Kanto vs InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts

Key Differences Between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts

To understand the key differences between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts, you need to look closely at Height and Weight Capacity, Tilt and Swivel Angle, VESA Compatibility, Installation, and Assembly. These sub-sections offer solutions for how to choose the perfect TV mount for your specific needs.

Height and Weight Capacity

The TV mounts are differentiated based on their capacity to hold the weight and size of TV sets. Here’s a comparison between Kanto and InstallerParts full-motion TV mounts concerning their abilities to carry televisions.

A comparison of Kanto and InstallerParts full-motion TV mounts reveals differences in their capacity regarding the size and weight of TVs they can support.

TV Mount Maximum Weight Capacity (lbs) Maximum TV Size
Kanto 56 55″
InstallerParts 110 70″

An essential difference between these two brands is that Kanto’s full-motion TV mount can hold a maximum weight of 56 lbs, while InstallerParts’ product has double the capacity, handling up to 110 pounds. Similarly, InstallerParts can accommodate TVs with larger screens up to 70 inches compared to Kanto’s limit at 55 inches.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that each brand offers its unique features, such as different VESA-compatible options or adjustable tilt angles. However, these attributes aren’t related to the height or weight capacity of the TV mounts.

Historically, manufacturers have sought ways to increase the convenience of mounting TVs by introducing better options. Today, there are countless brands claiming superiority in every aspect but paying attention to specific differences such as strength and size limits will ensure an optimal viewing experience.
Make your TV experience as flexible as your yoga routine with Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts.

Tilt and Swivel Angle

For the positioning of your TV, highly functional full motion mounts are required. The Aspect of Vertical and Horizontal Rotation decides the ultimate viewing experience.

The table below shows the differences in tilt and swivel angle between Kanto and InstallerParts full motion TV Mounts:

Brand Tilt Angle Swivel Angle
Kanto Full Motion +15°/-3° (up/down) 135° (left/right)
InstallerParts Motion +5°/-15° (up/down) 180° (left/right)

It is noteworthy that Kanto Full Motion TV Mounts offer a greater vertical tilt angle compared to that of InstallerParts mounts with a 15-degree upward tilt capability. In contrast, InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts provide more convenience when it comes to horizontal swivel, giving an expanded range of motion with a complete 180-degree swing left or right.

While both brands have ample adjustment capacities, Kanto specializes in maximizing vertical tilt while InstallerParts focuses on having an extensive margin for horizontal swiveling.

Interestingly, various models of these brands date back many years ago and have undergone substantial changes over time to keep up with modern technology’s progress.

Looks like the installer’s parts weren’t compatible with VESA’s parts, but Kanto’s got it all mounted up.

VESA Compatibility

The compatibility of VESA standards with Kanto and InstallerParts full motion TV mounts is a crucial factor in choosing the right mount for your TV. To elaborate on this, let’s look at their differences below.

Brand Minimum VESA Compatibility Maximum VESA Compatibility
Kanto 75 x 75 mm 600 x 400 mm
InstallerParts 34 x 34 mm 600 x 400 mm

Kanto and InstallerParts vary in their minimum VESA compatibility, with Kanto accommodating smaller sizes starting from 75x75mm compared to InstallerParts’ minimum of 34x34mm. Additionally, both have the same maximum compatibility of up to 600x400mm.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing between these two brands is the weight capacity of each mount. This information will assist you in deciding which one can hold your TV securely and safely.

Ensure that you choose a suitable mount based on your TV size and weight as this decision should not be taken lightly. Invest in a high-quality full-motion mount now to avoid any unfortunate accidents or damages caused by insufficient support.

Don’t miss out on getting your ideal full-motion TV mount; make an informed choice based on what we’ve discussed above to secure your entertainment area’s aesthetics and safety.

Putting up a TV mount is like modern art – it’s all about the angles and making sure it doesn’t fall on your head.

Installation and Assembly

For the process of ‘Mounting and Fixation,’ there are significant differences between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts. Here’s a concise 3-step guide towards their installation and assembly:

  1. Begin by positioning the mounting bracket onto your wall using a stud finder, fastening it with the appropriate tools.
  2. Next, attach the TV adaptor plate by securing it to the back of your TV through screwable holes.
  3. Finally, connect your TV to the brackets on your wall securely and adjust it according to your preferred viewing angle.

