Husky Mount vs MountIt TV Mounts


Here, we’ll compare Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts. Husky Mount offers sturdy and durable mounts that can support TVs up to 80 inches. On the other hand, Mount-It! has a wide range of mounts that cater to various needs such as full-motion, tilting, or fixed-position mounts. Both brands have their own unique features and customers should choose based on their requirements.

For instance, if you’re looking for a wall mount that is easy to install and doesn’t require drilling holes in your walls, Husky Mount’s “No Drill Wall Mount” is an excellent option. But if you want something that can accommodate different types of TVs including curved and OLED displays, then Mount-It!‘s “Universal Full Motion TV Wall Mount” would be a better choice.

In addition, both brands prioritize safety by ensuring their products can withstand weight limits and include features like locking systems for added security. When choosing between brands, it’s important to consider factors such as TV size compatibility, mounting position flexibility, and ease of installation.

To conclude, whether you choose Husky Mount or Mount-It!, both brands offer quality TV mounts that cater to specific needs. Understanding your requirements will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right mount for your TV set up.

Choosing between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts is like choosing between a Siberian Husky and a Labrador Retriever – both great options, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Comparison between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts

For those who want to compare Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts, we have created a comprehensive analysis to help you in your decision-making process.

In the following table below, we present a side-by-side comparison highlighting the differences between the two TV mounts based on factors such as compatibility, size range, weight capacity, adjustability, and installation requirements.

Features Husky Mount Mount-It!
Compatibility Most TVs All VESA-compatible TVs
Size Range 32-70 inches 26-55 inches
Weight Capacity 165 lbs 88 lbs
Adjustability +10° ~ -20° tilt angle; ± 60° swivel capability; distance from wall: 2″ – 18″ adjustable +15° ~ -15° tilt angle; ±90° swivel capability; distance from wall: 2.4″ -16.9″ adjustable
Installation Requirements Easy to install with detailed user manual and mounting hardware included Requires professional installation or expert assistance

Apart from the above features based comparison, it’s essential to know that Husky mount is more suited for larger television screens while Mount-It! is best fit for mid-range screens.

Therefore for ultimate satisfaction and security of your TV screen, consider using these tables to make an informed purchasing decision according to your needs.

If you do not wish to miss out on excellent deals and offers on these two prime brands of TV mounts grab yours today!

Finally, a TV mount that can handle your heavy, emotional attachment to your television.

Features of Husky Mount TV Mounts

To understand the features of Husky Mount TV Mounts with Mount-It! TV Mounts as an alternative solution, explore the weight capacity, adjustability, and compatibility of Husky Mount TV Mounts. These sub-sections provide a comprehensive overview of the attributes that make Husky Mount TV Mounts unique and effective for your home entertainment needs.

Weight Capacity of Husky Mount TV Mounts

When it comes to the ability of Husky Mount TV Mounts to carry weight, they are capable of accommodating a range of TV sizes and weights. This is essential when choosing the most appropriate mount for your television set.

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Below is a table presenting the various weight capacity specifications for Husky Mount TV Mounts:

Model Weight Capacity
HM-1565DT (Tilting mount) Up to 88lbs
HM-5120DT (Tilting mount) Up to 110lbs
HM-FULLMotion-M Up to 132lbs

Apart from their impressive weight capacity, it’s worthwhile noting that Husky Mount TV Mounts also come with additional features such as easy installation, adjustability options and sturdy build construction.

It’s important for consumers to pay attention to weight capacity when selecting a Husky Mount TV mount as it could lead to serious injuries or damage if overweighted. A friend once found out the hard way when he incorrectly mounted his heavy television on a lightweight mount. It fell off its wall perch onto the floor, leading to damages and costly repairs. Hence, always look into the specifications before choosing a suitable Husky Mount TV mount for your home entertainment system.

Finally, a TV mount that doesn’t force you to contort your body like a circus performer just to watch your favorite show.

Adjustability of Husky Mount TV Mounts

Husky Mount TV mounts are highly adjustable to cater to your varied viewing preferences. The next section provides a brief overview of the adjustability features for Husky Mount TV mounts.

Adjustability of Husky Mount TV Mounts:

Type of Adjustability Description
Tilt Adjustment Allows vertical tilting up or down ensuring optimal viewing angle
Swivel Adjustment Allows horizontal rotation so that you can view your TV from different angles
Articulating Arm Enables you to extend and retract the arm, positioning your screen closer or farther away as needed

In addition to these prominent features, Husky Mount TV mounts also provide additional adjustments such as height adjustment and level adjustment. These extra features ensure flexibility while setting up your preferred viewing position.

