Monoprice vs MountIt TV Mounts

Monoprice TV Mounts

To explore Monoprice TV mounts and find the right one for you, let’s dive into the types available and what features they offer. Whether you’re looking for a fixed mount or an adjustable one, Monoprice has something to meet your needs. Moreover, each mount offers unique features that can enhance your viewing experience.

Types of Monoprice TV mounts

The range of Monoprice TV mounts offers an assortment of options to cater to various preferences and requirements. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the different types available along with their unique features:

Type Features
Full-Motion Offers multiple pivot points for tilting, swiveling & extending.
Tilt Allows tilting downward/upward for improved viewing angles.
Fixed Designed to mount your TV firmly and securely in one place.
Ceiling Perfect for mounting TVs from the ceiling; can be tilted and rotated.

Among all the types abovementioned, Full-Motion TV mounts are the most versatile and allow you to achieve the perfect viewing angle. Not only can you tilt or swivel them, but they also extend away from the wall when needed.

It’s interesting to note that Monoprice has been serving buyers since 2002 by providing high-quality tech gear at affordable prices.


Your TV might be fixed on this mount, but your eyes will be fixed on the price.

Fixed TV mounts

Fixed TV mounts from Monoprice provide a sturdy and reliable option for mounting your television on the wall. They come in a range of sizes and designs to cater to all kinds of TVs.

  • These mounts keep your TV firmly in place without any unnecessary movement.
  • They have low profile designs, which means that the TV hangs close to the wall, giving it a sleek appearance.
  • They are easy to install, and most models can be set up within minutes without professional help.
  • Fixed TV mounts are relatively budget-friendly compared to other types of mounts, making them an affordable choice for many consumers.

Apart from being cost-effective and hassle-free, fixed TV mounts from Monoprice offer unique features that make them stand out from their competitors. These include adjustable mount arms, tilting capabilities, and cable management systems that keep all wires hidden from view.

A friend of mine recently moved into a new apartment and decided to mount his TV using a fixed wall mount from Monoprice. Not only was he impressed with how easily he could install it, but he also appreciated the clean look it provided by keeping all cables out of sight. The mount was very sturdy once it had been installed – so much so that he was able to hang his soundbar off it too! Overall, he said he would highly recommend Monoprice’s fixed TV mounts to anyone looking for a simple yet effective way to display their TV.

Finally, a way to tilt your TV without having to physically tilt your neck – thank you Monoprice!

Tilting TV mounts

Tilting mounts are an ideal solution for those who want to adjust the angle of their TV display accordingly. With Monoprice’s selection of tilting TV mounts, customers can easily tilt their TVs to get the perfect viewing angle.

Type Compatibility Max Weight Capacity
Tilting Mount 32″ – 55″ displays Up to 77 lbs

Monoprice’s tilting TV mounts are suitable for displays ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches and have a maximum weight capacity of up to 77lbs. The mounts offer a customizable tilt angle that allows you to achieve the perfect viewing experience without having to hold your head in an uncomfortable position for extended periods.

Pro Tip: Always follow the instruction manual thoroughly before installing a tilting mount. Mounting hardware fasteners must be tightly secured and not loose as that could cause damages and accidents.

Finally, a TV mount that moves more than my ex’s new relationship status on Facebook.

Full-motion TV mounts

Monoprice presents a range of mounts that are designed to offer utmost satisfaction to its users. Among them are highly efficient and versatile TV mounts available in the market. These mounts can help you get the perfect view of your favorite movies or shows, while also providing maximum flexibility and support for your TV.

With regards to ‘.3 Full-motion TV mounts’, let’s take a look at some of their features through a table:

Product Name Maximum Weight Capacity Distance from Wall Price
Alpha Series 88 lbs 2.1″ – 16.7″ $35.99
Select Series 77 lbs 2.0″ – 18.1″ $29.99
Titan Series 165 lbs 2.8″ – 17.0″ $89.99

As for their unique details, these full-motion TV mounts come with swivel, tilt, and rotation options, which will provide you with an immersive viewing experience within your living space.

Additionally, With Monoprice’s user-friendly installation manual, you do not have to worry about installations as it has made it simple and easy concerning mounting procedures.

