VideoSecu vs Impact Mounts TV Mounts

VideoSecu TV Mounts

To better understand the features and efficacy of the VideoSecu TV Mounts, dive deeper into its unique qualities by considering its compatibility with different TV sizes and brands, the installation process and tools required, as well as its durability and longevity. This section will provide you with a comprehensive guide to making a sound decision when choosing the right TV mount for your needs.

Features and specifications

VideoSecu TV Mounts possess diverse options that cater to customers’ needs. The mounting manufacturer provides high-quality solutions to fit TVs of various sizes and weights.

A table showcasing the features and specifications of VideoSecu TV Mounts is listed below:

Features Specifications
Compatibility Fits screens size 15″-70″
Maximum Weight Holds up to 165 lbs
VESA Compliant Up to 600×400
Swivel Range Up to 180 degrees
Tilt Range Up to 15 degrees

In addition, VideoSecu TV Mounts have a low profile design for sleek aesthetics while allowing for easy installation and adjustment. The company also offers efficient support services and has been in the mounting industry for over fifteen years, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in producing top-notch solutions.

According to TechRadar, VideoSecu is one of the best mount brands available in the market. VideoSecu TV Mounts: Because no TV should be left behind, regardless of brand or size.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and brands

The mounts from VideoSecu are designed to support various TV sizes and brands, offering compatibility that’s hard to resist. With the right mount, your TV can be secured in place while you enjoy seamless viewing without any worries.

For a detailed overview of what sizes and brands are compatible with each mount type, check out the table below:

Mount Type Compatible TV Sizes Compatible Brands
Full Motion Wall Mount 32″-75″ Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp
Tilt Wall Mount 32″-70″ Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio
Low Profile Wall Mount 26″-55″ Samsung, Sony, LG

Aside from size and brand compatibility details listed above, it’s worth noting that VideoSecu’s mounts come with all necessary mounting hardware and an installation guide for easy setup.

Pro tip: Before purchasing a mount for your TV make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum weight capacity to avoid any mishaps in the future.

If only fixing a broken heart was as easy as mounting a TV with VideoSecu.

Installation process and tools required

VideoSecu TV Mounts provide a sturdy and secure option for mounting your TV. The installation process and required tools are straightforward and essential to achieve the desired outcome.

To install VideoSecu TV Mounts effectively, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Locate studs on the wall using a stud finder.
  2. Position the mount against the wall and mark the holes with a pencil.
  3. Drill pilot holes at the marked spots using an electric drill.
  4. Attach the mount to the wall with lag bolts.
  5. Securely fasten your TV onto the mount by following manufacturer instructions.

Furthermore, ensure that you have all necessary tools available before starting installation: a stud finder, pencil, level, electric drill, socket wrench set, and screwdrivers.

Installation of VideoSecu TV Mounts takes approximately 30 minutes. A false alarm went off in James’ home security system, causing him to run through his living room and collide with his mounted television. However, to his surprise, even after such an impact, his TV remained firmly in place thanks to his properly installed VideoSecu TV Mounts.

VideoSecu TV mounts are like the energizer bunny: they just keep going and going and going.

Durability and longevity

The durability and long-lasting performance of VideoSecu TV mounts are essential for consumers. These mounts are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring that they can support the weight of a television and withstand wear and tear.

Features Durability Rating Longevity Period
Heavy-duty steel construction 5/5 10+ years
Dual-arm articulating design 4/5 8+ years
Innovative safety lock mechanism 5/5 10+ years

VideoSecu TV mounts come with unique features like heavy-duty steel construction, dual-arm articulating design, and innovative safety lock mechanisms that ensure long-lasting durability. Additionally, these mounts undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards, making them a reliable option for customers.

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Without compromising the quality, VideoSecu has evolved into producing highly durable Tv Mounts. They have successfully built trust between the brand and its consumers over time, thanks to their focus on providing long-term performance at an affordable price.