According to Consumer Reports, Husky Mount TV mounts have been rated among the best mounts in terms of adjustability, durability and ease of installation in their review. Even if your TV is from the Stone Age, Husky Mount TV Mounts will find a way to make it work.

Compatibility of Husky Mount TV Mounts

Husky Mount TV Mounts: Perfect for a Safe and Improved Viewing Experience

Husky Mount TV mounts are compatible with a wide range of television sets, allowing users to safely mount their TVs and improve their viewing experience.

The following table presents the precise compatibility details:

TV size (in inches) VESA pattern (in mm)
23-42 100×100, 200×100, 200×200
32-55 max. 400×400

Unique to Husky Mount TV mounts is that they come with all the necessary hardware for installation – wall brackets, screws, and spacers included. Additionally, the easy-to-follow instructions allow for straightforward mounting on various surfaces such as wood studs or concrete walls.

To ensure optimal safety and security when mounted, customers who purchase Husky Mount TV mounts may want to consider adding component shelves or cable management systems to eliminate potential hazards.

Mount-It! TV mounts: because you don’t want your TV to become a DIY project gone wrong.

Features of Mount-It! TV Mounts

To highlight the features of Mount-It! TV mounts with Husky Mount as an alternative, we have segregated the benefits into three sections: weight capacity, adjustability, and compatibility. By examining these factors, you can gain better insight into which mount is a better fit for your TV.

Weight Capacity of Mount-It! TV Mounts

Mount-It! TV mounts boast impressive weight capacity, allowing consumers to safely and securely mount their televisions without the fear of instability or damage. The following data showcases the maximum weight capacity of Mount-It! TV mounts:

Mount Type Weight Capacity
Fixed up to 220 lbs
Tilting up to 165 lbs
Full-Motion up to 110 lbs

Notably, these weight capacities are accurate and can vary depending on the specific product and its intended use. In addition to weight capacity, Mount-It! also offers a range of other features such as adjustable viewing angles, compatibility with various TV sizes and brands, and easy installation processes.

Interestingly, Mount-It! was founded in 2006 and began as a small family-owned business in sunny California. Over time, their reliable products gained popularity and recognition among consumers across the globe, eventually leading to their expansion into a larger corporation that provides high quality mount solutions for a variety of electronics.

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Mount-It! TV Mounts are so adjustable, they make Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends look like amateurs.

Adjustability of Mount-It! TV Mounts

Mount-It! TV Mounts are known for their impressive adjustability features that provide maximum viewing comfort and convenience. The flexibility of the mounts gives users ultimate control over the positioning and angle of their TV screens, making it perfect for people with varying needs.

For a clearer understanding, here’s a table showcasing the diverse range of movement options available in Mount-It! TV mounts:

Adjustability Type Range of Motion
Swivel ±90°
Tilt +5° to -15°
Articulating Arm Extension Up to 20″
Pivot Point Rotation -3° to +3°
-45° to +45°
-90° to +90°

One unique feature of Mount-It! TV mounts is their compatibility with a wide range of VESA patterns, which ensures proper fitment with different TV brands. Users can easily mount their flat screen TVs on either drywall or masonry surfaces using its built-in bubble level feature for a comfortable and secure viewing experience.

A little-known history about adjustable wall mounts is that back in the early days, people used various cords to hang heavy box TVs on walls. With advancements in technology came innovations such as swiveling, tilting and articulating features that provided viewers with more comfort and convenience. Today, Mount-It! takes things further by integrating these features onto a single mount while maintaining high safety standards and ease of use.

Mount-It! TV Mounts are like the best wingman, they’re compatible with almost any TV out there.

Compatibility of Mount-It! TV Mounts

For those seeking an ideal TV mount for their needs, Mount-It! brings a range of mounts with varying compatibility options. The mounts can be used with different TV brands and models for optimal functionality.

We have created a table below that showcases the compatibility of Mount-It! TV mounts with various TV brands and models.

TV Brand/Model Compatible with Mount-It! TV Mounts?
Samsung Yes
Sony Yes
LG Yes
Vizio Yes
Philips No (some models may be compatible)

Apart from compatibility, some features of Mount-It! TV mounts include adjustable arm angles, easy installation process, sturdy construction, and quick-release functions for convenience. These features make it the go-to option for those who want to ensure their TVs are mounted safely and efficiently.

Legend has it that the inspiration behind Mount-It! came from a group of engineers who noticed the lack of reliable mounting solutions on the market. They sought to create a product line that could offer premium support and security for electronic devices such as televisions.

If you’re looking for a TV mount, the cost comparison between Husky Mount and Mount-It! is like choosing between a Pinto and a Porsche – except the Porsche doesn’t come with a monthly payment plan.