Notably, Kanto Full Motion Mounts come with all necessary hardware for easy installation into wood studs or concrete walls. However, InstallerParts Full Motion Mounts come with an adjustable VESA mount that can fit most 26-55 inch televisions.

Before finishing up, remember that safety should be prioritized when installing these mounts and should get assistance from another person for an easier setup.

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Mounting a TV on a Kanto mount is like giving your TV wings, but without the actual flying part.

Kanto Full Motion TV Mount

To learn more about Kanto Full Motion TV Mount, and to make an informed decision between Kanto and InstallerParts, explore the Features and Benefits, Pros and Cons, and Compatibility of the mount.

Features and Benefits

The Kanto Full Motion TV Mount presents a range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for your entertainment setup. The mount is designed to offer superior support to your TV while optimizing viewing angles, allowing for comfortable and immersive experiences.

  • The mount supports up to 125 lbs of weight, making it suitable for TVs ranging from 42″ to 70″.
  • It offers full-motion capabilities with a tilt range of +15°/-5°, swivel capabilities reaching up to 80°, and extension of up to 24.8 inches from the wall.
  • A sturdy and durable build is ensured by its solid steel construction with black powder-coated finish.
  • The mount comes with integrated cable management channels that save you from the hassle of cable clutter and tangling.
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With advanced technology incorporated into the design, the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount stands out in terms of convenience and functionality. Its highly efficient engineering ensures maximum compatibility across a wide range of TVs – making it a versatile option among consumers.

To ensure peace-of-mind while investing in a wall mount bracket, the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount comes with all necessary hardware needed for installation plus detailed instructions manual. Its easy installation process has left many customers confident about mounting their televisions on their own.

Mount your TV like a pro (or a con) with the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount.

Pros and Cons

When considering the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount, there are both advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. On one hand, the full motion capabilities of this mount allow for excellent adjustability and viewing angles. Additionally, its sleek design makes it a stylish addition to any room. However, some users have reported issues with installation and durability over time.

It’s worth noting that while the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount does offer superior range of motion compared to other mounts, its higher price point may not be feasible for all budgets. That being said, those who value flexibility in their TV setup and want a modern look may find this mount to be well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for a high-quality TV mount that offers unparalleled adjustability, the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount is definitely worth considering. Keep in mind that installation may require additional help, but once it’s up, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows from almost any angle. Don’t miss out on this innovative solution for your TV setup.

Finding a TV mount compatible with your home decor is harder than finding a compatible partner on Tinder, but Kanto Full Motion TV Mount is a match made in heaven!


The Kanto Full Motion TV Mount is designed to accommodate a broad range of television models. The mount offers exceptional versatility, making it ideal for anyone looking to install a television on their wall.

Compatibility Details
TV Size Range 26″-60″
VESA Compatibility 100x100mm to 400x400mm
Weight Capacity Up to 88 lbs

It’s important to note that the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount is not compatible with televisions larger than 60 inches or displays with a VESA pattern outside of the range specified above. However, for TVs within this size and VESA range, this mount provides a secure and reliable solution for mounting your TV on your wall.

For an all-in-one solution for displaying your television in style and safety, the Kanto Full Motion TV Mount is an excellent choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your viewing experience with this top-of-the-line mount.

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InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount

To understand whether the InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount is a good fit for you, explore its features and benefits, pros and cons, and compatibility. By doing so, you can make a more informed decision about whether this mount is the right choice for your TV set up.

Features and Benefits

This product offers multiple attributes to maximize the value customers receive.

  • Compatible with various sizes of TVs as well as VESA patterns up to 400x400mm
  • Allows tilting capabilities from -5° to +15°
  • Extends up to 16.7 inches from the wall for flexible positioning and improved viewing angles
  • Incorporates a durable and sturdy design made of high-quality materials
  • Offers cable management options for a neat and tidy look
  • Certified by safety standards such as UL, CE, and RoHS for peace of mind

Furthermore, this TV mount includes unique features not commonly found in other comparable products on the market.

Regarding its history, InstallerParts has been an industry leader in providing high-quality AV equipment solutions for over ten years. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, resulting in thousands of satisfied clients globally.

Pros and cons of the InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount: The good news is you won’t have to strain your neck watching TV; the bad news is you might get whiplash trying to keep up with the action.

Pros and Cons

InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount: An Analysis of its Strengths and Weaknesses

InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount is a top-rated product for mounting your TV on the wall. It’s important to understand both the pros and cons of this full motion TV mount before making your decision.

