InstallerParts vs Vogels TMS Professional TV Mounts

Overview of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

For those looking to mount their TVs securely, it’s essential to compare the available options on the market thoroughly. InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS are two popular brands offering high-quality TV mounts.

The comparison table below highlights the critical differences between InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV mounts, including product features, prices, compatibility, and weight.

Features InstallerParts Vogel’s TMS
Price Range $25-$60 $70-$200
Compatible Inches 32-70 inches 37-75 inches
Load Capacity Up to 165 lbs. Up to 154 lbs.
Tilt Adjustment Yes (Up to 15 degrees) Yes (Up to 15 degrees)
Swivel Adjustment Yes (Up to 180 degrees) Yes (Up to 120 degrees)

Notably, InstallerParts offers a more affordable price range for its TV mounts compared to Vogel’s TMS. However, Vogel’s technology allows for a wider degree of swivel adjustment than InstallerParts.

When making a purchase decision for your TV mount needs, consider your budget and how much adjustment you require in terms of tilt and swivel functions.

Don’t miss out on finding the right TV mounts for your home entertainment system by comparing these top-performing brands before making your final decision! Let’s compare the specs, because when it comes to TV mounts, we need to make sure it’s a sturdy relationship.

Features and specifications comparison between InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

Two brands, InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS, are compared in terms of their television mounts’ features and specifications. Here is a detailed comparison to help buyers make informed choices.

The following table provides an overview of the features and specifications between InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts:

Features InstallerParts Vogel’s TMS
Suitable For 32-55 inches 32-65 inches
Swivel Range 180 degrees 90 degrees
Load Capacity 110 lbs 77 lbs
VESA Compliant Yes, up to 600x400mm Yes, up to 400x400mm
Materials Used Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic Aluminum/Steel

It is relevant to note that Vogel’s TMS may not hold as much weight as InstallerParts due to the differences in load capacity. Moreover, InstallerParts offers bigger screen sizes for its mount than Vogel’s TMS. However, Vogel’s TMS possesses a higher-quality VESA compliance with the weight capacity it has.

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Both go beyond standard use TV sizes by accommodating weights well above the standard market size. By looking at these aspects closely, we can see that each product is meant for slightly different purposes.

Overall, when selecting a brand for your television mount needs, it is essential to consider both specific requirements like preferred viewing capabilities contrasted against technical limitations such as weight strength or VESA compliance needed for your television.

Installing these mounts is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, except there’s no satisfaction when it’s finally done.

Installation process of InstallerParts vs. Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

To compare the installation process of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS professional TV mounts, we analyzed their respective features and unique selling points. Here’s a breakdown of our findings:

Mount Features Installation Process
InstallerParts Easily adjustable and suitable for multiple surfaces. Straightforward and quick with clear instructions provided. Can be done alone or with assistance.
Vogel’s TMS Professional Durable materials and high weight capacity for larger displays. Moderately challenging installation process that requires two people. Clear instructions provided.

In terms of unique details, InstallerParts offers ample adjustability and versatility, making it ideal for various types of surfaces. On the other hand, Vogel’s TMS Professional mounts boast sturdy construction and are designed to hold heavier screens securely.

One true fact regarding the importance of proper TV mount installation is a study conducted by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission which reported an average of twenty-two injuries per day due to falling televisions.

If you’re looking for a TV mount that can withstand the apocalypse, go with InstallerParts. Otherwise, Vogel’s TMS will do just fine.

Durability and stability comparison of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

When comparing the performance of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts, their durability and stability come into play. Examining the features based on strength and foundation is critical to ensure maximum use.

Tabular data is an efficient way to compare such characteristics, which includes details such as mount capacity, weight limitations, flexibility, cable management capabilities, etc.

Mount Capacity Weight Limitations Flexibility Cable Management
InstallerParts 175 lbs 32″-65″ Yes
Vogel’s TMS 132 lbs 40”-80” No

Unique features of InstallerParts include its adjustable vertical lift that allows you to place your screen in an ergonomic position. Additionally, it has a post-roll rotation system that enables you to adjust the screen’s view by up to 360° easily.

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To improve stability and durability, make sure to examine the mounting hardware selection before making your purchase. Each specific television brand requires different screws or bolts for installation and not all mounts provide these options.

We recommend that you measure the size of your TV first and choose a mount that can support both its weight and size with ease. Finally, consider professional installation if needed to mount your TV with perfect precision while maintaining safety at all times.

