If you’re in the market for a swivel TV mount for your 32 inches TV, there are a few factors you need to consider before making a purchase. In this article, we will explore these factors in detail, help you understand the benefits of using a swivel TV mount, provide an installation guide, compare different models of swivel TV mounts, and answer frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Factors to consider when choosing a swivel TV mount

First, you need to determine the VESA pattern of your TV, which refers to the pattern of screw holes in the back of your TV. This measurement will help determine what type of mount you need. Next, consider the weight and size of your television as well as the weight capacity and size range of the mount. The range of swivel motion, tilt angle, and extension length are other factors to consider as well. Lastly, think about the type of wall you will be mounting the TV on and ensure that the mount is compatible.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a swivel TV mount is the viewing angle. You want to make sure that the mount allows you to adjust the TV to the perfect viewing angle, whether you are sitting on the couch or in a different part of the room. Some mounts even have the ability to adjust the viewing angle based on the time of day or lighting in the room.

Additionally, you may want to consider the ease of installation when choosing a swivel TV mount. Some mounts require professional installation, while others can be easily installed by the homeowner. Make sure to read reviews and do your research to find a mount that is easy to install and comes with clear instructions.

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Top features to look for in a swivel TV mount

When reviewing different models, there are several features to keep in mind. One of the most important is the ease of installation. Look for a mount that comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware. A cable management system is also essential to prevent unsightly cables from hanging down the wall.

Another feature to consider is the range of motion. A swivel mount that can move left to right, up and down, and allow the TV to be tilted for the perfect viewing angle is desirable. An option with a gas spring arm lift mechanism can make it easier to adjust compared to other models.

Furthermore, a mount with a low profile and a sleek design can make the TV look as if it is floating on the wall, while a full-motion arm may be required for flexibility in larger spaces.

Additionally, it is important to consider the weight capacity of the mount. Make sure the mount can support the weight of your TV, as well as any additional equipment, such as a soundbar or gaming console. A mount with a higher weight capacity can provide added peace of mind and stability.

Lastly, think about the location of the mount. If you plan to mount the TV in a corner, look for a mount specifically designed for corner installations. This will ensure that the TV is properly positioned and can be easily adjusted for optimal viewing.

How to select the right size of swivel TV mount for your 32 inches TV

It is crucial to choose the right size mount for your TV to ensure that it is securely mounted and doesn’t fall off the wall. For a 32 inches TV, look for a mount with a VESA pattern of 100mm x 100mm, which means the back of the TV has screw holes 100mm apart from each other. The mount’s weight capacity should be able to support the TV’s weight and at least 20% more.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a swivel TV mount is the viewing angle. If you plan to mount your TV in a room where you will be sitting at different angles, then a mount with a wide range of motion is ideal. A mount that can swivel left and right, tilt up and down, and extend from the wall will give you the flexibility to adjust the TV to your preferred viewing angle.

Lastly, it is essential to ensure that the mount you choose is compatible with your wall type. If you have a drywall, you will need to use anchors to secure the mount to the wall. On the other hand, if you have a concrete or brick wall, you will need to use masonry screws to mount the TV. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that the mount is securely attached to the wall.

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The benefits of using a swivel TV mount for your home entertainment system

Swivel TV mounts offer several benefits for your home entertainment system. Firstly, they allow for comfortable viewing angles from virtually any point in the room. Secondly, they help optimize your living space by freeing up extra floor space. And lastly, they protect your TV from accidental bumps and knocks.

Another benefit of using a swivel TV mount is that it can help reduce glare and reflections on your TV screen. By adjusting the angle of the TV, you can minimize the amount of light that reflects off the screen, making it easier to see the picture and reducing eye strain.

Additionally, swivel TV mounts are often more versatile than fixed mounts, as they allow you to adjust the angle and position of the TV as needed. This can be particularly useful if you have a large room or an open floor plan, as you can easily adjust the TV to accommodate different seating arrangements or viewing preferences.

