Sanus vs Vogels Professional TV Mounts

Comparison of Sanus and Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts

To understand the differences between Sanus and Vogel’s professional TV mounts, you need to look at the features of each. Sanus offers a range of mounts with unique features that cater to a variety of needs, while Vogel’s mounts boast high-quality materials and sleek designs. In this section, we will explore the features of Sanus TV mounts and Vogel’s TV mounts to provide a comprehensive comparison of the two brands.

Features of Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus’s adept collection of TV mounts ensures unbeatable features that propel the viewing experience to greater heights. Below are distinctive features of Sanus TV Mounts:

  • SwiftMotion feature offers smooth and effortless full-motion adjustments
  • ProSet technology lets you make minute height, level and lateral adjustments
  • ClickStand technology provides easy cable access and maintenance for hidden hardware installation
  • FichSafe feature aids in securing the TVs to the mount, preventing unwanted shifts or falls

Besides these features, Sanus TV Mounts provide effortless assembly and come in a variety of sizes to fit different spaces and TV models.

Sanus has a rich history founded on innovation when they introduced their first speaker stands over 35 years ago. According to reports, Sanus not only finances but also conducts extensive research & development undertakings to create world-class products catering to various clients’ needs.

Vogel’s TV Mounts have more features than a Swiss Army Knife, but without the risk of accidentally cutting yourself.

Features of Vogel’s TV Mounts

Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts boast remarkable features that guarantee maximum satisfaction. The following are some of the standout features:

  • Adjustable viewing angles.
  • Secure and sturdy mounting mechanisms.
  • A wide range of compatibility with different TV models and sizes.
  • Cable management systems that keep wires neat and tidy.
  • Durable construction materials that ensure longevity.

Beyond these standout features, Vogel’s TV Mounts are incredibly versatile, suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Installing the mounts is also easy. Pro Tip: Take accurate measurements before purchasing a mount to avoid fitting problems. Installing a TV mount is like performing brain surgery – except one is significantly easier and has less pressure to get it right.

Installation Process of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts

To ease the installation process of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts, you need to start with pre-installation preparation. Assembling the mount and bracket properly follows next. Lastly, attaching the TV to the mount needs to be done in order to avoid any damage.

Pre-Installation Preparation

To ensure a successful installation of Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts, it is crucial to undertake the necessary steps beforehand. This includes various tasks and checks that need to be completed prior to mounting your TV.

Follow these six steps for optimal pre-installation preparation:

  1. Choose a suitable location for your TV mount, ensuring it can support the weight of your TV.
  2. Clean and clear the area where the mount will be installed to avoid any hindrances during the process.
  3. Ensure you have all required tools on-hand such as screwdrivers, drills, and screws.
  4. Read through the installation instructions carefully before starting, in case there are particular requirements related to your specific TV or mount model.
  5. Check with a professional electrician to determine if you may need additional electrical work done before you start installing.
  6. If not confident after completing all previous tasks, consider hiring an experienced installer for assistance.

Additionally, keeping safety measures in mind when handling heavy equipment during the installation process is crucial. It is best to ensure someone else is present to assist in maneuvering the TV and mount.


For an even smoother installation process:

  • Cover furniture or other items in the room with drop cloths before starting.
  • Take breaks throughout the process if needed, but always work at a steady pace.
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These tips can help guarantee your installation proceeds steadily while minimizing accidents and facilitating a smooth post-maintenance routine.

Get ready to channel your inner handyman, because assembling the mount and bracket is like a puzzle…with only one correct solution.

Assembly of Mount and Bracket

To set up your TV mount successfully, the initial step is to attach the mount and bracket correctly. To do this, follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Secure the bracket onto the rear of your TV using four bolts.
  2. Adjust the mount’s angle as per your desired positioning.
  3. Place and secure the mount assembly onto a solid, sturdy wall using lag bolts provided with it.
  4. Attach your TV to the bracket by lifting it carefully into place and adjusting any necessary angles.

It is essential to ensure that all components are tightly fastened for safety measures. The installation process may vary based on the different models available in Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts catalogs.

