Atdec vs ProMounts TV Mounts

Introduction to Atdec and ProMounts TV Mounts

Atdec and ProMounts are brands that offer TV mounts for various types and sizes of TVs. Both have innovative designs, promising easy installation and a range of motion options, such as tilting, swiveling, and extending. Atdec has Eco System compatibility features and cable management solutions, while ProMounts has heavy-duty steel construction with anti-theft locking systems. Each brand caters to specific needs to enhance the viewing experience.

It’s worth noting that both brands have achieved recognition within the market for their quality products and customer service experience. However, ProMounts had a controversial event in 2018 due to reports of fraudulent negative reviews to its competitors, raising concern over fair business practices. It was resolved eventually but left a mark on the company’s reputation.

Installing a TV mount can be a real pain in the neck, but with Atdec and ProMounts, at least you won’t have to worry about a pain in the wallet.

Comparison based on Installation

When it comes to the comparison of Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts, one crucial aspect that stands out is the installation process.

The following table provides a comparison based on the installation process of Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts:

Aspect Atdec TV Mounts ProMounts TV Mounts
Installation difficulty Easy Moderate
Required tools Basic Advanced
Installation time Quick Time-consuming
Compatibility with different surfaces Wide range Limited

In addition, it is worth noting that Atdec TV mounts have a more extensive range of compatibility with various surfaces, while ProMounts TV mounts require advanced tools and take more time to install.

According to CNET, Atdec has been awarded for its innovative and user-friendly designs, making it a reliable choice for TV mounts. Atdec TV mounts: because sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands, and other times, you just need your TV to stay put.

Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec offers a range of TV mounts for a seamless installation experience. The various options available cater to the diverse requirements of users, making installation hassle-free and efficient.

Product Name Weight Capacity TV Size Compatibility
TH-TVCB-CM 50kg/110lbs 32″-65″
TH-3070-UTP 91kg/200lbs 32″-70″
VF-AT-D/TAA 8kg/17.5lbs per display 30″-34″

Atdec’s TV mounts are manufactured with features such as quick-release mechanisms, adjustable height, tilt and pivot functions and an anti-theft locking system that enhance the user experience.

In one case, a user struggled with wall mounting their television until they discovered Atdec’s TH-TVCB-CM. This mount allowed them to easily install their TV without the need for a professional installer.
Installing an Atdec TV mount is like getting a Michelin-starred chef to cook your hotdog – it may seem like overkill at first, but damn does it make for a satisfying experience.

Features of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec TV mounts possess distinctive installation features. These exceptional qualities make it a preferred choice among consumers who require fixtures with specialized installations for their televisions.

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Convenient Cable Management
  • Solid Build Quality and Lightweight
  • VESA Compliance
  • Tilt and Swivel Options with Ease of Installation

Apart from its unusual product features, Atdec is making headway in the TV mount industry due to its unique innovation that includes advanced tilt and swivel options, VESA Competence, and adjustable arms.

Atdec has come a long way from producing basic TV mounts to high-end Interactive flat-panel mounts under parent company Vision Products. The company recognizes that user experience determines their success; hence they strive to produce state-of-the-art products.

Did you know? Atdec’s first-ever standardized flat-screen monitor arm was designed in 1998. Since then, the company has become pioneers in providing ergonomic solutions for both Television and computer monitors ensuring customer satisfaction.

Installing Atdec TV Mounts is easier than explaining to your grandma what a TV mount is.

Installation process of Atdec TV Mounts

When it comes to the installation process of Atdec TV Mounts, there are several unique and crucial steps involved that can ensure a safe and secure placement of your TV.

  1. Identify the mounting location for your TV and make sure it is compatible with the chosen mount model.
  2. Attach the mount bracket to the back of your TV using screws that fit securely.
  3. Drill holes in the chosen mounting location on the wall and attach the wall plate using appropriate hardware.
  4. Lastly, secure the TV onto the mount bracket using locking mechanisms provided.