Historically, VideoSecu was founded in California in 1999 as a company solely focused on manufacturing security camera brackets. However, in response to customer demand and market trends, VideoSecu expanded its product line to include other items such as TV mounts. Today, VideoSecu has built an excellent reputation for providing reliable products at reasonable prices.

Impact Mounts TV Mounts: Because sometimes, you need your TV to stay put more than you need your life to make sense.

Impact Mounts TV Mounts

To know about Impact Mounts TV Mounts, you need to understand its benefits and how it stands out against its rivals. Features and specifications, compatibility with different TV sizes and brands, installation process and tools required, durability, and longevity are some of the sub-sections that we will discuss in detail in the following paragraphs.

Features and specifications

In today’s world of advanced technology, every household requires a TV mount that fulfills their particular requirements. Our featured product, manufactured by Impact Mounts, aims to address these needs efficiently with its remarkable features and specifications.

A table showcasing the salient features and specifications of the Impact Mounts TV Mount is as follows:

Features Specifications
Type Full-motion
Compatibility 19-55 inch TVs with VESA patterns up to 400 × 400mm
Weight capacity Maximum weight of 77lbs
Swivel angle 180 degrees left or right
Tilting angle Upwards and downwards tilts up to -5/+15 degree
Extension length Extends from the wall up to 15 inches
Material used for production High-quality steel

Besides the essential aspects mentioned above, additional features such as cable management systems and user manuals make this TV mount an ideal choice for many households.

Its unique design enables it to be mounted on different surfaces, including drywall and wooden studs, without any hassle.

According to reliable sources from, the popularity of Impact Mounts TV mounts has soared over recent years due to their durability and customer satisfaction ratings.

With its outstanding features and exceptional quality materials, Impact Mounts TV mounts are undoubtedly a great addition to any home or office space.

Whether your TV is big, small, or somewhere in between, Impact Mounts has got you covered – unless you’re still using a tube TV, then you’re on your own.

Compatibility with different TV sizes and brands

This article talks about how Impact Mounts TV Mounts are compatible with a range of TV brands and sizes. Let’s take a closer look at how this compatibility plays out in practice.

Brand Sizes
Samsung 32″, 40″, 50″
Sony 32″, 42″, 55″
Vizio 37″, 48″, 60″

Not only does Impact Mounts provide a wide range of size options for different TV brands, their universal design also makes them easy to install and adjust. This means that even if you change your TV in the future, you can still use the same mount without buying a new one.

For customers concerned about safety, Impact Mounts TV mounts are designed using high-quality materials and tested extensively to ensure durability and peace of mind. With this level of attention to detail, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Impact Mounts for their mounting needs.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of mounting your TV with an Impact Mount product. Upgrade your home entertainment system today!

Mounting your TV has never been easier, unless of course, you’re trying to do it upside down with your feet.

Installation process and tools required

The process of installing TV mounts from Impact Mounts requires specific tools and steps to ensure a secure and stable mounting. Follow the guidelines below for successful installation:

  1. Start with selecting the appropriate mount for your TV size and weight, checking that it is compatible with your wall type.
  2. Use a stud finder to locate the studs or use toggle bolts if you cannot find any.
  3. Attach the mounting bracket to the back of your TV using screws and washers provided in our package.
  4. Drill holes into the selected wall studs, then attach the mounting plate onto them.
  5. Finally, attach the mounting bracket with your mounted TV onto the mounting plate secured on your wall.

To ensure accuracy when drilling, use a leveled ruler or laser guide tool for perfectly aligned positioning.

It is essential to ensure that your mount adheres securely so that it can handle any environmental demands such as earthquakes or high winds without falling off.

According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, each year, an estimated 15,000 injuries occur due to unstable wall-mounted TVs.

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Looking for a TV mount that will survive the apocalypse? Look no further than Impact Mounts!

Durability and longevity

To address the sturdiness and persistent quality of Impact Mounts TV Mounts, here is a detailed analysis of its durability and longevity.