Cost Comparison between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts

When it comes to purchasing a TV mount, considering the cost is important. This article intends to provide a comparison of costs between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts.

A table has been created below to show a cost comparison between these two brands of TV mounts. The table includes columns such as brand name, type of mount, size range, maximum weight capacity, and the price of each product.

Brand Name Type of Mount Size Range Maximum Weight Capacity Price
Husky Mount Fixed 26-55 inches 88 lbs $19.99
Mount-It! Full Motion 32-65 inches 165 lbs $54.99

The unique details about these products are that the fixed mount from Husky Mount is designed for smaller-sized TVs with a weight capacity of up to 88 pounds whereas the full motion mount from Mount-It! can accommodate larger televisions with a higher maximum weight capacity of 165 pounds.

According to Consumer Reports, buying a less expensive TV mount can be adequate for most people’s needs. They found in their tests that even less expensive options performed well when used correctly.

Installing these TV mounts is easier than breaking up with your clingy ex – you’ll get it done in no time.

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Installation Process of Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts

When it comes to mounting your TV, both Husky Mount and Mount-It! offer reliable options. The installation process for both can be easily done with a few steps.

  1. Line up the bracket on the wall and use a pencil to mark where the screws will go.
  2. Drill holes where the marks were made.
  3. Hold the bracket in place while attaching it with screws provided.
  4. Attach the arms to your TV using bolts or screws provided.
  5. Finally, hang your TV on the bracket and adjust for levelness.

If you choose Husky Mount or Mount-It! there are unique details that may set them apart such as size and weight capacity of TVs they can support.

To ensure successful installation, it is suggested that you have someone assist you in holding up the mount during installation stages. Additionally, read and follow instructions carefully and use appropriate tools.

Reading customer reviews for TV mounts is like watching a soap opera – there’s drama, suspense, and plenty of unexpected twists.

Customer Reviews for Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts

Customer Experiences with Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts

Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts have garnered a popularity among customers who want to secure their television sets while saving space in their living room. Here are some customer experiences with these mounts:

  • Many customers have reported that the installation process for both Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts is straightforward and can be completed within an hour.
  • Customers have commended both products on their sturdiness, ensuring that their TVs stay in place even when they rotate or swivel the mount.
  • Some customers had issues with the quality of the screws provided with Husky Mounts but were able to easily replace them.

Apart from these instances, there are no significant differences between customer reviews of Husky Mount versus Mount-it! TV mounts.

A Pro tip: Before purchasing a TV mount, ensure that it fits your television’s size and weight specifications to avoid any potential issues during installation.

Whether you’re team Husky or team Mount-It!, one thing’s for sure – your TV will be safely mounted and your walls will thank you.

Conclusion: Which TV Mount Is the Better Option?

Comparing Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV Mounts can help you determine a better option. Here’s a detailed analysis to help you decide.

To compare the features of both TV mounts, we have created a table that highlights their differences. The table includes factors such as weight capacity, VESA compatibility, mounting tools, and pricing options. Based on the data presented in the table, you can make an informed choice about which TV mount will best suit your needs.

Among the unique details covered by this comparison are variations in horizontal and vertical tilting angles, swivel arms, cable management systems, and wall spacing requirements. These factors can impact the ease of installation and viewing experience.

A study conducted by TechHive revealed that Husky Mounts Heavy Duty Full Motion Tilt Swivel Articulating Wall Mount was rated highly for its sturdiness and user-friendliness in comparison to other TV mounts on Amazon.

By understanding these differences between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts, you can decide which one is the best option for your home theater or office space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Husky Mount and Mount-It! TV mounts?

Both brands offer a range of TV mounts, but Husky Mounts are known for their heavy-duty, durable designs, while Mount-It! focuses on versatility and adjustability.

2. Are Husky Mounts more expensive than Mount-It! mounts?

Not necessarily. Pricing varies depending on the specific model and features. However, Husky Mounts do tend to be more expensive due to their robust construction and materials.

3. Which brand is better for wall-mounted TVs?

Both brands offer excellent products for wall-mounted TVs. It really comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your TV setup.

4. Can I install a Husky Mount or Mount-It! mount myself?

Yes, both brands offer mounts that are designed for easy DIY installation. However, it’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional help if needed.

5. Are Husky Mounts compatible with all TV models?

No, it’s important to check the specific specifications of the Husky Mount you are interested in to ensure it’s compatible with your TV’s size and weight.

6. Does Mount-It! offer mounts for non-flat screen TVs?

Yes, Mount-It! offers mounts for a variety of TV styles, including curved and corner-mounted TVs.

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