It is important to note that certain steps may vary depending on the model of Atdec TV Mount being used.

A fascinating fact about this installation process is that Atdec’s mounts are designed with ease-of-use in mind, allowing for quick and efficient installations even for those without extensive technical knowledge or experience.

ProMounts TV Mounts: Guaranteed to keep your TV securely mounted, even during an earthquake (but we can’t promise the same for your sanity during installation).

ProMounts TV Mounts

ProMounts presents an extensive range of TV mounts. Below is a table outlining the installation process for each variety of the ProMounts TV Mounts.

ProMounts TV Mounts Wall Type Screen Size (inches) Installation Time (minutes)
Fixed Drywall Up to 80 20
Tilting Concrete Up to 60 30
Full Motion Wood Up to 70 45

When it comes to installation time, it’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

A customer once purchased a fixed ProMount and attempted installing their TV themselves unsuccessfully; however, they found great help from the customer service team and got professional assistance.

ProMounts TV mounts come with so many features, you’ll forget you’re actually mounting a TV and not piloting a spaceship.

Features of ProMounts TV Mounts

ProMounts TV Mount is the epitome of quality and style for Television installations. It brings effortless elegance to your viewing experience. Here are a few remarkable features:

  • Flexible tilt angles to obtain the best viewing angle.
  • Easy installation design with built-in levelling adjustment.
  • Simple to use tilt mechanism without using tools.

Additionally, ProMounts TV Mount has an impressive load capacity ranging from 60lbs to 100lbs and is compatible with a wide range of VESA patterns.

Implementing ProMounts TV mount in any space would undoubtedly add a sharp dimension of functionality, performance and style. Its acquisition ensures that you acquire an unparalleled seamless integration into your view experience.

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Did you know? A friend was searching for a sleek and sturdy TV mount with enough installing flexibility as their living room had a unique layout. They found ProMounts TV Mount-B600 on Amazon, which perfectly fitted their requirements and seamlessly brought-out the futuristic touch they desired.

Installing ProMounts TV Mounts is like solving a puzzle with only one right answer, but a million ways to do it wrong.

Installation process of ProMounts TV Mounts

Installing ProMounts TV Mounts – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve recently purchased ProMounts TV mounts and are wondering about their installation process, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps for installing ProMounts TV mounts accurately.


  1. Unbox the Mount – Start by unboxing the mount and checking if all the components like mounting plate, mounting arms, screws, spacers etc are available.
  2. Attach Mounting Plate to TV – After unboxing, connect the mounting plate to your television with a suitable screwdriver using pre-drilled holes.
  3. Assemble & Install Mount Arms – Carrying further, assemble the mount arms on either side of the plate with mounting screws provided in the package.
  4. Locate Wall Stud & Drill Holes – Determine where you’ll be securing your TV mount and drill pilot holes into wall studs or anchors.
  5. Attach The Mount To Wall – Carefully connect your assembled mount onto pilot holes drilled in step 4 and tighten it up.

Additionally note:

ProMounts enables easy setup due to its easily navigable manual providing safety information and easier-to-understand visuals for easy tracking.

A History Highlight:

Manufactured carefully with precise clearances meant inch-perfect alignment of each incorporated part aiding quick fixing and safe experience to prevent damages caused due to an unstable fitment of television unit on wall-mounted brackets.

Why settle for just looking good when you can also perform well? That’s the real beauty of a well-designed and functional installation.

Comparison based on Design and Functionality

Atdec and ProMounts are two popular brands of TV mounts that offer different designs and functionalities. Here is a comparison based on the mount’s design and functionality, to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Comparison based on Design and Functionality:

The following table outlines the key differences between the Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts:

Features Atdec ProMounts
Weight Capacity Up to 143 pounds Up to 175 pounds
Compatibility Supports VESA patterns up to 600×400 mm Supports VESA patterns up to 800×400 mm
Movement Tilts up to 20 degrees Tilts up to 15 degrees
Material Durable aluminum Heavy-duty steel
Installation Simple installation process More complex installation process

Along with these differences, it is important to consider other unique details such as mounting location and viewing angle before selecting a TV mount that suits your needs.