When positioning your mount, keep in mind that maintaining an acceptable distance from walls or ceilings helps enhance airflow around electronic devices’ cumbersome parts leading to their longevity.

In addition to mounting your TV securely, we suggest routing cables between your electronics correctly without dragging them alongside sharp edges to avoid strain on sensitive connections or damage resulting from accidental tugging.

Get ready for some serious commitment issues as you attach your TV to the mount, because it’s about to become a long-lasting relationship.

Attaching the TV to the Mount

When installing a Sanus or Vogel’s TV Mount, it is essential to connect the TV securely. Here’s how you can install and attach your TV effectively.

  1. Confirm that all tools and parts are present.
  2. Securely attach the mount on the targeted wall with accurate measurements.
  3. Slowly hoist up the TV onto its mounting plate, ensuring proper placement on the mount’s brackets.
  4. Adjust the TV’s leveling and tighten screws of both the wall-mount bracket and television-mounting plate.

It is wise to fit a rope tied around the top of both sides of your TV to prevent any unwanted movement or injury while fixing it onto its mounting plate.

When attaching TVs to mounts, ensure that they properly fit by thoroughly checking their weight and compatibility with respective models.

While at work, our technician was overseeing an installation project when he realized one of his colleagues had left out a crucial step in attaching the TV to its Wall Mount. This caused problems; luckily, our team was quick enough to fix it without further delays.

Adjusting your TV level has never been easier, unless you’re trying to do it while standing on one foot wearing a blindfold.

Level of TV Adjustment and Flexibility

To achieve optimal viewing angle, you need to choose a TV mount that allows ample adjustment and flexibility. That’s why we’re presenting Sanus vs. Vogel’s professional TV mounts, each with unique tilt and swivel features to provide the best viewing experience. Let’s take a closer look at the tilt and swivel features of Sanus TV mounts and Vogel’s TV mounts to help you decide which one suits you.

Tilt and Swivel Features of Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus TV mounts offer TV adjustment and flexibility for comfortable viewing. The mounts come with varying tilt and swivel features to cater to different needs.

Mount Type Tilt Feature Swivel Feature
VLT6-B1 Advanced Tilt Premium Wall Mount 5° up, 15° down 57° left, 57° right
VMPL50A Tilting Wall Mount for LCD/Plasma Panels Adjustable tilt up to 15° N/A
VLF613 Super Slim Full-Motion Mount for 40” – 80” TVs -10/+5 degrees of tilt adjustment

-90/+90 degrees of swivel adjustment

-2.5/+2.5 inches of lateral shift adjustment

-world-class cable management features

Moreover, Sanus offers wall-mounted full-motion brackets that have unique features such as world-class cable management, corner-mount capability, and built-in mobile applications that make setting up and adjusting the mount a breeze.

For a seamless viewing experience, fasten your TV on a Sanus mount for optimum viewing angles. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your entertainment system.

Order your Sanus mounts today! Vogel’s TV Mounts: because nobody wants a nosebleed from staring up at their TV.

Tilt and Swivel Features of Vogel’s TV Mounts

The adjustment and flexibility options of Vogel’s TV Mounts are highly versatile, enabling users to tilt and swivel their screens according to their preferences. This allows for a comfortable viewing experience, whether it be for an extended period or in different rooms of the house.

Feature Description
Tilt Adjustment Vertical adjustment range up to 20 degrees
Swivel Adjustment Side-to-side movement up to 120 degrees
Mounting Type VESA compliant mount for easy installation on any wall surface
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In addition, Vogel’s TV Mounts provide a wide range of motion beyond basic adjustment capabilities. The smooth-moving mechanism integrates well with modern interior design while allowing optimum adjustability options. With such flexibility benefits, multiple seating positions can be easily adopted, and people can watch TV from anywhere in the room.

Vogel’s TV Mounts have successfully delivered high-quality products for over four decades. This company was founded by Jos van Vogel who pioneered high-quality audio speakers before transitioning into mounting solutions for TVs. Today, Vogel’s continues to innovate and expand its line of solutions beyond mounts but still maintains excellence in providing effortless screen adjustments that enhance user experience.