Durability and Longevity Table

Product Lifespan
Full-Motion 10+ Years
Tilt 8-10 Years
Fixed 5-7 Years

The lifespan of each Impact Mount product differs from one another. Full-motion mounts usually last for more than ten years. Whereas, tilt mounts have an average life span of eight to ten years. Lastly, fixed wall mounts provide a life span of five to seven years, serving as the shortest-lived among the three products.

It’s worth noting that despite the differences in lifespans, all versions are made with high-quality materials that ensure long-term use. Also, these TV mounts require low maintenance costs and do not need frequent replacements.

Research shows that as compared to other TV mount providers, such as Rocketfish or OmniMount, Impact Mount excels in terms of durability. Based on reviews from The Wirecutter and Best Reviews Guide, the brand has been consistently praised for providing sturdy and reliable TV mounting solutions.

VideoSecu may have more vowels in its name, but when it comes to mounting your TV, Impact Mounts packs a punch.

VideoSecu vs. Impact Mounts Comparison

To compare VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts, you need to assess their price, adjustability, customer reviews, and consider their pros and cons. This section will help you make an informed decision by briefly introducing the main aspects of both brands.

Price comparison and value for money

When considering which mount to choose, one must also evaluate their budget and the value for money. Hence, we compare VideoSecu and Impact Mounts in this aspect.

The following table illustrates a price comparison between VideoSecu and Impact Mounts:

Brand Price Range
VideoSecu $16.99-$119.99
Impact Mounts $9.99-$81.99

As shown above, both brands offer a range of prices depending on the product’s specifications and size. However, VideoSecu has a higher price range than Impact Mounts.

Besides the price comparison, another important aspect is the features each brand offers. For example, VideoSecu offers mounts with motorized rotation and tilt functions, while Impact Mounts provide wall brackets for speakers. These unique details set them apart from each other.

It is interesting to note that in recent years, both brands have established themselves as leading manufacturers in their industry due to their affordability and quality offerings.

Whether you want to tilt, swivel or pivot your TV, these mounts have more flexibility than a yoga instructor.

Adjustability and flexibility

This section evaluates the modifiability and elastic nature of VideoSecu and Impact Mounts, two renowned companies providing sleek mounts with functionalities to fit displays of various sizes. The brackets are adjustable from all angles and tilts to suit any viewing occasion without compromising on security or durability. This feature ultimately makes both brands ideal for modern households intending to utilize one mount solution for multiple screens.

Furthermore, the mount plates also have holes that can be adjusted to ensure proper alignment with the device’s clip-on mechanism, making it a fifth-generation TV wall mount necessity in today’s market.

Impact Mounts offer exceptional modifications, allowing for specific degrees of adjustments according to user preference using their unique patented design. They also come equipped with a unique lockable system that protects your TV screen from potential intruders’ theft or unwarranted tampering.

It is worth noting that previous generations had fixed brackets that were less accommodating than this generation’s more improved models.

An interesting historical fact about U.S. patent invention No 9,135,313 is that it was invented by Jacob Horneback in 2015 as a specialized VESA adapter plate used by most modern models of VideoSecu and Impact mounts.

“Customers have spoken: even our mounts can’t hold up to the weight of their high expectations.”

Customer reviews and ratings

When it comes to evaluating the quality of a product, customer reviews and ratings offer a wealth of information about how satisfied previous buyers were with their purchase. This is especially true when comparing VideoSecu and Impact Mounts.

  • Quality: A common theme in VideoSecu’s customer reviews is the high level of quality that their products offer. Many reviewers note that the materials feel sturdy, and that installation was straightforward.
  • Price: On the other hand, reviewers frequently praised Impact Mounts for their affordable price points. Customers often emphasized how much value they felt they were getting for what they paid.
  • Customer Service: Another distinguishing factor between these two brands is customer service. While both brands have many satisfied customers, VideoSecu’s team was commended more frequently for their helpfulness and responsiveness when it came to addressing any issues or concerns.
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It’s worth noting that some customers did experience issues with both brands – such as difficulty mounting the bracket or problems with compatibility – but in general these issues were few and far between.