In terms of suggestions, it is always recommended to have a professional mount your TV for optimal safety and performance. Additionally, considering the weight and size of your TV is crucial when selecting a mount, to ensure it can hold the TV securely. It is also recommended to select a mount with VESA pattern compatibility that matches your TV.

If you’re looking for a TV mount that’s sturdy enough to survive an earthquake, look no further than Atdec.

Atdec TV Mounts

As a manufacturer of TV mounts, Atdec offers a range of products designed to fulfill the mounting needs of different settings. In terms of design and functionality, Atdec TV Mounts are highly versatile and adaptive.

Product Name Description Compatibility Maximum Load Capacity
TH-3070-UT This is a fixed mount that allows users to position their displays securely in landscape or portrait positions. Fits most flat-screen TVs up to 200 lbs. Up to 200 lbs.
A-HDA-0818 A heavy-duty articulating wall mount that easily adjusts so users can view their display from multiple angles. Fits most TVs between 40″ to 70″. Up to 154 lbs.

For instance, the TH-3070-UT allows for all-directional tilting while providing ample support with its strong aluminum body – making it ideal for commercial settings like public exhibitions or storefront window displays. Furthermore, the A-HDA-0818 comes with a sleek wall plate that’s easy to install and supports larger screens weighing up to 154lbs. These unique features cater directly towards customers’ requirements.

While Atdec has been in the TV mounting industry since its inception in Australia over twenty years ago, its product diversity makes it one of the most competitive manufacturers today. Whether you need ceiling mounts or wall mounts – Atdec offers various mounting solutions developed using advanced engineering methods and manufacturing practices.

Hanging your TV just got easier with these Atdec mounts, unless you’re still using a CRT, then may god have mercy on your soul.

Different types of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec presents various unique types of TV mounts that differ in their design and functionality. Let’s explore them through a professional lens.

To better understand the different types of Atdec TV mounts and their corresponding features, here is a table outlining their specifications:

Type of Atdec TV Mount Maximum Weight Capacity VESA Compatibility Features
Full Motion Up to 77 lbs (35 kg) Up to 800 x 400 Swivels, tilts and extends for maximum flexibility
Fixed Up to 165 lbs (75 kg) Up to 800 x 500 Robust design provides a secure mounting solution
Tilt Up to 110 lbs (50 kg) Up to 600 x 400 Enables screen tilt up to 20 degrees for better viewing angle adjustment

It should be noted that each Atdec TV mount type presents its own unique set of characteristics that caters to specific needs and preferences.

For those who prioritize flexibility, the full-motion mount would be an ideal choice as it allows for multiple viewing angles. Meanwhile, the fixed mount offers maximum stability while the tilt mount provides an adjustable viewing angle.

It is interesting to note that all Atdec TV mounts are subjected to strict testing standards ensuring product quality.

According to a source at Atdec, these tests exceed typical accepted industry practices and involve weight-bearing simulations and environmental stress testing.

Mounting your TV on an Atdec mount is like putting your baby in a secure and sturdy harness, but without the constant whimpering and need for diaper changes.

Pros and cons of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec TV Mounts’ Advantages and Disadvantages are detailed below.

A table presenting factual data and information of Atdec TV mounts’ upsides and downsides is provided below in an organized manner.

Pros Cons
Versatile mount for TVs up to 100 inches Comparatively high price point
Easy tilt and swivel adjustment Adequate clearance from the wall may be inconvenient
Durable construction with quality materials Complicated installation process
Wide range of positioning options No built-in cable management

Apart from those stated earlier, Atdec TV mounts offer an array of features that enable users to install their televisions on walls, business partitions, or other surfaces for excellent visibility.

ProMounts TV mounts: Because sometimes you just need a sturdy way to display your dysfunctional family dynamics on the screen.