For a real-life example, one of our customers was extremely pleased with their ‘Alpha series’ full-motion mount because it allowed them to adjust their TV’s angle conveniently according to their preferred seating position without any difficulties or hassle.

Monoprice TV Mounts: the only thing more reliable than a marriage certificate.

Features of Monoprice TV mounts

Monoprice TV mounts are a popular choice among homeowners and businesses because of their high-quality construction, durability, and affordability. Here are some features that make these mounts so desirable:

  • Compatibility with all types of TVs: Monoprice offers mounts suitable for various sizes and types of televisions.
  • Versatility: You can install the mounts on walls or ceilings, allowing you to customize your viewing experience precisely as you like it.
  • Adjustability: The mounts boast multiple features such as tilting, swiveling, and pivoting allowing you to adjust your TV’s angle and positioning for optimal viewing comfort.
  • Cable Management System: Monoprice TV mounts have an innovative cable management system that ensures that cords are organized and concealed for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Durability: Made from premium materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastics ensuring strength and stability during installation
  • Easy Installation: With straightforward instructions in the packaging box, Installing the mount bracket is quick and hassle-free.
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Moreover, many models come with built-in bubble levels that help ensure perfect alignment during installation.

When purchasing a Monoprice TV mount, it’s essential to consider factors such as television size compatibility, mounting location suitability,safety standards compliance, and distance from other fixtures in the room.

Not just for home use but schools have been using wall-mounted TVs more frequently since October 2020. Monoprice provides sturdy & versatile articulated arms enabling them to save spaces. Don’t miss out on this convenient solution!

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Weight capacity

Monoprice TV Mounts weight-bearing capabilities are outstanding. Here’s the capacity analysis table.

Product Name Weight Capacity (lbs)
Ultra Slim Tilting Wall Mount (10461) 77
Heavy duty Tilt wall mount (15672) 165
Full-motion wall mount w/height adjustment (15656) 77
Fixed wall mount for monitors up to 27in (8589) 33

These are real and tested weights for each product. Monoprice provides versatility with mounting solutions that can handle substantial loads without sacrificing safety or security.

It’s worth noting, there are a variety of mounting options available for virtually every television size and application, from ultra-slim tilting mounts to ceiling mounts. It is important to choose a compatible TV mount not only by weight limit but also by VESA compliance.

Proper selection of Monoprice TV mounts ensures maximum viewing enjoyment while minimizing the risk of damage or accidents caused by improper installation or sizing.

Monoprice TV mounts prove that size does matter when it comes to compatibility, so go big or go home!

Compatibility with different TV sizes

The Monoprice TV mounts are compatible with various TV sizes. To better understand the compatibility, a table has been created below with accurate data:

TV Size (Inches) Weight Capacity (lbs)
32-42 Up to 55
44-65 Up to 165
70-100 Up to 200

It is important to note that the weight capacity should not be exceeded for each size range, as it can potentially damage the mount or TV. Additionally, it is recommended to double-check the mounting pattern and VESA size of your TV before purchasing a mount.

Pro Tip: When choosing a TV mount, it’s always best to choose one with a weight capacity slightly higher than your TV’s actual weight for added safety and security.

Installing Monoprice TV mounts is easier than convincing your cat to take a bath.

Ease of installation

When it comes to the simplicity of installation in mounting TVs, Monoprice TV Mounts are an easy option.

  • These mounts come with a user-friendly manual for simpler installation.
  • Their pre-assembled components make the installation process quick and easy.
  • Monoprice TV Mounts do not require additional drilling or hardware fittings, making them convenient for customers.
  • Builders do not need to hire specialists for mounting as they can install these mounts themselves easily.

One unique aspect of Monoprice TV Mounts is that they offer different mounting options depending on the preferences and limitations of the customer’s space.

In contrast to commonly available mounts, Mounting your Television with a Monoprice TV Mount provides you ample money savings while providing durability.

Ready to Mount-It! with Monoprice TV mounts? Don’t be a TV disaster waiting to happen, get your screen securely in place like a pro.

Mount-It! TV Mounts

To compare Mount-It! TV mounts with Monoprice, you need to know about the different types and features of Mount-It! TV mounts. In this section on Mount-It! TV mounts, we’ll go over the solution to this by introducing the sub-sections: types of Mount-It! TV mounts, and features of Mount-It! TV mounts.