Installation guide: Tips and tricks to install your swivel TV mount without professional help

It’s possible to install a swivel TV mount without professional assistance if you have the necessary tools and a helping hand. First, locate the studs in the wall using a stud finder to ensure that the mount is secured to a sturdy surface.

After that, install the mount according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure that it is level and tightened securely. Finally, attach the brackets to the TV and mount the TV onto the wall mount. reroute cables through the cable management system for a cleaner aesthetic.

It’s important to note that the weight and size of your TV should be taken into consideration when selecting a swivel TV mount. Make sure to choose a mount that can support the weight and size of your TV to prevent any accidents or damage to your TV. Additionally, it’s recommended to have a friend or family member assist you during the installation process to ensure safety and accuracy.

Comparing different types of swivel TV mounts in the market: Which one is the best fit for you?

There are many different types of swivel TV mounts on the market, including tilting mounts, full-motion mounts, and ceiling mounts. The best fit for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. For example, a tilting mount may be suitable for a bedroom or a living room with a limited viewing area, while a full-motion mount may be better for large living rooms and gaming or sports enthusiasts.

It’s also important to consider the weight and size of your TV when choosing a swivel mount. Make sure to check the weight and size limits of the mount before purchasing to ensure it can support your TV. Additionally, some mounts come with built-in cable management systems to keep cords organized and out of sight, which can be especially useful for wall-mounted TVs. Take the time to research and compare different swivel TV mounts to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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Understanding the weight capacity of your swivel TV mount: Why it matters and how to calculate it

The weight capacity of your swivel TV mount is essential to ensure that it can safely support your TV without any risk of falling. This capacity is usually listed in the product specifications and determined by the mount’s construction and materials. To calculate your TV’s weight, check the manufacturer’s website, or refer to the TV’s manual or specifications. Make sure that the weight capacity of the mount is equal to or greater than your TV’s weight.

Maintenance tips for your swivel TV mount: How to keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan

To keep your swivel TV mount in good condition, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials. Also, make sure to routinely inspect the mount and tighten any loose screws. If the mount begins to show signs of wear and tear or instability, replace it immediately for safety.

Swivel vs non-swivel TV mounts: Which one is better?

A non-swivel TV mount may be cheaper and simpler to install compared to a swivel mount. However, a swivel mount offers better flexibility and improved viewing angles. A swivel mount is also preferable if you frequently move your TV to different locations or adjust its angle.

Customer reviews and ratings: A comprehensive analysis of the best swivel TV mounts in 2021

Reading customer reviews and ratings can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a swivel TV mount. Some of the best swivel TV mounts in 2021 include the Vogel’s TMS1000, the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, and the VideoSecu ML531BE.

Affordable options: The best budget-friendly swivel TV mounts for 32 inches TVs

If you’re on a tight budget, there are several affordable swivel TV mounts available. Some of the best budget-friendly options include the OmniMount OE220, the Mount-It! MI-SB39, and the VonHaus Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount.

Premium picks: High-end swivel TV mounts with advanced features and performance

If you’re looking for high-end swivel TV mounts with advanced features and performance, consider the Kanto PDX650, the Peerless-AV LCT620A-G, and the OmniMount OE220. These mounts offer advanced features such as gas spring arm lift for easier adjustment, improved weight capacity, and sleek design.

Frequently asked questions about swivel TV mounts

Q: How far can my swivel TV mount extend from the wall?

A: Swivel TV mount extensions vary by model, but most extend between 4-20 inches away from the wall.

Q: What is the optimal height to mount my swivel TV mount?

A: The optimal height for your swivel TV mount is based on the height of your furniture, TV size, and personal preference. As a rule, the center of the TV screen should be at eye level when you are seated.

Q: Can I install my swivel TV mount on drywall?

A: Yes, but you need to use anchors specifically designed for drywall to provide secure support.

Final thoughts

When shopping for a swivel TV mount for your 32 inches TV, consider the factors mentioned above, such as weight capacity, size range, motion, installation, and maintenance. Also, be sure to read customer reviews and ratings and compare different models to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your home entertainment system.

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