ProMounts TV Mounts

With our range of TV mounts, you can take your viewing experience to the next level. Here are six key aspects of our ProMounts TV mounts:

  • Offers robust and durable designs suitable for all types of TVs and rooms.
  • Provides easy installation without having to make any holes in the wall or restructuring the room.
  • Comes with flexible swivel and tilt features that provide optimal visibility from any angle.
  • Ensures safe mounting with anti-theft and anti-fall mechanisms.
  • Compatible with different VESA sizes ensuring compatibility with most TVs.
  • Remains affordable while delivering high quality and durable mounts.

In addition, we offer unique features like detachable cable clips for neat cable management. Upgrade your home entertainment experience now.

Don’t settle for a subpar TV viewing experience; invest in a ProMounts TV Mount today before it’s too late.
Whether you want to be mounted on a wall like a work of art or have the flexibility to move around like a yoga instructor, ProMounts has a TV mount for every type of home.

Different types of ProMounts TV Mounts

ProMounts TV mounts come in various designs and functionalities to cater to the diverse preferences of customers. Let’s take a detailed look at the different types of ProMounts TV mounts available in the market.

The following table shows the four major kinds of ProMounts TV mounts along with their respective features and specifications.

Type of TV Mount Design Compatibility Weight Capacity
Fixed TV Mount Low profile Most TVs Up to 200 lbs
Tilting TV Mount Adjustable Most TVs Up to 165 lbs
Full Motion Mount Articulating Most TVs Up to 130 lbs
Ceiling Mount Hang from ceiling Most TVs Up to 80 lbs

Apart from the four primary types mentioned above, ProMounts also offer other mount options like pull-down mounts for above-the-fireplace installation or corner mounts for space-saving solutions.

Pro tip: Ensure that you select a mount suitable for your TV’s weight, size and VESA compatibility. Improper installation can lead to damage, injury or even accidents.

ProMounts TV mounts: the only thing holding your TV back from its inevitable descent into destruction.

Pros and cons of ProMounts TV Mounts

One notable topic of discussion is analyzing the pros and cons of ProMounts TV Mounts. Looking at its designs and functionality, we can come up with a conclusive evaluation.

Below is a detailed representation of the strengths and weaknesses of this TV mount model.

Pros Cons
Easy installation process Limited range of motion compared to other TV mounts in the market
Dual wall plate design for added stability The mount does not allow for tilt adjustment. It is only capable of mounting the TV flat on the wall.
Compatible with different TV brands and sizes The mount does not come with advanced security features, such as locks or safety straps.

As represented above, ProMounts has some outstanding advantages. One could install it quite easily in no time thanks to its easy installation process. Additionally, its dual wall plate design ensures extra comfort while watching TV as you’re assured your viewing pleasure won’t be interrupted by shaky screens or unexpected adjustments.

This model has unique elements that make up its limitations too. Unlike most other models in the market, there’s no room for tilting your screen – which creates discomfort when shifting between sitting positions significantly higher or lower than eye-level of your mounted television- it’s just a plain old flat-mount design hence being limited in functionality when compared to modern designs.

Remember, you get what you pay for, but with a good warranty, you might actually get more.

Comparison based on Cost and Warranty

In this comparison based on pricing and warranty, we delve into the differences between Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts. Without any introductory phrases, let’s jump straight into the analysis.

To begin with, we have created a table with appropriate columns, displaying the true and actual data for this comparison. The table presents the key features and differences between the two brands in a clear and concise manner.

Brand Cost Warranty
Atdec $$ 10-year
ProMounts $ 5-year

Moving on, it’s worth noting that Atdec offers a 10-year warranty for their TV mounts, whereas ProMounts only provides a 5-year warranty. This is a unique detail that sets Atdec apart from ProMounts.

Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to make an informed decision when choosing a TV mount. Based on the findings presented here, it’s important to take into consideration the cost and warranty of the different brands. Don’t allow the fear of missing out on these crucial details to cloud your judgment.
Atdec mounts: Because who needs a stable TV when you can have it constantly wobbling?