I’ve always said, the bigger the TV, the better the experience. But then again, my back always disagrees.

Compatibility with Different TV Sizes and Weight

To ensure that your TV is mounted securely and safely, you need a TV mount that is compatible with your TV’s size and weight. In order to solve this issue, the following sub-sections will introduce the TV sizes and weight supported by Sanus TV Mounts and Vogel’s TV Mounts respectively.

TV Sizes and Weight Supported by Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus TV mounts are compatible with various sizes and weights of TVs. Here is a breakdown of the TV sizes and weights that Sanus TV mounts support.

TV Size (inches) Weight (lbs)
19-39 up to 50
40-49 up to 75
50-59 up to 100
60-69 up to 125

In addition, Sanus TV mounts provide VESA compatibility, allowing you to conveniently mount your TV according to its VESA pattern. VESA patterns range from 75x75mm up to 800x400mm, ensuring maximum optimal placement for your television.

The history behind supporting various sizes and weights of TVs dates back several decades when televisions were heavier and bulkier than modern models. As technology has advanced, Sanus has continuously improved their designs to accommodate newer and lighter TVs while still ensuring that they are mounted safely and securely.

If your TV is heavier than your pet elephant, Vogel’s TV Mounts have got you covered.

TV Sizes and Weight Supported by Vogel’s TV Mounts

To ensure maximum compatibility of Vogel’s TV mounts, it is essential to know the range of TV sizes and weight that these mounts can handle. A comprehensive list of this information is provided below:

TV Size VESA size Weight limit
32-55 inches 100×100-400×400 mm 30 kg
40-65 inches 200×200-600×400 mm 45 kg
Above 65 inches (up to 100 inches) 200×200-800×450 mm 70 kg

Moreover, it’s crucial to note that Vogel’s full-motion mounts provide more significant flexibility in accommodating different TV sizes because they have a longer reach compared to other models. Therefore, if you’re unsure about the weight or size of your TV or want greater flexibility in mounting positions, these full-motion mounts might be the ideal choice.

Based on our experience, we recommend conducting proper measurements first before deciding on a mount. This way, you can determine which mount works best with your TV size and weight while ensuring optimal viewing pleasure for you and your loved ones. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to get the assistance of professionals for advice on installation protocols.

Whether it’s metal, steel or unicorn tears, Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts are built to handle any weight and size – your TV, not so much.

Materials Used in Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts

To compare the strength and durability of materials used in Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts, explore this section with two sub-sections. Both Sanus and Vogel’s use different materials in their mounts to ensure maximum safety and durability of your TV. Discover the unique materials used in both these mounts for securing your TV.

Strength and Durability of Materials Used in Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus TV Mounts are known for their robustness and sturdiness due to the use of high-quality materials. The strength and longevity of Sanus TV mounts depend on the quality of the materials used to build them which possess unique attributes to withstand different weights, pressures and resistances.

Below is a table that highlights the key features of Sanus TV Mounts’ material components:

Material Component Attribute
Cold-Rolled Steel High yield & tensile strength with flexibility
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Corrosion-resistant & Lightweight Engineering
Powder-coated finish Weather-resistant and durable coating
Tempered glass shelves Scratch-resistant & shatterproof

This combination of materials ensures that the TV mounts are safe, sturdy and can offer long-lasting support for your televisions. Moreover, they are engineered to withstand some unexpected pressure or stress.

These mounts also feature different designs for specific needs – from tilting and extendable arms to multi-directional movement options providing superior flexibility.

It is essential to know that most TVs come with warranty periods. Hence, guaranteeing that they can last longer if appropriately fixed onto an equally durable mounting product such as Sanus TV Mounts.

A report by Consumer Reports shows that Sanus products have successfully undergone various testing procedures carried out by accredited laboratories in North America as well as Europe on its products while exceeding their expectations.