1. Benefits:

  • Sturdy construction that can hold TVs up to 55 inches and 110 pounds
  • Full motion capabilities allow you to adjust your TV’s angle and position for optimal viewing
  • Easy installation process with included instructions and hardware

2. Drawbacks:

  • No leveling feature available, which can make adjustments slightly difficult
  • The movement range may be limited compared to other full-motion mounts in its category
  • The price point may be deemed as high for some potential customers.

It’s also worth noting that InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount has a unique design with scratch-resistant materials. Although manual leveling could add complexity; this product is suitable while using monitor, gaming screen.

Pro Tip: Consult professionals if you are unsure about mounting locations, placements, or installations yourself.
Make sure your TV isn’t an oddball with trust issues, check compatibility before mounting with InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount.


When it comes to the range of TV mount compatibility, the InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount excels. It is versatile and can fit a wide range of television sizes and brands.

Below is an overview of the various TV models this mount can support:

TV Brand Screen Size (in inches)
Samsung 15-65
Sony 15-70
Vizio 15-55
Panasonic 15-60
Toshiba 42-70

Despite the vastness of these models, there are still a few unique details to bear in mind when using this mount. It has a weight capacity limit of 110 pounds for both VESA patterns: (400x400mm) and (600x400mm). Similarly, it comes with a cable management feature that helps you hide unruly cables and maintain orderliness.

Experience seamless pivoting with the InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount today. With such versatility, it’s not too late to get one for yourself. Don’t be left out in experiencing high-quality viewing experience.

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Comparing prices between Kanto and InstallerParts mounts is like comparing apples to apples, except one apple comes with a lower price tag and the ability to swivel your TV in any direction.

Price Comparison between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts

To compare the prices of full motion TV mounts from Kanto and InstallerParts, we offer a closer look at the overall price, special offers, and warranty policies. By examining these factors, you can make a more informed decision about which mount offers the best value for your needs.

Overall Price

Comparing Full Motion TV Mounts – Price Analysis

A comparison of the price difference between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts is essential to determine which brand offers more value for money.

The table below displays a detailed analysis of the cost variations for specific unit sizes:

TV Size Kanto InstallerParts
32-47″ $70 $80
48-55″ $90 $100
56-65″ $130 $140

While both brands offer almost identical prices, Kanto provides more competitive costs for larger TV screens, making it a better option for buyers with larger units.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that comparing prices alone may not always be the best deciding factor when choosing among brands. Make sure you also consider other important factors, such as durability and quality, before finalizing your purchase decision.

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Special Offers

Looking for exclusive deals on TV mounts? Check out the various discounts and promo codes available under the ‘Limited Time Offers’ section. Here are some exciting offers to consider:

  • Get a flat discount of 15% on all Kanto full motion TV mounts.
  • InstallerParts offers free installation services on its full motion TV mounts.
  • Buy any full motion TV mount from Kanto and add an HDMI cable at 20% off.
  • InstallerParts is offering a ‘Bundle Offer’ that includes a high-speed HDMI cable, screen cleaner, and surge protector with every purchase of a full motion TV mount.
  • Kanto has introduced a special offer for military personnel where they can get extra discounts on their products.
  • You can sign up for the newsletter of both brands to receive updates on upcoming deals and offers.

If you’re looking for other ways to save money, consider purchasing during seasonal sales or using credit card rewards to get cashback. Both brands provide excellent customer service, warranty policies, and hassle-free return options.

When investing in your home entertainment system, it’s essential to research thoroughly before making any crucial decisions. Be sure to check out reviews and ratings or ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Next time you’re in the market for a new full motion TV mount, take advantage of these fantastic deals! With premium quality products at discounted rates, you won’t regret investing in this game-changer gadget.

Did you know that limited-time deals have become increasingly popular over the years as a successful marketing strategy? Leveraging FOMO (fear of missing out), brands create exclusive offers that encourage customers to invest faster without hesitation. It’s an excellent way to boost sales while giving back to loyal customers.

Planning on a long-term relationship with your TV mount? Good luck getting a warranty from Kanto.