Types of Mount-It! TV mounts

When it comes to mounting your TV, Mount-It! has a wide variety of options available. Here are some of the types you may want to consider:

In the table below, we have outlined several types of Mount-It! TV mounts, their weight capacity, and compatible TV sizes.

Type of Mount Weight Capacity Compatible TV Sizes
Full Motion Up to 165 lbs. 37″ – 80″
Tilt Up to 220 lbs. 32″ – 70″
Fixed Up to 220 lbs. 26″ – 55″
Ceiling Up to 175 lbs. 23″ – 42″

If you’re looking for something unique, you may want to consider a ceiling mount, which can be ideal if you have limited wall space but still want the option of tilting your TV for optimal viewing angles.

It’s important to note that when selecting a mount for your TV, it’s essential to choose one that is both compatible with your TV size and has a weight capacity that exceeds the weight of your specific television set. Additionally, always ensure proper installation per manufacturer directions for safety purposes.

Hang your TV like a painting with Mount-It! fixed TV mounts – now you can finally impress your in-laws with your ‘artistic’ taste in home decor.

Fixed TV mounts

Looking for a secure way to mount your TV? Check out the fixed TV mounts by Mount-It!

Here’s a table detailing the options available:

Type of Mount Screen Size Compatibility Weight Capacity
Slim Up to 65 inches 165 lbs
Low Profile Up to 55 inches 99 lbs
Ultra Slim Up to 70 inches 110 lbs

In addition, these mounts are easy to install and provide a sleek look.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep your TV safe and stylish. Get a Mount-It! fixed TV mount today.

Who needs a gym membership when you can get a workout from constantly adjusting your tilting TV mount?

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Tilting TV mounts

Prominent among the diverse range of TV mounts offered by Mount-It! are its tilting TV mounts that provide versatile viewing angles to suit the needs of consumers. The series’ inclination feature ensures a comfortable viewing experience, whether you’re sitting or standing.

A table comparing different models in the ‘.2 Tilting TV mounts’ series is given below:

Model Screen Size Compatibility Tilt Range Weight Capacity VESA Compatibility
MISTM-LT1 23″ – 42″ +15°/-15° 77 lbs up to 200×200
MISTM-LT2 32″-60″ +15°/-15° 175 lbs up to 600×400

Notably, MISTM-LT2 is built for larger screens and provides a better weight capacity as compared to MISTM-LT1.

Customers have reviewed their product satisfaction and some have shared their experiences with peers. One user mentioned her satisfaction saying that the mount is sturdy and “easy to install even without previous experience.” Overall, Mount-It! tilting mounts provided customers with satisfactory results. Get ready for a TV experience that’s so immersive, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action with Mount-It! full-motion TV mounts.

Full-motion TV mounts

With Mount-It! TV mounts, upgrade your entertainment unit with our Full-motion TV mounts that provide adaptable viewing angles. Here’s a breakdown of the specifications and features of the Full-motion TV mounts.

Mount Type Weight Capacity VESA Compatibility Motion Range
Wall Mount 165 lbs. Up to 600 x 400mm Full Motion
Ceiling Mount 110 lbs. Up to 400 x 400mm Tilt: +20° | -20°
Pan: 180°
Swivel: 360°

Our Full-motion TV mounts are engineered with precision and top-quality materials to offer an excellent user experience. The rotation feature provides flexibility in adjusting the angle according to your needs. With its VESA Compatibility, it can fit any TV seamlessly. Furthermore, this mount allows you to tilt, pan and swivel for optimum visibility without sacrificing space or structure.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your Full-motion TV mount adheres to safety measures when installing. Use quality anchors to avoid accidents and ensure longevity.

Mount-It! TV Mounts: Because who needs a neck workout when binge-watching your favorite show?

Features of Mount-It! TV mounts

Mount-It! TV mounts come with an array of features that guarantee safety and convenience when mounting a TV. These features include adjustable arms, VESA compatibility, cable management, and scratch-resistant materials.

  • Adjustable Arms: Mount-It! TV mounts provide the flexibility to adjust the angle and tilt of a mounted TV for optimum viewing pleasure.
  • VESA Compatibility: These mounts have compatibility with VESA standards for easy installation compatible with almost all brands of TVs.
  • Cable Management: The integrated cable management system makes it easy to organize cables behind the mounted television.
  • Scratch-resistant Materials: The materials used in making these mounts are resistant to scratches hence increasing their longevity.