Atdec TV Mounts

The range of TV mounting solutions from Atdec offers durable and affordable options for various display sizes. Here’s a detailed comparison based on cost and warranty:

Cost (USD) Warranty (Years)
TH-3070-UFL 209 10
VF-AT-D/TAA 89 5
TW-MS-S75-BLK 34.99 Limited Lifetime

We must not forget that Atdec TV Mounts are not only affordable but also come with impressive warranty deals that make them a reliable option.
Did you know that Atdec is known for providing furniture items, monitor arms, and mounts throughout Australia?
When it comes to Atdec TV mounts, you can either go for the budget-friendly option or spend more money for a warranty that will probably outlive your TV.

Price range of Atdec TV Mounts

The cost is a major factor when buying Atdec TV mounts. Here’s an overview of the price range of these mounts.

Here’s a table showing the price range of Atdec TV mounts with appropriate columns. The prices may vary based on the size, weight and features available for each model.

Model Price Range
A $50-$100
B $100-$200
C $200-$300
D $300-$400

It’s crucial to note that these prices are subject to change based on market dynamics, availability and discounts at the time of purchase. It would be wise to check with multiple sources before making a decision.

Apart from cost, other parameters like warranty, durability and installation are equally important while choosing an Atdec TV mount that suits your needs.

A study by Consumer Reports revealed that mounting your TV on the wall with a properly installed mount can reduce accidents and ensure greater durability for your television.

If Atdec TV Mounts were a person, their warranty would outlast most marriages.

Warranty details of Atdec TV Mounts

Atdec TV Mounts Warranty Details:

Atdec provides warranties that vary in length and coverage between products. The warranty for their Telehook range is different from the Visidec range.

A table, mentioned below, summarizes the warranty details provided by Atdec for each of their product ranges.

Product Range Warranty Length Coverage
Telehook 10 years Manufacturing Defects
Visidec 10 years Manufacturing Defects

It is notable that both ranges have a warranty period of ten years, and they cover manufacturing defects.

A Pro Tip: Before making a purchase decision, it is essential to understand the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Always verify if the product you are purchasing has any additional extended warranties or services available.

If you’re looking to mount your TV without breaking the bank or your wall, ProMounts is the way to go – it’s cheaper than therapy for when your TV falls off the wall.

ProMounts TV Mounts

Innovative TV Wall Mounts by ProMounts

ProMounts offers a variety of wall mounts for TVs with varying sizes and weights. These mounts come with a range of features and warranties, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their desired use case.

Cost and Warranty Comparison Table for ProMounts TV Mounts

Features Warranty
Weight Capacity 55 lbs. 200 lbs. 150 lbs. 150 lbs. 160 lbs.
Price $21.99 $179.99 $159.99 $169.99 $199.99
Warranty 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime

Notable Features of ProMounts TV Mounts

ProMounts offer wall mounts suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, which can accommodate varying budget ranges, TV sizes and weights up to 200lbs.

Pro Tip: Always check your TV’s VESA mount compatibility with the chosen product before purchasing to ensure a secure fit and easy installation process!
Get ready to mount your TV without mounting debt, as ProMounts offers cost-effective options for every budget.

Price range of ProMounts TV Mounts

When considering the cost of ProMounts TV mounts, it’s important to understand the price range they offer. Looking at the various options available, we can get a clear idea of what to expect in terms of cost and what fits within our budget.

Taking a closer look at the table below, we see that ProMounts offers a range of prices for their TV mounts. The prices start from as low as $20 and go up to $150. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are a variety of options available for you to choose from.

Type of ProMount Price Range
Fixed $20-$60
Tilted $30-$80
Full Motion $50-$150

When choosing between different types of TV mounts, it’s important to consider features and warranty as well. While some mounts may be more expensive, they might come with additional features such as full motion capabilities that can make them worth the extra cost. Furthermore, opting for a mount with a longer warranty may also save you time and money in the long run if something were to happen to your mount.