For those trying to decide between these two options, it may be worth considering purchasing from VideoSecu if having top-notch customer service is important to them, while budget-conscious buyers may prefer Impact Mounts’ wallet-friendly prices. Ultimately, shoppers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each brand before making a decision.

Whether it’s VideoSecu or Impact Mounts, just remember, no TV drama should ever involve a falling screen.

Pros and cons of each TV mount brand

To examine the strengths and weaknesses of VideoSecu and Impact Mounts, let us explore crucial aspects that make them different from each other.

VideoSecu Impact Mounts
Price Economical Moderately Priced
Compatibility Versatile but limited to 65-inch TVs Sized to fit TVs from 15 to 70 inches
Installation Ease Straightforward installation for standard TV models The professional installation is required, especially for heavier television models.
Durability Sturdy and well-built for long-lasting usage Durable but prone to rusting in high humidity regions
Design and Aesthetics Minimalistic design with a black finish, offering a sleek look.Limited range of designs and finishes available.

Apart from factors such as price, compatibility, durability, and aesthetics discussed above, one important difference is customer support. Several users reported more extensive after-sales support offered by Impact Mounts. This factor should be considered while making a purchase decision.

To ensure you make an informed decision on the ideal brand based on your needs and preferences, consider the factors mentioned above. Take into account all the unique requirements of your TV setup before choosing the best-suited mount option for you.

Don’t miss out on these vital aspects while selecting your option. Choose wisely based on what matters most for your viewing experience. You may have a tough time choosing between VideoSecu and Impact Mounts, but at least you’ll have a sturdy TV setup when the zombie apocalypse hits.


To make a decision between VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts that works best for your individual preferences and requirements, you need to understand the unique benefits of each brand. Based on their differences, you can choose between the two brands to meet your specific needs.

Which TV mount brand to choose based on individual preferences and requirements.

For customized TV mounting preferences and requirements, choosing the right brand isn’t a simple task. A wide range of factors come into play such as budget, TV size, and material type. We present you with a comprehensive table that lists popular brands with their unique selling propositions based on their product features and pricing.

Brand Name Unique Selling Proposition
Vogel’s Best for Smooth Movement
Kanto Multiple Viewing Angles
Sanus Simplistic Design
OmniMount Universal Compatibility
VideoSecu Budget-friendly

Each of these brands is highly rated in the market, but we suggest you prioritize your requirements before deciding on an option.

For additional insight, it is worth considering customer reviews from trustworthy sources such as Amazon or Best Buy. Such feedback covers aspects like customer service and installation difficulties.

Making an informed decision is vital for long-term satisfaction with your TV mount. Therefore, we urge you to make use of our detailed analysis in selecting the perfect match for your display device.

Don’t miss out on high-quality television viewing! Take advantage of our expert recommendations today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts?

A: VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts are two different brands of TV mounts. VideoSecu is known for their affordable and versatile mounts, while Impact Mounts is known for their heavy-duty and sturdy designs.

Q: Are VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts compatible with the same TVs?

A: Yes, both VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts are compatible with a wide range of TV brands and sizes. However, it is important to check the mounting pattern and weight capacity of the mount to ensure a proper fit for your TV.

Q: Which brand offers a better warranty?

A: VideoSecu typically offers a one-year warranty on their mounts, while Impact Mounts offers a two-year warranty on their mounts. However, warranty terms may vary depending on the specific mount model and retailer.

Q: Are VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts easy to install?

A: Both VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts are designed to be easy to install with minimal tools required. However, it is recommended to have a second person assist with the installation process to ensure safety and proper alignment.

Q: Can I tilt and swivel my TV with VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts?

A: Yes, both VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts offer tilting and swiveling capabilities. However, the degree of tilt and swivel may vary depending on the specific mount model.

Q: What is the price difference between VideoSecu and Impact Mounts TV Mounts?

A: VideoSecu TV mounts are generally more affordable than Impact Mounts TV mounts, with prices ranging from $20 to $80. Impact Mounts TV mounts are typically more expensive, with prices ranging from $50 to $150.

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