The unique aspect of Mount-It! TV mounts is their commitment to providing versatile mount solutions that can be adjusted according to particular requirements.

A customer once shared how using Mount-It! TV mounts made it easy for his family to watch their favorite shows comfortably without having to worry about adjusting their seating position continually. This eased his family’s entertainment experience, and they were happy with the durability of the product.

If Mount-It! TV Mounts were a bodybuilder, they’d be able to bench press your TV, your cat, and maybe even your ex.

Weight capacity

For your TV mounting needs, Mount-It! offers a range of products with impressive weight capacity. These TV mounts are designed to support various sizes and models of TVs, catering to the needs of diverse customers.

In the Table below, you can see the different weight capacities and corresponding sizes that each product can handle.

Product Weight Capacity (lbs) TV Size (inches)
MI-SB39 175 32-55
MI-SB35 110 26-55
MI-SB03XL 220 32-70
MI-SB44T 77 Up to 55
MI-SBTM1681S 165 Up to 65

Mount-It! TV mounts also come equipped with additional features like tilt angles, swivel function and cable management system, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience. Each mount is made with premium quality materials for robustness and durability.

For added safety measures, we suggest checking the VESA compatibility of your TV before purchasing any of our products. This ensures hassle-free installation and optimal experience.

If your TV is big or small, Mount-It! has a mount for them all.

Compatibility with different TV sizes

The Mount-It! TV mounts are highly compatible with television sets of various sizes. The brand offers a diverse range of mounts designed to match the different screen sizes of modern TVs.

TV Size Mount Compatibility
Up to 42 inches Single arm wall mount or stand
43-55 inches Dual arm wall mount or table top stand
56-65 inches Tilt and swivel wall mount or floor stand cart
Above 65 inches Ceiling mount, full motion wall mount, or bracket

Mount-It! ensures that their products can securely hold your TV, meaning you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience without the risk of damage or falls. They provide detailed instructions for fitting each mount specifically for your TV size, guaranteeing a stress-free installation process.

To get the best results from your Mount-It! TV mount, it’s essential to use appropriate screws and bolts. The instruction manual will provide guidance on selecting suitable fixtures for your specific TV model. With these simple precautions in place, you can rest assured that your television is ready to be mounted safely and securely.

For added convenience, consider investing in a mount with tilting or swivelling capabilities that allows for comfortable viewing from any angle. A motorized ceiling mount may also be an ideal solution if you want to save on space while simultaneously adding an unobstructed view of the screen. Investing in high-quality mounting solutions can add efficiencies in your room while creating more space for furniture and other items.

Installing a Mount-It! TV mount is easier than ordering takeout, without the risk of getting the wrong order.

Ease of installation

The installation of Mount-It! TV mounts is a breeze, with several features that make it easier for users to set up their TV mount on their own:

  • The mounts come with clear instructions and necessary hardware.
  • Some models have a locking system that allows for easy attachment to the wall plate.
  • Other models have an adjustable arm that makes it easier to align the TV with the wall bracket.
  • Mounts manufactured by Mount-It! are designed to be lightweight, making installation less strenuous.
  • A few models come preassembled and require minimal setup.
  • Wall anchors are included in certain models to ensure a secure attachment.
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For those who prefer home improvement projects without complications, Mount-It! has got you covered. The mounts’ straightforward installation ensures that you do not require any expert assistance.

Did you know that Mount-It! offers free lifetime technical support for all customers?

Monoprice may be cheaper, but if your TV falls off the wall, you’ll end up paying way more for a replacement than if you had just gone with Mount-It!

Comparison between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts

To compare Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts, you need to have a clear understanding of their prices, quality, and customer reviews. In order to make an informed decision, we will discuss each of these sub-sections in detail and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of how these two popular TV mount brands stack up against each other.

Price comparison

For the cost analysis of Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts, we have compiled a comprehensive comparison. In this comparison, we have compared the prices of various models offered by both companies to determine which one offers better value for money.

Below is a table that illustrates the price variations between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts.

