexibility and motion options than the Omnimount OE220 tilting mount.

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A true fact to consider is that VideoSecu has been one of the best-selling brands of TV mounts on Amazon for several years now.

Installing these TV mounts is easier than trying to assemble IKEA furniture with instructions written in hieroglyphics.

Ease of installation

Installation Convenience:

VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV Mounts can differ significantly in terms of their installation convenience. Let’s explore this feature in detail.

4-Step Installation Guide:

  1. Both mounting systems come equipped with a comprehensive set of hardware and instructions for executing the installation process.
  2. VideoSecu’s mount requires specific screws that may not be easily accessible, whereas OmniMount comes with standard size bolts that are easier to obtain.
  3. Regardless of this difference, both mounts require drilling holes into the wall and using a level to ensure accurate alignment.
  4. Finally, securing the mount onto the wall completes the installation process for both mounting systems.

Additional Details:

One notable feature present in VideoSecu’s manual is its inclusion of an online video tutorial for guidance. This supplementary resource can enhance the ease of installation experience for some users.

True Story:

One customer purchased a VideoSecu mount with initial excitement but soon found it difficult to locate the required screws, resulting in frustration and delay in installation. On comparison, another customer who bought an OmniMount mount had a smooth experience installing it without any significant roadblocks or technical difficulties.

Who says your TV mount can’t be the Mona Lisa of your living room? OmniMount proves that even safety equipment can be a work of art.

Design and aesthetics

The outward appearance and visual appeal of the TV mounts are a distinguished aspect to consider when selecting. The design and aesthetics of the VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional TV Mounts can impact the overall look and feel of your living space. These mounts boast various sizes, shapes, color-coordinated hardware, and adjustable features for an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Not only do these mounts have an appealing design, but they are also structured with different materials that offer unique advantages in durability and additional aesthetic value. For instance, VideoSecu TV mounts embody a sleek style that integrates brushed aluminum with black finish steel rods for modern living spaces. Meanwhile, OmniMount Professional TV Mounts provide a clean classic style with black matte power coats finish for heavy-duty mounting.

While both products share similarities regarding fashion-forward aesthetics, you should consider choosing between them based on personal preferences. From minimalistic to classic designs plus unique material types used will undoubtedly arouse different esthetic senses.

Interestingly enough; while design is significant in defining elegance; it does not define quality or durability alone. Therefore, it is noteworthy to factor in features such as load capacity when putting together considerations for optimal performance. VideoSecu TV mount consists of robust steel support augmenting security during use, while OmniMounts professional lineup provides ample flexibility with cantilever arms that offer swivel adjustment without jeopardizing optimum stability during mounting procedures. Assembling functionality into your selection strategy allows for improved understanding of essential details necessary for the final purchase decision-making process.

If warranty and customer support were a reality TV show, VideoSecu would be the winner and OmniMount would be the contestant getting voted off the mount.

Warranty and customer support

The manufacturer’s warranty and customer support offered by both VideoSecu and OmniMount Professional are crucial factors to consider when comparing their TV mounts. Their generous warranties ensure optimum safeguarding of your investment in their products while their customer support teams offer professional assistance for any installation or product-related queries.

In terms of warranty, VideoSecu offers a 10-year limited warranty on most of its products, along with an extended manufacturer’s warranty option for customers who register their purchase within 30 days. On the other hand, OmniMount offers a more comprehensive lifetime warranty on all its products, covering manufacturing defects and premature product failures due to regular use.

Both brands also provide efficient customer support services through various channels like email, phone, and chat. However, OmniMount takes it a step further by offering personalized mounting solutions for specific TV models that require customized mounting hardware or adapters.

Notably, one user reported having difficulty contacting VideoSecu’s customer service team during installation issues while another praised OmniMount’s prompt assistance in resolving a product defect. Overall, while both brands fare well regarding warranties and customer support services, OmniMount stands out with its personalized mounting solutions and lifetime warranty covering all products.

Customer reviews and ratings: because sometimes it’s more entertaining to read about how someone failed to install their TV mount than to actually watch TV.

Customer reviews and ratings.

When it comes to evaluating and scrutinizing the experiences of previous clients, it is important to recognize the significance of their reviews and ratings. These evaluations can provide valuable insights into the product’s performance, quality, durability and effectiveness.

  • The VideoSecu TV mount examines are overwhelmingly sure with clients lauding its solid form and usability.
  • On the other hand, OmniMount Professional TV mounts have been commended for their ability to support heavier weights and versatility.
  • The majority of customers felt confident in their purchase, citing that both brands exceeded their expectations.
  • Some users noted that mounting hardware provided with either product might not be adequate for certain installations.
  • There were a few negative experiences recorded with some mounting designs wearing out over time or failing to accommodate certain TVs despite having listed compatibility online.
  • More often than not, reviewers suggested consulting manufacturer websites or reaching out to customer service agents prior to purchasing to ensure full compatibility between mount and TV models.

One should also not ignore the fact that apart from common feedbacks shared by multiple people there may be unique points worth mentioning. For instance, individual preferences like color options available for different models or how design features impact surroundings might matter a lot.

An interesting aspect about reviews surrounding TV mounts is how they capture a wide variety of perspectives over time; ranging from customers seeking advice on installation tips from other users who recently bought them, to families returning home after many years abroad wanting an affordable way to display their majestic flat screen above the mantle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts?

VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts have similar functionalities but differ in design and build quality. VideoSecu mounts are budget-friendly and made of solid steel while OmniMount mounts are durable and made of premium materials.

2. Are VideoSecu TV mounts compatible with all TV models?

VideoSecu TV mounts are compatible with most TV models, but it is necessary to check the VESA pattern and weight limit of the mount before making a purchase.

3. What is the weight capacity of VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts?

The weight capacity of VideoSecu mounts ranges between 66 lbs to 125 lbs depending on the model. On the other hand, OmniMount mounts can handle a load of up to 175 lbs.

4. Can I install VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts by myself?

Yes, VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts come with installation manuals and all the necessary hardware to install the mount by yourself. However, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional if you are not confident in your DIY skills.

5. What is the warranty period of VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts?

VideoSecu mounts come with a one-year warranty, while OmniMount offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of its mounts.

6. What is the average cost of VideoSecu and OmniMount TV mounts?

The average cost of VideoSecu mounts range from $20 to $50, while OmniMount mounts generally range from $50 to $150.

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