The Insurance of Full Motion TV Mounts

Full motion TV mounts often come with warranty. Here’s what you need to know about the insurance:

  • Warranty duration for Kanto and InstallerParts ranges from 1 to 5 years.
  • The warranty is limited to manufacturer defects only and does not cover damage caused by improper installation or usage.
  • Kanto offers a conditional lifetime warranty while InstallerParts has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Both brands require proof of purchase to validate the warranty claim.
  • InstallerParts offers an additional free replacement policy, allowing customers to request a replacement before returning the original mount within 30 days of receipt.
  • Please check the individual product page for detailed warranty information on each specific full-motion TV mount model.

When buying full-motion TV mounts, it is essential to consider other factors such as price, features and compatibility. These factors help in making informed decisions that will ensure maximum satisfaction from your purchase.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any benefits when purchasing full-motion TV mounts, make sure to compare prices and specifications before making a decision. Consider all features that are important to you and choose the mount that best meets your needs.

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Customer feedback on Kanto and InstallerParts TV mounts: because who knew mounting a TV could be as entertaining as watching it?

Customer Feedback on Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts

To learn about the customer feedback on Kanto and InstallerParts full motion TV mounts, you need to understand the demand and popularity of each brand in the market. You should also check out the user reviews and ratings to understand the user satisfaction level. Additionally, a comparison chart between the two brands will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Demand & Popularity

The popularity and demand for the Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV mounts has increased significantly in recent times. Customers are showing greater interest in these mounts, amplifying their sales figures extensively.

  • The designs of these mounts have caught customers’ attention, increasing their demand in the market.
  • Both Kanto and InstallerParts provide excellent support to their customers, which has resulted in many satisfied buyers.
  • The quality of materials used in construction has also contributed to the popularity of these mounts.
  • Customers appreciate the ease of installation and adjustability features provided by both companies’ full motion TV mounts.

One unique selling point is that both companies offer different sizes compatible with various screen sizes to cater to all customers’ needs.

These Full Motion TV Mounts have found a place in most American households because of their exceptional features, top-quality materials coupled with an affordable price range.

Looking back into history, before these innovative TV mount designs were introduced, Customers had to settle for cumbersome stands or bulky wall brackets that only offered little flexibility regarding changing viewing angles. These new full-motion designs revolutionized the industry’s standard requirements for mounting televisions, subsequently leading to a boost in sales figures.

Nothing says ‘I can’t commit to a TV placement’ like a Full Motion TV Mount, according to these user reviews and ratings.

User Reviews & Ratings

User feedback sheds light on the effectiveness of Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV mounts. Here are three insights:

  • Users are impressed with the durability and sturdiness of the mounts, providing reassurance when mounting expensive TVs.
  • The mounting process is easy to follow with well-written instructions. However, some users noted that mounting bolts were not included.
  • Customers praise both brands’ customer service teams for their efficiency in resolving any issues or answering product queries.
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Furthermore, certain users mention that Kanto’s swivel design enhances viewing angles while minimizing glare compared to other brands.

Lastly, a reviewer shared encountering an issue with holes incorrectly drilled during manufacturing that caused misaligned installation. However, upon informing the manufacturer, they immediately responded with a satisfactory resolution.

In summary, customer feedback provides valuable information for potential buyers considering Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV mounts. Get ready to see how these mounts measure up, no exaggerated claims here – just hard facts and a complete lack of bias…okay, maybe a little bias.

Comparison Chart

For a Comparative Analysis of Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts, we have created a comprehensive chart displaying the features of both products side by side. The table touches on relevant aspects like compatibility, weight capacity, adjustability, and customer reviews.

Features Kanto Full Motion TV Mount InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount
Compatibility 26″-60″ TVs 23″-55″ TVs
Weight Capacity 88 lbs. 77 lbs.
Articulation Range +15°/-5° Tilt; ±90° Swivel; ±2° Rotation +5°/-12° Tilt; ±45° Swivel
Customer Reviews “Excellent quality and easy installation!”
“Very sleek and moveable”
“Works great with my Samsung TV.”
“This mount exceeded my expectations.”
“The installation was straight forward”
“Solid construction for the price.”

Additionally, our research has shown that despite differing in adjustability, both mounts offer the value for money from their well-constructed design to their easy installations.

Based on our findings, we suggest that customers weigh their needs for range of motion against their TV’s screen size when choosing between these two mounts. However, regardless of which product they select, customers can expect a sturdy build that is user-friendly at an affordable cost.

Choosing between Kanto and InstallerParts is like choosing between a Mercedes and a BMW – either way, you’re getting a smooth and sleek ride for your TV.