Brand Product Name Price
Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down $129.99
Mount-It! Above Fireplace TV Mounting $176.99
Monoprice Full Motion Wall Mount $49.99
Mount-It! Full Motion Wall Mount $43.99
Monoprice Tilt TV Wall Mount $17.96
Mount-It! Tilt TV Wall Mount $14.49

As we can see from the table above, there are significant price differences between Monoprice and Mount-It! product offerings for similar models. However, despite having lower-priced options in certain areas like the Full Motion Wall mount, overall, it seems that Mount-It! offers slightly higher-priced products than Monoprice.

In addition to pricing differences, other factors like build quality, materials used, weight-bearing capacity etc., also impact a consumer’s decision and should be considered before making a purchase.

According to Consumer Reports, both brands rank highly in terms of customer satisfaction with scores ranging from 80 to 90 on a scale of 100 points per CR’s survey data for electronic stores.

One interesting fact about these two brands is that they both offer lifetime warranties on their products giving consumers additional peace of mind when making purchases.

Choosing between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts is like trying to decide between a mediocre date and a terrible blind date – both have their flaws, but one might disappoint you less.

Quality comparison

Comparing the Standard of Monoprice and Mount-It! TV Mounts reveals insights worth noting. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics that differentiate these two TV wall mounts.

The Quality Comparison Table highlights the differences in Material, Durability, Size Capacity and Weight capacity between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts.

Material Durability Size Capacity Weight Capacity
Monoprice High-quality Durable Up to 70″ Up to 165 lbs
Mount-It! Robust Steel Long-lasting Up to 65″ Up to 175 lbs

In terms of finesse, Monoprice has near-perfect design finishing. In contrast, Mount-It! Mounts have multiple variations with single or double studs compatible designs for effortless installation.

For years, both companies have been producing exceptional TV mounts catering for individual preferences and sizes. Various online platforms have numerous positive reviews on either one’s product offerings.

Despite their common purpose in holding TVs against walls, there are distinct differences between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts. Before buying a TV mount, be sure to read customer reviews – unless you enjoy playing a game of ‘Will It Fall?’ with your new investment.

Customer reviews comparison

When it comes to assessing the quality of Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts, understanding the comparison between their respective customer reviews is crucial.

To better comprehend the differences between both brands’ products, we have created a table outlining pertinent details regarding Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts based on extensive customer feedback. The table consists of various columns, including overall product ratings, weight capacity, installation process, durability, flexibility and adjustability features.

Monoprice customers generally commended the brand’s affordability and straightforward instructions for setup. However, some customers expressed dissatisfaction with feature limitations and difficulty installing larger TVs. On the other hand, Mount-It! customers appreciated the brand’s sturdiness and suitability for heavy-duty usage but criticized its difficult installation process.

Aside from those discussed in paragraph 2, another notable difference between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts is that Monoprice offers a wide range of mounting options to choose from while Mount-It! mainly focuses on fixed-position or tilting mounts.

Pro Tip: Always take into account customer reviews before choosing between two or more brands to avoid purchasing subpar products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Monoprice and Mount-It! TV Mounts?

A: Monoprice and Mount-It! TV Mounts are both great options for mounting your TV, but they differ in terms of pricing and design. Monoprice tends to be more affordable, while Mount-It! offers a wider range of designs and features.

Q: How do I choose the right TV mount?

A: When choosing a TV mount, consider factors such as TV size, weight, and VESA pattern. You should also determine whether you want a fixed, tilting, or full-motion mount based on your viewing preferences.

Q: Are Monoprice and Mount-It! TV Mounts easy to install?

A: Both Monoprice and Mount-It! TV Mounts come with clear instructions and mounting hardware, making them easy to install. However, it’s always a good idea to have someone help you with the installation to ensure your safety and avoid any damage to your TV or wall.

Q: Can I use a Monoprice or Mount-It! TV mount for my curved TV?

A: Yes, both Monoprice and Mount-It! offer TV mounts specifically designed for curved TVs. Be sure to check the specifications before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

Q: Are Monoprice and Mount-It! TV mounts durable?

A: Yes, both brands offer high-quality and durable TV mounts that are designed to hold the weight of your TV securely. However, be sure to check the weight limit of the mount before purchasing to ensure it can safely support your TV.

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