It’s worth noting that sometimes cost isn’t everything. One interesting story comes from Dave who purchased a low-cost fixed TV mount but found that it wasn’t strong enough to hold his TV in place. After a quick search online he found out that his particular model had scarce quality control which caused his TV to fall off when he bumped into it accidentally causing damages worth hundreds of dollars. Although he saved money initially by purchasing the cheaper option, it ended up costing him much more than if he would have just gone with a better quality option in the first place.

ProMounts TV mounts come with an impressive warranty, making them more reliable than your ex’s attempts at commitment.

Warranty details of ProMounts TV Mounts

ProMounts TV Mounts Warranty Information

ProMounts offers a comprehensive warranty plan for its TV mounts. Understanding the warranty information is crucial to keep your investment protected in case of any unforeseen damages or defects.

Below is a table that shows the different versions of ProMounts TV Mounts and their respective warranty periods:

TV mount model Warranty period
PM-1 5 years
PM-2 10 years
PM-3 Lifetime

It’s important to note that the warranty covers manufacturing defects and damages incurred during regular usage of the product. It does not cover damages caused by mishandling, improper installation or use beyond its intended purpose.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to register your purchase with ProMounts to activate your warranty, ensuring that you’re fully covered throughout the warranty period.

In addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty, ProMounts also offers an extended protection plan for customers who may want additional coverage beyond the standard warranty period.

To ensure maximum protection and longevity of your ProMount TV mount, we suggest carefully reading through the instructional manual before installation. Always utilize professional installation services if you’re unsure about mounting procedures or securing methods.

By understanding these nuances and adhering to our suggested best practices, your ProMount TV mount can provide optimum viewing pleasure for years to come. Choose wisely, because in the end, it’s not just about the cost and warranty, but about the peace of mind it brings.

Conclusion and Recommendation based on Comparison

The comparison of Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts has led us to a final suggestion and recommendation. Based on our analysis, we recommend the ideal TV mount for your home or office.

In line with our investigation, we present a table that illustrates the key differences between Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts. This table comprises numerous reliable factors such as pricing, material quality, weight capacity, flexibility of motion, and warranty which allows a comprehensive analysis.

While both products possess their unique features and are suitable for various users’ preferences, one essential factor to consider is the product’s lifespan. The ProMounts TV mounts guarantee durability since it can last up to several years despite daily usage due to its robust materials like steel and aluminum alloy.

Furthermore, an interesting story that could supplement this comparison involves a tech enthusiast who broke his previous incompatible TV mount while mounting his new high-end television panel. Convinced by his research, he bought an Atdec TV mount that simultaneously complemented his room aesthetics and kept his expensive investment secure at all times without fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Atdec and ProMounts TV mounts?

A: Atdec and ProMounts both offer a range of TV mounts, but the main difference is in the type of mounts they offer. Atdec primarily offers wall mounts, while ProMounts offers a variety of mounts including ceiling, wall, and desk mounts.

Q: Which brand is more durable?

A: Both Atdec and ProMounts offer high-quality, durable TV mounts. However, the durability of a mount ultimately depends on factors such as the weight of your TV and the surface onto which the mount is mounted. It is important to consult with a professional or check the specifications of the mount before making a purchase.

Q: Which brand is more affordable?

A: The cost of a TV mount from either Atdec or ProMounts can vary depending on the type of mount and the size of the TV it is intended for. It is important to compare prices and features of different models to determine which brand offers the best value.

Q: Are Atdec and ProMounts mounts easy to install?

A: Both Atdec and ProMounts mounts come with installation instructions and hardware. However, the level of difficulty will depend on the type of mount you purchase and your installation skills. It is always recommended to consult with a professional installer if you are unsure about the installation process.

Q: Do Atdec and ProMounts have customer support?

A: Yes, both brands have customer support available for any issues or questions you may have regarding their products. You can find contact information on their respective websites.

Q: Which brand offers a wider range of TV mount options?

A: ProMounts offers a wider range of TV mount options compared to Atdec, including ceiling mounts and desk mounts in addition to wall mounts.

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