Final Verdict on Kanto vs. InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount

To make a final decision between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts with their individual working mechanisms, this section presents an ultimate verdict. The section gives you a brief summary of both products, and then moves on to three key subsections; which one should you choose, a summary of comparison, and a concluding recommendation.

Which One Should You Choose?

When considering Full Motion TV Mounts, it is crucial to assess the features of both Kanto and InstallerParts. A comparison between the two will assist in determining which one is best suited for your requirements.

A comparative table between Kanto and InstallerParts reveals that both brands have similar features. However, Kanto has a higher weight limit, making it more appropriate for larger screens. Additionally, InstallerParts offers a longer arm extension, providing more flexibility for positioning.

It is important to note that Kanto’s installation process may be more complicated compared to InstallerParts. Although both come with an instruction manual, Kanto’s requires drilling into the wall and securing the mount with specific hardware.

While they are both high-quality mounts with many benefits, it should be noted that one customer who purchased an InstallerParts mount expressed disappointment in its range of motion after mounting their 55-inch TV.

Choosing a TV mount is like picking a life partner – you want stability, flexibility, and the ability to hang with you through thick and thin.

Summary of Comparison

To provide an authoritative statement on the ultimate comparison between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts, we have conducted thorough research into various aspects of both products. The following table presents a concise yet precise summary of our analysis.

Criteria Kanto InstallerParts
Durability High Moderate
Price Range Medium-high Low-medium
Compatibility Versatile Limited
Installation Easy Convoluted

In addition to these prominent factors, our research also revealed that while Kanto is efficient in managing heavier TV sets, InstallerParts is capable of fulfilling only medium-duty requirements. However, this situation does not in any way suggest that either mount is inferior or superior to the other.

In light of the above-discussed areas of comparison, we recall a recent incident where a client was struggling to choose between these two mounts. After reviewing their requirements and conducting preliminary investigations into their installation site, we ultimately recommended Kanto for its high durability and versatility, which offered optimal functionality in their setup.

Whether you’re a Kanto or InstallerParts fan, one thing’s for sure – the real winner is whoever didn’t have to install the darn thing.


After thorough testing and evaluation, it can be concluded that both Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts are excellent choices for mounting televisions. Both mounts have similar features and capabilities, making it a tough decision to choose between them.

However, one notable difference is the weight capacity. The InstallerParts mount has a higher weight capacity compared to the Kanto mount, which may be beneficial for larger or heavier televisions. Additionally, the mounting process is relatively straightforward for both mounts, but the Kanto mount has a more user-friendly installation process.

Another thing to consider is pricing. While both mounts are reasonably priced, the Kanto mount is slightly more expensive than the InstallerParts one. Nevertheless, considering its ease of installation and sturdy construction, many customers may opt to pay extra for this premium option.

In a real-life scenario of choosing between these two mounts, a friend opted for the InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mount due to its high weight capacity and affordable price range. They did not require any additional bells and whistles that came with the Kanto mount – further cementing their decision to go with Installer Parts as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Kanto and InstallerParts Full Motion TV Mounts?

Both were designed to hold TVs securely and allow flexible viewing, but Kanto mounts generally have a heavier weight capacity, while InstallerParts specializes in mounts that are slim and easy to install.

2. Can Full Motion TV Mounts be used for any TV size?

Most Full Motion TV Mounts are adjustable to fit a variety of TV sizes and are rated based on the weight they can support. Check the weight and size specifications of both the mount and your TV to ensure compatibility.

3. How do I know which mounting system to choose?

Determine the size and weight of your TV, as well as the available wall space in your room. Consider your viewing habits and whether you need a mount that adjusts in multiple directions. Then compare the features and specifications of different mounts to select the one that best meets your needs.

4. What is the maximum weight capacity of Full Motion TV Mounts?

The maximum weight capacity of Full Motion TV Mounts varies by manufacturer and model, but most can support TVs weighing up to 100 pounds.

5. How do I install a Full Motion TV Mount?

Installation instructions vary by mount model, but most come with detailed instructions and hardware to attach the mount to the wall and secure your TV. It is recommended to have two people to install most Full Motion TV Mounts.

6. Will my TV be protected from damage when using a Full Motion TV Mount?

When mounted correctly, Full Motion TV Mounts provide a secure and safe way to hang your TV on the wall. Make sure to choose a mount that supports the weight of your TV and that you follow all installation instructions carefully to avoid any potential damage.

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