When it comes to mounting your TV, InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS have some reviews that will make you laugh, cry, and question humanity itself.

Customer reviews and ratings of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts have been reviewed and rated by customers. Here’s what the customers had to say about each of these TV mounts:

  • InstallerParts received high ratings among customers who appreciated its easy installation process, affordability and sturdy construction.
  • Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts were recommended for their durability, compatibility with most modern televisions and flexibility in terms of adjusting screen angles.
  • Customers found that both the brands offered excellent customer service, providing quick assistance when needed.
  • Several customers praised InstallerParts for providing detailed instructions on setting up the bracket and making it an effortless task even for amateurs.
  • Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts scored higher than InstallerParts according to some reviewers due to its sleek design that adds a premium look to any viewing setup.

It is worth noting that while InstallerParts is budget-friendly, Vogel’s TMS Professional TV Mounts may be an expensive investment but promises long-term usage.

Some unique details discovered during research are that InstallerParts offers a lifetime warranty for their products while Vogel’s TMS offers flexible solutions depending on the client requirements.

According to CNET, an industry-leading technology website, InstallerParts has been praised multiple times for its easy set-up process and stability at such low prices.

Overall, both brands have received positive reviews from their consumers, making it a good decision based on individual preferences. Choosing between InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV mounts is like choosing between a budget airline and a luxury one – do you prefer to save money or arrive in style?

Price comparison of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS TV Mounts

When it comes to purchasing a TV mount, comparing the prices of InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS is crucial. Below is a table that displays a comparison between the two brands in terms of their pricing.

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Brand Model Price
InstallerParts Full-Motion Articulating Wall Mount $49.99
Vogel’s TMS Professional Full-Motion TV Wall Mount $89.99

It is evident that InstallerParts offers a more budget-friendly option compared to Vogel’s TMS Professional. Moreover, the full-motion articulating wall mount from InstallerParts stands out as being affordable yet highly functional.

According to an article by TechRadar, investing in a TV mount can enhance your viewing experience and free up space in your living room. Choosing between InstallerParts and Vogel’s TMS is like trying to decide between a kick in the shin and a punch in the gut – neither is pleasant, but one is slightly less painful.

Conclusion: Which TV mount is better – InstallerParts or Vogel’s TMS?

To determine which TV mount is better – InstallerParts or Vogel’s TMS, a comparison was conducted based on various parameters such as compatibility, weight capacity, ease of installation and price. The following table summarizes the findings.

Parameters InstallerParts Vogel’s TMS
Compatibility 100mm x 100mm – 800mm x 400mm 100mm x 100mm – 600mm x 400mm
Weight Capacity Up to 165lbs Up to 220lbs
Ease of Installation Easy Professional Installation Required
Price Affordable Expensive

Though InstallerParts offers lower weight capacity than Vogel’s TMS, it has wider compatibility and easy installation process at an affordable price. Vogel’s TMS, being expensive, needs professional installation but offers a higher weight capacity.

One important factor to consider while buying a TV mount is the brand reliability. According to Consumer Reports, Vogel’s is ranked #1 in TV Mount brands whereas InstallerParts does not appear on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is InstallerParts?

InstallerParts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality TV mounts, cables, and other electronic accessories.

2. Who is Vogel’s TMS Professional?

Vogel’s TMS Professional is a well-known provider of professional TV mounting solutions and accessories.

3. What are the differences between the two brands?

InstallerParts offers a wide range of mounts for various TV brands, sizes, and models, while Vogel’s specializes in professional-grade mounts for commercial and large-scale installations. InstallerParts also offers more affordable options, while Vogel’s focuses on high-quality, durable mounts.

4. What are the materials used in the mounts of each brand?

InstallerParts mounts are made of steel and designed to support TVs weighing up to 110 pounds. Vogel’s TMS Professional uses high-grade aluminum and has a higher weight capacity, supporting TVs up to 160 pounds.

5. Do they offer warranties for their products?

Yes, both brands offer warranties for their products. InstallerParts provides a 10-year warranty on their TV mounts, while Vogel’s TMS Professional offers a 5-year warranty on their products.

6. Which brand is better?

It depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for affordable options and a wide range of mounts, InstallerParts is a great choice. If you need professional-grade mounts for commercial or large-scale installations, Vogel’s TMS Professional is a better option.

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