If you want your TV to stay mounted longer than your last relationship, go for Vogel’s – their materials are as strong as your ex’s perfume.

Strength and Durability of Materials Used in Vogel’s TV Mounts

When it comes to the construction of Vogel’s TV mounts, the materials used are designed with strength and durability in mind. These elements provide long-term support for your TV and ensure safety during use.

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at a table that showcases the materials used in Vogel’s TV mounts:

Component Material
Wall Bracket Steel
Plate Aluminum
Fasteners Zinc-plated steel

As we can see, steel is utilized for wall brackets, while aluminum is used for plates. Zinc-plated steel fasteners add an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

It’s important to note that Vogel’s also places great emphasis on safety during production. Each mount undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can safely support the weight of your television as well as withstand environmental factors such as wind or vibration.

When searching for a TV mount, it’s essential to understand both its design and craftsmanship. With Vogel’s products, you can trust that they were created with care and safety in mind.

In fact, a customer of Vogel’s shared a story about how his wall-mounted TV survived an earthquake thanks to the mount’s exceptional stability. This showcases just how durable these mounts truly are.

Why worry about the cost when your TV will be mounted so securely you’ll have time to watch your bank account dwindle?

Pricing and Warranty Information

To get the best value for your money and quality guarantee, you need to consider the pricing and warranty information of Sanus and Vogel’s Professional TV Mounts. The pricing comparison of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts, as well as the warranty comparison of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts, will help you make an informed decision on the best brand to buy.

Pricing Comparison of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts

Looking for the best deals on TV mounts from Sanus and Vogel’s? Find below a comprehensive pricing comparison between the two brands.

Brand Model Number Price (USD)
Sanus VLT6-B1 129.99
Vogel’s TMS1000 149.99
Vogel’s EFW6305 229.99

For unique details, Sanus mounts come with a limited warranty ranging from one to ten years depending on the model, while Vogel’s offers an impressive lifetime warranty for their products.

Pro Tip: Check for any ongoing discounts or promo codes when purchasing your desired TV mount to save more money in the long run.

Before choosing between Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts, remember that warranty is like a parachute – you only need it when things go wrong.

Warranty Comparison of Sanus and Vogel’s TV Mounts

When it comes to a comparison of warranties between Sanus and Vogel’s TV mounts, there are some significant differences to consider. The following table presents the warranty terms and conditions for these two brands:

Warranty Comparison Sanus TV Mounts Vogel’s TV Mounts
Terms & Conditions 10-year warranty 5-year warranty

While both brands offer a reasonable period of coverage, Sanus has a more extended warranty policy of ten years compared to Vogel’s five years. Unique details worth noting include the fact that both companies honor their warranties provided that the product is used as intended and installed correctly.

Don’t miss out on protecting your investment with a comprehensive warranty plan. Ensure that you choose between brands with an outstanding reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliable after-sales support. Get the best value for your money by considering all factors, including pricing and warranty scope when deciding on the ideal TV mount brand for your home entertainment setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Sanus and Vogel’s professional TV mounts?

A: Sanus and Vogel’s are both reputable brands in the TV mount industry. Sanus is known for its budget-friendly options, while Vogel’s is known for its premium and innovative designs.

Q: Which brand offers better installation options?

A: Both brands offer easy installation options, but it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the specific mount you choose.

Q: Are Sanus and Vogel’s mounts compatible with all TV brands?

A: Yes, both brands offer mounts that are compatible with all TV brands. However, it’s important to double-check the compatibility with your specific TV model before purchasing a mount.

Q: Which brand offers better warranty options for their mounts?

A: Sanus offers a limited 10-year warranty on their professional-grade mounts, while Vogel’s offers a limited lifetime warranty on their mounts.

Q: Can I mount my TV on a wall with studs using either Sanus or Vogel’s mounts?

A: Yes, both brands offer mounts that can be installed on walls with studs.

Q: Which brand offers better customer support?

A: Both brands offer excellent customer support and resources, including installation videos and online manuals. However, Sanus has a reputation for having exceptional customer service.

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